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Friday, September 03, 2004

Thank God It's Friday Afternoon

aku memang lepak ari ni. actually, i've got some stuff to clear up...but biasalah...2 words:
friday......nuff said.
looking forward to the weekend. it's OBW!! yeyeyyeyeyye...hope it turns out great. gonna make my way to ipoh tonite. nasib baik ada koyan nak layan blues aku...hahhahaha...
anyways, to fill in some wasted time...i decided to do some spring cleaning of this blog of mine. got rid of old links, unwanted ones...especially my now-defunct '80's Icon of the Month'. ah well.. it was fun while it lasted. actually, i could fill in almost 5 years of monthly icons, but the drive wasn't there anymore. rasa malas nak cite zaman2 kecik. don't get me wrong...i'm still a sucker for the wacky 80's but blogging on it just didn't work out. maybe at a later time and stage, my appetite will come, and i'll start back over again. that's the beauty of your own blog...u can do whatever the hell YOU WANT. ehehhehehe...refer to my previous post to get a better picture.
i've also updated on some newly and resurrected blogs of some friends of mine. welcome, and to some...welcome back to the wonderful world of blogging. yupp..the one and only. so i've spruced up on the website....no dramatic changes, of course (i hate changes) and it feels kinda satisfying. so while i'm waiting for the clock to hit six, i'll just sit back and enjoy my little piece of work. what better way to end the weekday by sucking up on urself, eh? cheers...

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o