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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Leaving on a jet plane

the past 1-2 weeks, a few of my friends began another journey in their life as they packed their bags and started life anew at a foreign country. they took the journey i myself don't have the guts to do at the moment. starting back life as a student, but in a totally different environment takes some courage. memang la seronok, but there's that 'unknown' factor there somewhere. being the non-risk-taker guy in me, i wouldn't be able to do what they're doing now.
with their departure, it occurred to me that this is the start. the start of us going our separate ways to achieve things we want to do in life. people say that this happens after your uni days, but since most of us are working in KL and selagi rumah jalan gasing tu berdiri....u can bet your ass we'll be around to crack some really screwed-up jokes and laugh till i can't even breathe. 'moving on' is the keyword here and it'll come sooner or later. i've always had this theory that most of us are single coz we have each other. and i mean that in a 'non-gay'ish kinda way. ye laaa...selagi aku ada geng nak tengok wayang, i'm pretty much happy. weekends are never lonely knowing there's that house open 25 hours a day and welcoming u every time. but as life itself, things move on and so shall we. i'm enjoying the moments now knowing that even in a year, things won't be the same. i too, will have to settle down, somehow, someway.....
i guess.
so as we age on thru the years, i'm glad i was a part of these people's lives. i gotta give due credit to those who's braving on again thru the student years, whether it's here or somewhere foreign. for the time being, i just couldn't picture myself studying again. to those kat seberang laut tu, mannn..u guys don't know how lucky u are. what i wouldn't give to experience that again. nasib baik aku tak banyak duit, kalo tak setiap bulan aku gi vacation....hehhehehe...
and oh yeah...today i drove my car to work. sekali sekala bawak kete kat KL ni ok gaks. layan radio pepagi, singing like a madman to the tune of 'Hungry Eyes'. seronok pegi keje even though it was wet and there was a short traffic jam. maybe i'll stop by jalan gasing on my way home tonite. did i say maybe? definitely....

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o