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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

I'm a believer...

people have lavished him with countless praises. some have compared him to the great Pele', the next golden player of his generation, England's long-awaited answer to a reliable forward. everyone has praised him, yet i was still sceptical. ye laaaa...english media ni bukannya bole pakai sangat. kecoh je lebih. kalo aku beli newspaper english pun, sebab ada Page 3 girl. hehhe...
but last night. i joined the already long list of wayne rooney fans. yes....wayne rooney...u have made me a believer of your talents. so u're a red devil, but i'm never the one to shy away from praises to those who deservedly so. a hattrick on your home debut in a Champion's League game has got to be THE ultimate debut for anyone. gile apa...to score on your debut dah cukup hebat dah. but 3?? God have mercy on your opponents. to top it off....doing it in one the greatest competitions in world football, the Champions League.
scoring a hattrick on your debut game reminds me of a certain alan shearer when he first played for Southampton. i honestly think rooney can go better than the great Al, if he can cope with the pressure and keep his thingies properly zipped in his pants. if not...he could be the next has-been of english football, something i'm getting familiar with. the name robbie fowler keeps coming to mind. once an awesome finisher, he's now a sad reminiscent of his Liverpool days. such a sad story, but that's football huh? so while rooney still has tons of time to prove his worth, i salute his effort yesterday as he almost single-handedly destroyed Fenerbahce. u're the man, rooney boy....so grow up and enlighten more football believers...

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Leaving on a jet plane

the past 1-2 weeks, a few of my friends began another journey in their life as they packed their bags and started life anew at a foreign country. they took the journey i myself don't have the guts to do at the moment. starting back life as a student, but in a totally different environment takes some courage. memang la seronok, but there's that 'unknown' factor there somewhere. being the non-risk-taker guy in me, i wouldn't be able to do what they're doing now.
with their departure, it occurred to me that this is the start. the start of us going our separate ways to achieve things we want to do in life. people say that this happens after your uni days, but since most of us are working in KL and selagi rumah jalan gasing tu berdiri....u can bet your ass we'll be around to crack some really screwed-up jokes and laugh till i can't even breathe. 'moving on' is the keyword here and it'll come sooner or later. i've always had this theory that most of us are single coz we have each other. and i mean that in a 'non-gay'ish kinda way. ye laaa...selagi aku ada geng nak tengok wayang, i'm pretty much happy. weekends are never lonely knowing there's that house open 25 hours a day and welcoming u every time. but as life itself, things move on and so shall we. i'm enjoying the moments now knowing that even in a year, things won't be the same. i too, will have to settle down, somehow, someway.....
i guess.
so as we age on thru the years, i'm glad i was a part of these people's lives. i gotta give due credit to those who's braving on again thru the student years, whether it's here or somewhere foreign. for the time being, i just couldn't picture myself studying again. to those kat seberang laut tu, mannn..u guys don't know how lucky u are. what i wouldn't give to experience that again. nasib baik aku tak banyak duit, kalo tak setiap bulan aku gi vacation....hehhehehe...
and oh yeah...today i drove my car to work. sekali sekala bawak kete kat KL ni ok gaks. layan radio pepagi, singing like a madman to the tune of 'Hungry Eyes'. seronok pegi keje even though it was wet and there was a short traffic jam. maybe i'll stop by jalan gasing on my way home tonite. did i say maybe? definitely....

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Friday, September 24, 2004

Idiot box for dummies

last night, i caught a show on 8TV called 'How to get out from poor life' or that's what i thought it was called. it was a japanese show about transforming some poor guy into a somebody by giving them a chance to learn something useful. it was the 1st time i saw the show and i was impressed. yesterday, this guy who was down on his luck is given a chance to learn some culinary skills at this big noodle shop. i loved the concept that they don't give u smack tons of loads of money, which most people will probably finish by the time the season's over. they give u the chance to learn the ropes, the tricks and trades of the industry. u know...the inside stuff. they give u something more valuable than the Hilton twins combined...knowledge. yup, the stuff i left back at the university. syok-syok aku tengok show ni semalam....to be continued la pulakkkk....
u gotta have pity with the guy. the cooking pan was too heavy for him to handle, and he gave up. kesian kena sembur dengan 'Otai Mee' kat situ. real japanese trademark...giving motivation the hard way. berpeluh-peluh aku tengok dia handle the cooking pan. aku rasa mesti berat le tu. and as he went for his 2nd attempt to handle the kuali, (not before crying coz he was ashamed that he couldn't do it) the dreaded 'To be continued' sign came up. bummerr...
even though i find japanese people somewhat awkward with their strange fetishes and crazy ideas, it was a gem to find a reality show like that. i mean...isn't that what the TV should be showing us? how to get urself outa shit without crying and bawling for sympathy, and not who's the biggest and baddest backstabber gets the million bucks. reality TV is getting out of hand, trust me...refer to Extreme Makeover...bangang punya show, for an idea.
this japanese show is what reality TV should be. but let's face it...it doesn't sell. who wants to see some bum loser making his way to the top by working hard? people want to see a bum loser making his way to the top by sleeping with colleagues and stepping everybody's head on the way. i too am guilty of watching crappy shows. i can't help it. it's all 'The Man''s' fault. hehhehe...
taking about reality TV, tonite's Survivor night. another stupid show for the masses, and best part is...i love it. Mark Burnett should go to jail for that....

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Monday, September 20, 2004

Destination Anywhere

last saturday i made my way to the MATTA fair with some friends. this is my first visit ever to the fair, held annually at PWTC. and the people there, mann...bapak ramainye orang. everyone's trying to close down a bargain deal. with their pens and papers, u could say that they came well-prepared. me?? unless u consider t-shirts and jeans as bargaining equipment, i was butt-naked. armed only with my small knowledge of travelling essentials, thanks mostly to Discovery Travel and Adventure Channel and a confident face, i roughed it up for the ultimate travel bargain.
first thing u got to be prepared with when going to these types of fairs is of course...your point of destination. for me...i had 2 places in mind. first is Phuket, Thailand. this is my immediate goal for the moment. ok lahh..it's not expensive, not that far, it's out of Malaysia and hello....Thailand maaaaa..need i say more? don't get any weird ideas, but if u wanna use your imagination, feel free to do so...hhehehe....
my 2nd and more important goal is mmmmm..i guess most of u yang kenal aku would probably know about it since aku ni mana reti dok diam punya orang. but for the world to know...takpelah, u can probably guess it. i just don't wanna jinx it by saying something that isn't sure. let's see how the cookie crumbles...
back to the MATTA thingy. (see how terrer i am in changing subjects?) another important thing u should prepare is your vacation date. not just a rough idea...kalau boleh, up to the minute u feel like taking off. this is important to see how much u gotta pay. the dates are really important. a few days difference can determine whether u're getting dirt cheap or cut-throat prices. actually, i went there just for the sake of knowing, and getting to know how much i need to travel. it'll give u a great idea to any destination allowed by the Goverment. so takde la macam orang bodoh je book flight to anywhere. next thing u know u might end up as another statistic in New York.
i love vacations. always have and always will. but who doesn't? i look forward to travelling with my friends. it's another experience altogether. ye laaa...mana sama vacation dengan parents. but the best part about it is...all expenses paid. i love that phrase. but travelling wit your buddies is really sumthing i hope to do someday. mannnn...i'm already dreaming up my vacation already. how to concentrate on work lohhh? hmmmm.....someday baby, someday....

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Midnight Oil

hmmm...here i am in front of the PC at 1.26 am. and blogging too. reminds me of my post-varsity days almost a year ago. the period of time when i was a full-time homemaker and part-time job seeker. how times have changed. really missed those times, when i started posting a.k.a menumpang blog at Kai's now-defunct 'My Name is Jonas'. living out my life as a vampire then, i loved to blog at night. mana taknya...everynite tido pukul 2, 3 pagi. masa tu my biological clock was really going haywire. but there's this kinda like a state of calmness at night. it's serene and everything seems to be still. only the sounds of the ceiling fan spinning and the occasional car zipping by on the highway. really nice i tell ya.
it's been a tiring day but i'm not asleep yet. esok dah la kena bangun awal nak antar Mama pegi airport. i guess i better be off to bed. saje tangan gatal nak menaip sumthing. actually, i wanted to write about the MATTA fair i went this afternoon. maybe tomorrow lah, or maybe i won't write about it at all. depends on the mood. that's the best part about blogging. buat sukahati aku. wouldn't it be great if work was like that too? terasa nak buat...buat. bila malas...go to hell. for the time being, i better go to bed.

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Friday, September 17, 2004

Hail the Oprah Empire

the other day on the frontpage of the Star, i was greeted by the sight of a lady on a car surrounded by a bunch of people. on closer inspection, i noticed the lady was none other than Oprah Winfrey herself. from the caption, i found out that she gave away a free car to each and everyone of her audience member as part of her 19th Anniversary celebrations. u read it right...a free car. 276 of 'em...just giving it away like some auntie's cookies.
i've always loved Oprah and her talk show. i got it from my mom kot, coz i remembered her watching the show during school break. masa tu Ms. Oprah was this huge 90+ kilo lady but with great personality. now, she has a great body (for a woman her age) and an even greater personality. whenever i get the chance (usually time cuti), i would catch the Oprah Winfrey Show on Star World. skang siap dah ada Oprah Prime Time, but i only got to watch it once when Brad Pitt was the guest.
what differentiates oprah from the rest of the talk shows is her topics and sheer openness. i think she's the only one on TV that actually doesn't resort to sex and violence to woo audiences. so unlike Jerry Springer and Geraldo with their wacky topics such as 'I had sex with my sister-in-law' and 'My mom was a whore'. sheesh...do people actually watch this piece of shit?
Oprah's show touches on our human side. the side that television, internet and mass media usually takes for granted. her shows are about bringing out the best in you, helping fellow mankind and other 'Disney-themed' stuff. alaaaa...u get the idea...
but it's fun to watch. oprah is the only multi-millionnaire i'd ever root for. when oprah talks, millions and millions listen. she's truly an empire by herself. she got everything covered and is successful in almost all her businesses. lemme see...she got her own book club, her O Magazine is flying off shelves and her Angel Network charity is HUGE. she's really the true trendmaker. her influence is unmatched by many. kalo tak...takkan la aku kenal Dr. Phil and that 'Get With the Program' diet guru...apa tah nama dia. Michael Moore stated in his book 'Dude, Where's My Country?' that he wants Oprah for president, and i'm all up for it. Oprah Winfrey for president of the United States of America....hmmm...make that president of the World. u go girl!!

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

That Gunung Ledang movie

everyone had something to say about it. i think a lot of us have already watched it. unless u just came back from an Al-Qaeda training camp, u must have heard about Malaysia's 'must-see' epic Puteri Gunung Ledang. so many have given their reviews and opinions, so i'll just jump on the bandwagon (i'm a trend follower, not trendmaker) and give my 2 cents worth on the movie. note to self: i've always wondered why they used the term 2 cents worth. why not 3? 10? 4.5? gotta google it...
the basic question people usually ask is: is it worth it? first let me approach that question. what do u mean by worth it? worth the 2+ hours u spent in the cinema watching it? or worth the 10 bucks u shelled out (or 20 if u're on a date) on a malay movie? for me...it's worth it in every sense. and do we have to be stingy when it comes to malay movies? why can we spend 10 ringgit on some crappy teen flick full of cleavage and such, but becomes bothered when it's a local movie? maybe the cleavage thing really does work, huh?
but who am i to question spending money on a local movie. i just watched Puteri Gunung Ledang last weekend, and in doing so..created a 'Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah' moment because it was the first local movie i saw at the cinema. don't ask me why i waited almost 25 years to finally see a local movie, when my dad already started taking me out to the movies when i was just 6 or 7. maybe the names Yusoff Haslam, Awie and Saiful Apek had something to do with it.
i would say i was impressed with PGL. i heard the budget was like 15 million or something, but i guess it was money well spent. many complained that the movie was too slow. yeahhh..i would agree it was a wee bit slow, but not 'Bullet-time' slow. for me, the pace of the movie was okay. it's a love story lah, tambah pulak cinta melayu...memang la slow. mana ada quickie. and the cast was superb, bringing in familiar faces from the old to the new. i was suprised to see Dian of 'Ada Apa Dengan Cinta' fame and that guy from the Ali Setan movie...whatshisname...or at least i thought it was him...correct me if i'm wrong.
the cinematography was good but not that great. okay lah for local movie. looks like they used Panavision lenses which gives it the Hollywood look, unlike most malay movies that look like some cheap porn video shot on 8mm. the fight scenes was okay too...not too cartoony. so they look like peanuts as compared to the Matrix fight scenes, but heck i would say it was believable. which is what matters most in a movie, making the audience believe...
all in all, i would say it was 10 bucks and 2+ hours spent nicely in the cinema. it's not a super-duper-well-crafted-arthouse junkie movie. u won't see it at the Oscars or be the receiver of the Palme D'orr, but it just makes u feel good that malaysia can produce a movie like this. the Puteri Gunung Ledang legend we've all grown up with is given a new light and a fresh perspective. it's a story well-told and i think it's a movie we can be proud of, unlike some other local movies i'd rather not mention here. go see it if u haven't and if u're not satisfied, well...at least u get a glimpse of Tiara's cleavage. oklah for 10 bucks, right?

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Armitage Shanks

i'm gonna get down and dirty today. let's talk toilet business, coz there ain't no business like the toilet business. (or is that show business?) whatever it is, i think most of us are already familiar with the helpless state our public toilets are in. yes, haven't we all had our fair share of experience with the 'hole-of-death', the 'lubang keramat', the smell and the colour...i don't need to get really graphical, u get the idea.
i want to highlight something i find really irritating in some public toilets. and no, i'm not talking about the guy who pisses all over the place EXCEPT the toilet bowl itself and the guy who has this strange fear of flushing the toilet. we've all heard about this...even the mat salleh understands our toilet manners. check the letters to the editor section if u don't believe me.
i wanna talk about how pissed off i am (pardon the pun) when i go to the toilet in malaysia only to find out that it doesn't have a water pipe. u know...the thingy with the rubber hose or sometimes, just with the baldi and gayung. funny thing is...these toilets-without-water-pipes are found not in the outer reaches of Bahau, but in so-called modern buildings such as KLCC, Mid-Valley Megamall and somewhere i just found out last weekend...Alamanda Putrajaya. as a Muslim, i know it's okay to wipe your ass with toilet paper, but u know lah...without water, it's like this funny feeling. it just doesn't feel good. like something's missing, sorta like sex without the foreplay, but who am i to talk about sex, eh? ngarut dah ni....
anyways, to add insult...some places don't even have toilet paper, which leaves u in a f***ed up mess after u've done the business. i'll be honest and just point out the place..MidValley. Tolong la jangan berak kat sini, unless u've got your own supply of tissue paper. some of u may be thinking...hmmm..macam ada pengalaman je. actually, i almost had. masa tu perut aku macam dah nak pecah dah, and just before i pressed the Eject button...i realized that there was no pipe and no toilet paper. argggggghhhhhhhhhhh.....Abort Mission, Abort Mission....
and what happened next in finding the suitable toilet was an adventure itself. let's just say that Jaya Jusco literally saved my ass. hehehe...
i mean...what's wrong in having a water pipe? don't tell me u're saving tons of loads of money by not having one. for me..i find urinals kinda dirty, therefore i even piss in the toilet. and because there's no water, the floor is kinda dry. and u know how malaysians really suck in targeting the toilet bowl. so u get a floor dried with piss. the smell? priceless.....
yang tak tahan tu....it's in the places where the sink is automatic, the toilet flushes by itself and other so-called smart ideas. yeahhh...i'm in the most super-ultra-modern toilet this side of the world. but i just can't get a decent cebok. call me kampung, but for me water is hygenic. this is malaysia, for goodness sake. it's in our culture. so maybe the mat salleh just wipes their ass. so when they do it, it's okay laa? that's just pathetic. i guess in a way, we're just like our public toilets........full of shit.

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Thursday, September 09, 2004

All the best, Souness

so mr. graeme souness is taking over from Sir bobby? honestly, i was just as suprised as everyone on mr. shepard's 'next best thing'. suprised as i am...maybe bringing in souness might not be a bad idea after all. well...i have to admit i wasn't a big fan of mr. graeme's tactical capabilities. yeahh..he's won some trophies here and there. better than a bare cabinet, rite? this might be stale news already, but since blogger was down yesterday (funny..my post was still published - refer below), i'd have a go at it today. anyways, the fella doesn't start work till next week, so i gotta bid him good luck before that.
i knew of the name graeme souness as the kerinting, tom selleck look-a-like that played for liverpool in the early 80's. never watched him in action, though. just from old issues of Shoot and Match that was buried under my cousin's bed when i was a kid. later on, he became the manager of liverpool and was soon replaced after the Reds were inching towards their gloomy years in the 90's. i never heard much about him from then, but sometime in the late 90's, as i was watching european football on ESPN (masa tu pakai Mega TV), i noticed this familiar kerinting guy walking on the touchline of Galatasaray. wow...ada gak englishmen yang jadi coach kat europe. i was impressed. masa tu bukannya ramai english playing abroad. ince, gascoigne and platt were the ones that crossed my mind then. lepas tu..tak dengar dah lagi from this chap, sampaila blackburn rovers, yes...the rovers that won the league from manchester united and got relegated a few years later only to come back to the top flight 2-3 years back. and they came back with the help of mr. graeme himself. pretty impressive, huh?
i feel souness is suitable (not saying perfect) for the job, simply because he's a strict disciplinarian. he's the no-holds-barred kinda manager and is no stranger to controversy. for me, that's good for the Geordie dressing room that now looks to be filled with f***ed-up egos. i trust that he'll show no sympathy or remorse to anyone (and that includes you, Mr. Shearer) to fill up his starting line-up form. tactically, he may not be the best...but the fact that he's won some trophies here and there shows that he might be the guy to end the long drought in the trophy cabinet. his passion and love for the game can only be matched by the Geordie faithful at St. James. what else can u expect from a Scot, eh? so maybe it's fitting that Graeme Souness be taking over at Newcastle United Football Club, one of the biggest club in England. All the best to you and your staff, and here's to the start of great things to come....

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

My Blogger Lies Over and Useless

my blogger lies over and useless
my blogger is not working properly
my blogger lies over and useless
oh bring back my blogger to me

Bring back, bring back
Bring back my Blogger to me, to me
Bring back, bring back
Bring back my Blogger to me

Last night as I lay on my pillow
Last night as I lay on my bed
Last night as I lay on my pillow
I dreamed that my Blogger was dead

Bring back, bring back
Bring back my Blogger to me, to me
Bring back, bring back
Bring back my Blogger to me...

(sung to the tune of My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean)
apehal la meragam ari ni.....grumble grumble....

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Grumpy Old Boys

wow...what a weekend. a trip down memory lane. it was my school's annual Old Boys' Weekend. even though it's held every year, this is my first visit to the OBW as an ex-student. my batch once organised our own reunion back in '99 but that wasn't during the OBW. but i had an idea of what to expect lahh...coz growing up there for 5 years, we were no strangers to the OBW. my recollection of OBWs when i was a student was seeing this bunch of old, overweight men coming over for the weekend and creating somewhat of a carnival atmosphere. with their flashy new cars and trophy wives, u had a suspicion that there was a contest going on somehow. so now's my turn to be one of those guys minus the weight, flashy cars and of course, the trophy wife. hmmmm...sumthing's gotta be done bout that...hehhehehe....
i came down from KL with a friend of mine, the two of us on the road friday night. word to the wise: never travel with only 2 people if u want ur secret to remain the way it is. that's what i learned...biasalah...bila dah 2 orang sembang2 on the road for 2+ hours, sumthing's got to turn up. hehhehehe...tu yang best tu...i got to go on more road trips.arriving at the gates of STAR, without the title of a student, was somewhat bittersweet. mann.. and to think that 7 years had gone by since i left here as a 17 year-old, unsure of what the future holds for me. come to think of it...i'm still unsure of my future 7 years on. well, some things never change, huh? i got to give credit to the organisers, class of '84 for the splendid organization of the OBW. even though i've got some complaints here and there, overall..it was a memorable event. tradition states that the sole responsibilty in handling the OBW falls on the batch that have left school for 20 years, hence the class of '84 for this year's event. they sold some souvenirs for this year's event and one that caught my eye was a kid's t-shirt with the words 'My Dad's a Starian' emblazzed across it. really cute. siap the S in starian was the Superman 'S' logo.
the best part of OBW for me...one...is meeting back old friends and schoolmates at the place where u shared your memories. i kinda pity the kids now...ever since the High Council debacle a year ago, things have changed a lot at school. gone are the days of 'fly', the privilege of 'cross padang' and even the traditional cheer looks a bit scrappy. okay...even though things like beating the crap out of someone and treating juniors like pieces of shit are long gone and better off without, the small jahat-jahat stuff are for me...quite harmless. bayangkan laaa...now they got this kinda like undercover SWAT team taking over from the warden after 11.00 pm. and these guys are really good...brought in specially from the Ministry. fly?? takyah mimpi laaa..they'll catch u before u know it. nak makan maggi lepas kul 11 pun kena nyorok2. what the f***?? i can't imagine them 10 years from now.....
Mamat 1: weih Mamak..hang ingat tak time kita kantoi makan maggi tepi locker tu? nasib baik aku sempat lari....
Mamat 2: a'ah la Sudu. aku dah usha line time tu dah....si Rompong gak yang kena....hahahha
Cerita di atas adalah rekaan semata-mata. Tiada kaitan dengan hidup atau mati. Kalau ada pun...nasib laaa..
huh?? kantoi makan maggi? baik kena kantoi tidur tak pakai kelambu...lagi thrill.....and meeting old juniors and seniors who have now happily married or happily something (from the size of their waist, they must be happy about sumthing) was really great. the seniors who once reign fear in your heart by the mere mention of their name looks like a lame mortal nowadays. aku dulu dah la kecik, skang bole la berdiri sama tinggi ngan diorang...hahahaha (gelak bangga)
the old boys vs. student matches were really something too and becomes the main attraction there. my batch entered the 7-a-side footy tournament, and was shown the difference between the men and the boys when we were whipped by the Form 5 team. hahahahha...masing2 pancit, padan muka kena kitai ngan bebudak. ahhh well....their youthful energy and exuberance was too much for us old timers. baru 24 tu...lagi 10 tahun tak tau la camne. maybe a bit better, coz at least 'exercising' in a different form...hehehe. and in all competitions between the old boys and students, the students just edged us. what was really funny was the chess competition. it was acknowledged as a tie after 5 games, but the old boys were announced as the winners because, and i quote,"Pertandingan catur berakhir dengan keputusan seri, tetapi pihak Staroba menjadi juara disebabkan faktor usia yang lebih tua." huh? bukannya the older u get, the wiser u are ke? hahahahha...kata otak nak menang je....lagipun budak2 ni bukan terer sangat....heeeee...
the STAROBA dinner was also the highlight with that foxy host from Explorace handling the night's event. serius bahaya...with all those testosterone running high there, nasib baik nothing happened..hehehe. she really was da bomb..menyesal aku tak tengok Explorace. and she was put to good use too..handling the Charity Auction. aku rasa laaa..kalo mat-mat batch 84 tu yang handle auction..bertuah kalo dapat jual seringgit...eh silap..seragok. but when it's a sexy lady in white....laju je tangan naik nak bid.....well...boys will be boys, huh? even the kids were excited...time nak balik tu..macam superstar hollywood je kena rush dengan mob. no prizes for guessing where they get their ideas. kata boys school...at least time aku ada matrik girl....
and meeting up with the teachers, may Allah bless 'em. Pak Cheng, Mr. Mano, Ustad Mokhtar, Zul punk, Padani, Ringgo, Pn Noraini, Pak Yoong, Cikgu Harmain....yeah..they got cute nicknames..our way of showing affection for them. on our way back..singgah jap kat rumah Pn Noraini, my Form 5 class teacher. my...was i in for a suprise. it was my first visit to her house, and i was impressed. i knew that she was quite well-off, but not to this extent. i'm sure that she didn't have to work at all. she teaches becoz she wants to. it's her passion, and something she does so affectionately. she's aged over the years, but the smile remains the same. i remember time prep malam dulu, rajin dia bawak karipap and nasi lemak untuk kitorang yang macam tak makan 10 hari. we were lucky to have her as our class teacher. she literally transformed the class...mana ada dalam sejarah STAR (aku rasa laaa...) kelas F5 menang kelas tercantik. usually it's the juniors yang rajin hias2 kelas ni, nak harap F5 kemas...tunggu Kiamat laaaa...
and as i made the trip back home last nite....it just occurred to me that even though kekadang aku rasa menyesal skit on things i should have done in school, i thought...hey...memang la tak perfect those 5 years. there were ups and downs. but i guess the imperfectness made it the more perfect. and when u recall back those innocent years...u know that there was no regret. we'll always remember those stories and tell them until we're grandpas, like some of the old boys that came. anak dah 4-5, but during OBW...it's like being 17 again. telling their fantasies towards Canny Ong's mom (she happenned to be a teacher at STAR in the 70's) and how they struggled to go out at nite for just 2 damn ciggarettes. seronok aku tengok diorang main terup sambil tunggu nak makan kat dining hall. i know i shouldn't reveal this, but this one pakcik pakai underwear je pegi mandi. "Bukannya ada pompuan", was the excuse...hehehhe. rightly so. maybe 10-20 years from now...aku pun camtu ke? knowing the immatured guy that i am...i guess probably so.
yeahhh..we did some crazy things back then...but we still made it, right? i'm gonna skip a couple of OBWs before going to my next one. perhaps with the shiny new car and the trophy wife? perhaps....

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Friday, September 03, 2004

Thank God It's Friday Afternoon

aku memang lepak ari ni. actually, i've got some stuff to clear up...but biasalah...2 words:
friday......nuff said.
looking forward to the weekend. it's OBW!! yeyeyyeyeyye...hope it turns out great. gonna make my way to ipoh tonite. nasib baik ada koyan nak layan blues aku...hahhahaha...
anyways, to fill in some wasted time...i decided to do some spring cleaning of this blog of mine. got rid of old links, unwanted ones...especially my now-defunct '80's Icon of the Month'. ah well.. it was fun while it lasted. actually, i could fill in almost 5 years of monthly icons, but the drive wasn't there anymore. rasa malas nak cite zaman2 kecik. don't get me wrong...i'm still a sucker for the wacky 80's but blogging on it just didn't work out. maybe at a later time and stage, my appetite will come, and i'll start back over again. that's the beauty of your own blog...u can do whatever the hell YOU WANT. ehehhehehe...refer to my previous post to get a better picture.
i've also updated on some newly and resurrected blogs of some friends of mine. welcome, and to some...welcome back to the wonderful world of blogging. yupp..the one and only. so i've spruced up on the website....no dramatic changes, of course (i hate changes) and it feels kinda satisfying. so while i'm waiting for the clock to hit six, i'll just sit back and enjoy my little piece of work. what better way to end the weekday by sucking up on urself, eh? cheers...

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Reformasi walks out

today, they released Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. the icon of Reformasi finally is free again. such a tragedy, what happened to him. betul ke tidak...only God knows, and for that i only hope he gets what he deserves. a political comeback? well...with Anwar Ibrahim..u never know will u? and to think most of us had forgotten about him (me, especially) until today's news spread out like wildfire. u can only imagine the headlines tomorrow. hmmm...a good reason to get the new-look NST. i kinda like it...more compact and reader-friendly, especially in the jamban...hehehhe.
back to Anwar, even though i wasn't a supporter of the Reformasi movement...u've got to have a consience and be pity with the guy. he's been thru some rough times for the last 5-6 years and the fact that most of us have forgotten about him shows how good the times are. the last general election was like the final nail in the coffin for the Opposition, who experienced a sudden boost of popularity during the height of Reformasi. nowadays...just look at the Keadilan party and u can guess how things have changed since then. when u look back...the reformasi movement was like a blessing in disguise. the Government have become wary and didn't treat us like some dumbass idiot. we've grown as a nation and what better way to symbolise this just after Merdeka than to release Datuk Seri. i applaud all those involved, and his story will serve as a bitter reminder of the strength of 'the powers that be'. i'm happy to be in Malaysia, but it doesn't mean i'm laid back. on certain occassions, we have to ask why? kenapa? apehal? just to keep those in power on their toes, coz by no way are malaysians now mere robots. we may be silent...but we're deadly.
that's people power...and if it failed in '98, who knows what can happen second time coming, rite?

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

To Sir With Love

the news dropped on me like a bomb. Sir Bobby Robson, was 'relieved' of his duties as manager of Newcastle United effective immediately. it somehow spoiled my party mood on the eve of Merdeka...maybe for a second...before the karaoke mike got the better of me...hehehhe...
well...he wasn't the greatest manager of all time, but he was certainly one of the best. the only complaint u could make was the lack of trophies that he brought in, which is zero of course. whatever it is...Sir Bobby doesn't deserve it. for me...he's done all he can for his beloved Magpies, but that's the furthest he'll take us. it was really a matter of time for him to go...but not like this. so nobody's bigger than the club, but come on laaaaa...a sacking? nasib baik dia tak heart attack. the biggest mistakes are made in the Board room of NUFC. freddy shepard made the ultimate sin by announcing that this season was the last for Sir Bobby....and he wasn't aware of it at first, the poor fella. look at his face when asked by the Sky reporter. it was like something fell and hit him on the head. sickening, i tell ya. yeahh..we need a fresh outlook for the team, but don't kill the guy for goodness sake. and the timing couldn't have been worse....end of the transfer dateline, unrest within the squad and a few egos flying about like they're some big f***in superstar. shearer pun 2 kali lima gaks...who the f*** do u think u are? so we adore your skills and goal-scoring antics, but no one's bigger than the club. YOURSELF included. so be a true captain and lay down the rules for those pampered, overgrown millionaires that call themselves 'players'. this is one of the worse period in the club's history and just over a month ago...it really looked promising. even the first game showed promise before a lucky goal by jimmy hasselbaink in the last minute spoiled the mood. so now we're without a manager. i'm already packing my bags for this season already. and pleaseeee...not houllier pleaseee. i beg u to get some sense in that messed-up brain of yours Mr. Shepard.
suggestions? my favourite is of course....celtic's martin o'neal. it'll be a dream come true if he comes over to the northeast. whoever u pick to succeed Sir bobby, it better be good coz this toon soldier just had about enough of your bulls***. and oh yeah...spend more money, okay?

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o