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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Reformasi walks out

today, they released Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. the icon of Reformasi finally is free again. such a tragedy, what happened to him. betul ke tidak...only God knows, and for that i only hope he gets what he deserves. a political comeback? well...with Anwar Ibrahim..u never know will u? and to think most of us had forgotten about him (me, especially) until today's news spread out like wildfire. u can only imagine the headlines tomorrow. hmmm...a good reason to get the new-look NST. i kinda like it...more compact and reader-friendly, especially in the jamban...hehehhe.
back to Anwar, even though i wasn't a supporter of the Reformasi movement...u've got to have a consience and be pity with the guy. he's been thru some rough times for the last 5-6 years and the fact that most of us have forgotten about him shows how good the times are. the last general election was like the final nail in the coffin for the Opposition, who experienced a sudden boost of popularity during the height of Reformasi. nowadays...just look at the Keadilan party and u can guess how things have changed since then. when u look back...the reformasi movement was like a blessing in disguise. the Government have become wary and didn't treat us like some dumbass idiot. we've grown as a nation and what better way to symbolise this just after Merdeka than to release Datuk Seri. i applaud all those involved, and his story will serve as a bitter reminder of the strength of 'the powers that be'. i'm happy to be in Malaysia, but it doesn't mean i'm laid back. on certain occassions, we have to ask why? kenapa? apehal? just to keep those in power on their toes, coz by no way are malaysians now mere robots. we may be silent...but we're deadly.
that's people power...and if it failed in '98, who knows what can happen second time coming, rite?

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