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Monday, September 20, 2004

Destination Anywhere

last saturday i made my way to the MATTA fair with some friends. this is my first visit ever to the fair, held annually at PWTC. and the people there, mann...bapak ramainye orang. everyone's trying to close down a bargain deal. with their pens and papers, u could say that they came well-prepared. me?? unless u consider t-shirts and jeans as bargaining equipment, i was butt-naked. armed only with my small knowledge of travelling essentials, thanks mostly to Discovery Travel and Adventure Channel and a confident face, i roughed it up for the ultimate travel bargain.
first thing u got to be prepared with when going to these types of fairs is of course...your point of destination. for me...i had 2 places in mind. first is Phuket, Thailand. this is my immediate goal for the moment. ok lahh..it's not expensive, not that far, it's out of Malaysia and hello....Thailand maaaaa..need i say more? don't get any weird ideas, but if u wanna use your imagination, feel free to do so...hhehehe....
my 2nd and more important goal is mmmmm..i guess most of u yang kenal aku would probably know about it since aku ni mana reti dok diam punya orang. but for the world to know...takpelah, u can probably guess it. i just don't wanna jinx it by saying something that isn't sure. let's see how the cookie crumbles...
back to the MATTA thingy. (see how terrer i am in changing subjects?) another important thing u should prepare is your vacation date. not just a rough idea...kalau boleh, up to the minute u feel like taking off. this is important to see how much u gotta pay. the dates are really important. a few days difference can determine whether u're getting dirt cheap or cut-throat prices. actually, i went there just for the sake of knowing, and getting to know how much i need to travel. it'll give u a great idea to any destination allowed by the Goverment. so takde la macam orang bodoh je book flight to anywhere. next thing u know u might end up as another statistic in New York.
i love vacations. always have and always will. but who doesn't? i look forward to travelling with my friends. it's another experience altogether. ye laaa...mana sama vacation dengan parents. but the best part about it is...all expenses paid. i love that phrase. but travelling wit your buddies is really sumthing i hope to do someday. mannnn...i'm already dreaming up my vacation already. how to concentrate on work lohhh? hmmmm.....someday baby, someday....

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