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Friday, September 17, 2004

Hail the Oprah Empire

the other day on the frontpage of the Star, i was greeted by the sight of a lady on a car surrounded by a bunch of people. on closer inspection, i noticed the lady was none other than Oprah Winfrey herself. from the caption, i found out that she gave away a free car to each and everyone of her audience member as part of her 19th Anniversary celebrations. u read it right...a free car. 276 of 'em...just giving it away like some auntie's cookies.
i've always loved Oprah and her talk show. i got it from my mom kot, coz i remembered her watching the show during school break. masa tu Ms. Oprah was this huge 90+ kilo lady but with great personality. now, she has a great body (for a woman her age) and an even greater personality. whenever i get the chance (usually time cuti), i would catch the Oprah Winfrey Show on Star World. skang siap dah ada Oprah Prime Time, but i only got to watch it once when Brad Pitt was the guest.
what differentiates oprah from the rest of the talk shows is her topics and sheer openness. i think she's the only one on TV that actually doesn't resort to sex and violence to woo audiences. so unlike Jerry Springer and Geraldo with their wacky topics such as 'I had sex with my sister-in-law' and 'My mom was a whore'. sheesh...do people actually watch this piece of shit?
Oprah's show touches on our human side. the side that television, internet and mass media usually takes for granted. her shows are about bringing out the best in you, helping fellow mankind and other 'Disney-themed' stuff. alaaaa...u get the idea...
but it's fun to watch. oprah is the only multi-millionnaire i'd ever root for. when oprah talks, millions and millions listen. she's truly an empire by herself. she got everything covered and is successful in almost all her businesses. lemme see...she got her own book club, her O Magazine is flying off shelves and her Angel Network charity is HUGE. she's really the true trendmaker. her influence is unmatched by many. kalo tak...takkan la aku kenal Dr. Phil and that 'Get With the Program' diet guru...apa tah nama dia. Michael Moore stated in his book 'Dude, Where's My Country?' that he wants Oprah for president, and i'm all up for it. Oprah Winfrey for president of the United States of America....hmmm...make that president of the World. u go girl!!

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