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Friday, September 24, 2004

Idiot box for dummies

last night, i caught a show on 8TV called 'How to get out from poor life' or that's what i thought it was called. it was a japanese show about transforming some poor guy into a somebody by giving them a chance to learn something useful. it was the 1st time i saw the show and i was impressed. yesterday, this guy who was down on his luck is given a chance to learn some culinary skills at this big noodle shop. i loved the concept that they don't give u smack tons of loads of money, which most people will probably finish by the time the season's over. they give u the chance to learn the ropes, the tricks and trades of the industry. u know...the inside stuff. they give u something more valuable than the Hilton twins combined...knowledge. yup, the stuff i left back at the university. syok-syok aku tengok show ni semalam....to be continued la pulakkkk....
u gotta have pity with the guy. the cooking pan was too heavy for him to handle, and he gave up. kesian kena sembur dengan 'Otai Mee' kat situ. real japanese trademark...giving motivation the hard way. berpeluh-peluh aku tengok dia handle the cooking pan. aku rasa mesti berat le tu. and as he went for his 2nd attempt to handle the kuali, (not before crying coz he was ashamed that he couldn't do it) the dreaded 'To be continued' sign came up. bummerr...
even though i find japanese people somewhat awkward with their strange fetishes and crazy ideas, it was a gem to find a reality show like that. i mean...isn't that what the TV should be showing us? how to get urself outa shit without crying and bawling for sympathy, and not who's the biggest and baddest backstabber gets the million bucks. reality TV is getting out of hand, trust me...refer to Extreme Makeover...bangang punya show, for an idea.
this japanese show is what reality TV should be. but let's face it...it doesn't sell. who wants to see some bum loser making his way to the top by working hard? people want to see a bum loser making his way to the top by sleeping with colleagues and stepping everybody's head on the way. i too am guilty of watching crappy shows. i can't help it. it's all 'The Man''s' fault. hehhehe...
taking about reality TV, tonite's Survivor night. another stupid show for the masses, and best part is...i love it. Mark Burnett should go to jail for that....

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