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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

That Gunung Ledang movie

everyone had something to say about it. i think a lot of us have already watched it. unless u just came back from an Al-Qaeda training camp, u must have heard about Malaysia's 'must-see' epic Puteri Gunung Ledang. so many have given their reviews and opinions, so i'll just jump on the bandwagon (i'm a trend follower, not trendmaker) and give my 2 cents worth on the movie. note to self: i've always wondered why they used the term 2 cents worth. why not 3? 10? 4.5? gotta google it...
the basic question people usually ask is: is it worth it? first let me approach that question. what do u mean by worth it? worth the 2+ hours u spent in the cinema watching it? or worth the 10 bucks u shelled out (or 20 if u're on a date) on a malay movie? for me...it's worth it in every sense. and do we have to be stingy when it comes to malay movies? why can we spend 10 ringgit on some crappy teen flick full of cleavage and such, but becomes bothered when it's a local movie? maybe the cleavage thing really does work, huh?
but who am i to question spending money on a local movie. i just watched Puteri Gunung Ledang last weekend, and in doing so..created a 'Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah' moment because it was the first local movie i saw at the cinema. don't ask me why i waited almost 25 years to finally see a local movie, when my dad already started taking me out to the movies when i was just 6 or 7. maybe the names Yusoff Haslam, Awie and Saiful Apek had something to do with it.
i would say i was impressed with PGL. i heard the budget was like 15 million or something, but i guess it was money well spent. many complained that the movie was too slow. yeahhh..i would agree it was a wee bit slow, but not 'Bullet-time' slow. for me, the pace of the movie was okay. it's a love story lah, tambah pulak cinta melayu...memang la slow. mana ada quickie. and the cast was superb, bringing in familiar faces from the old to the new. i was suprised to see Dian of 'Ada Apa Dengan Cinta' fame and that guy from the Ali Setan movie...whatshisname...or at least i thought it was him...correct me if i'm wrong.
the cinematography was good but not that great. okay lah for local movie. looks like they used Panavision lenses which gives it the Hollywood look, unlike most malay movies that look like some cheap porn video shot on 8mm. the fight scenes was okay too...not too cartoony. so they look like peanuts as compared to the Matrix fight scenes, but heck i would say it was believable. which is what matters most in a movie, making the audience believe...
all in all, i would say it was 10 bucks and 2+ hours spent nicely in the cinema. it's not a super-duper-well-crafted-arthouse junkie movie. u won't see it at the Oscars or be the receiver of the Palme D'orr, but it just makes u feel good that malaysia can produce a movie like this. the Puteri Gunung Ledang legend we've all grown up with is given a new light and a fresh perspective. it's a story well-told and i think it's a movie we can be proud of, unlike some other local movies i'd rather not mention here. go see it if u haven't and if u're not satisfied, well...at least u get a glimpse of Tiara's cleavage. oklah for 10 bucks, right?

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