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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

To Sir With Love

the news dropped on me like a bomb. Sir Bobby Robson, was 'relieved' of his duties as manager of Newcastle United effective immediately. it somehow spoiled my party mood on the eve of Merdeka...maybe for a second...before the karaoke mike got the better of me...hehehhe...
well...he wasn't the greatest manager of all time, but he was certainly one of the best. the only complaint u could make was the lack of trophies that he brought in, which is zero of course. whatever it is...Sir Bobby doesn't deserve it. for me...he's done all he can for his beloved Magpies, but that's the furthest he'll take us. it was really a matter of time for him to go...but not like this. so nobody's bigger than the club, but come on laaaaa...a sacking? nasib baik dia tak heart attack. the biggest mistakes are made in the Board room of NUFC. freddy shepard made the ultimate sin by announcing that this season was the last for Sir Bobby....and he wasn't aware of it at first, the poor fella. look at his face when asked by the Sky reporter. it was like something fell and hit him on the head. sickening, i tell ya. yeahh..we need a fresh outlook for the team, but don't kill the guy for goodness sake. and the timing couldn't have been worse....end of the transfer dateline, unrest within the squad and a few egos flying about like they're some big f***in superstar. shearer pun 2 kali lima gaks...who the f*** do u think u are? so we adore your skills and goal-scoring antics, but no one's bigger than the club. YOURSELF included. so be a true captain and lay down the rules for those pampered, overgrown millionaires that call themselves 'players'. this is one of the worse period in the club's history and just over a month ago...it really looked promising. even the first game showed promise before a lucky goal by jimmy hasselbaink in the last minute spoiled the mood. so now we're without a manager. i'm already packing my bags for this season already. and pleaseeee...not houllier pleaseee. i beg u to get some sense in that messed-up brain of yours Mr. Shepard.
suggestions? my favourite is of course....celtic's martin o'neal. it'll be a dream come true if he comes over to the northeast. whoever u pick to succeed Sir bobby, it better be good coz this toon soldier just had about enough of your bulls***. and oh yeah...spend more money, okay?

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o