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Thursday, January 29, 2004

ISA - Isa Suka Aku

today i feel like bashing someone....and there's no one better than Mr. Menteri Besar himself, isa mat samad. i just watched the evening news tonite...and again..the slow progress of preparations for the SUKMA games in negeri sembilan (for those who don't bother...yeah...we're the hosts this year) was highlighted....for the ntahbrapakali tah...
i've been following the news closely about the preparations and when it was highlighted...i was both angry and happy at the same time. why? happy coz the short guy (isa la ni..) malu skit muka. angry coz...well...i'm a born and bred negeri sembilan guy. and i take pride in where i grew up....kalo tak..tak jadi la aku the model citizen that i am...hehehehe...
anyways...this guy has ruled NS ever since i could say mama...i don't remember any other menteri besar other than this asshole. 1st time i heard about the SUKMA preparations gone amok...i was really pissed. REALLY. i even thought about writing to the papers to call for his sacking...but i don't think my foul language will be suitable for everyday newspaper readers. fuck it.
so i'll start with my blog. i can do whatever i want. when my sense comes along..then maybe i'll write something less vulgar to the papers. actually the SUKMA thing has little to do with all this. it's just the tip of the iceberg. i've grown to hate him ever since i was in school. okay...maybe my dad had a part to play in this...but when i think about it...it's true.
negeri sembilan is one of the least developed state that UMNO rule. u can check it urself. mega projects are non-existent in this great state of mine. kalau ada pun...it'll bankrupt in less than 5 years. take the PD-Sban highway for example. supposed to open the doorway to development in other areas of NS, but the only door it opened was the door to hell. the highway went bankrupt last year...another failure of the great fuckin menteri besar.
want another one? take the town seremban. the most developed area in NS. developed? seremban is hardly any different than the days my parents would take me to the lake gardens for the playground. oh yeah...the playground is still around...only the new coat of paint makes it different. and talking about the lake gardens...the lake in the middle of the town is more like a big pool of mud and decaying matter. i don't know why people used to jog there...myself included. it smells like shit and the color of the lake is like air tebu yang basi. they just renovated the place, so now it's better lah. a bit...
i can tell u countless stories of the great failures of Isa pendek. okay laaa...maybe he contributed a bit to the state, but his failures far exceeds his accomplishments. yang tak tahan tu...dia lagi lama jadi menteri besar than mahathir jadi PM. mahathir pun dah pencen. he's the longest serving MB in M'sia...sounds like a super menteri besar bole tahan lama. fact is...dia tahan lama coz he likes to lick people's ass real good...i mean reaalll good.
i don't owe this guy one bit of apology at all. kalo ada yang related to him...i'm sorry kalau terasa...it's just that he's....an asshole lah senang cite. harap2 dia reti bahasa and steps down as MB for the next election. kalau tak jugak...well, maybe NST will have to edit my letter a lot...if it gets published in the 1st place.

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Saturday, January 24, 2004

Useless fact we'll never use

they say 9 out of 10 dentists prefer Oral B...what they didn't say is that 9 out of 10 dentists also prefer Oral S**. why did i write this down? i dunno..it's 2.30 at nite and i can't sleep, so i'll amuse myself with that fact i read somewhere. (ntah betul ke idak) just gives a thought next time u have ur teeth drilled....

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Friday, January 23, 2004

Home for the holidays

ahhhhh..they couldn't have said it better...home sweet home. lama siot tak balik umah. it's only been 3 weeks, but it feels like ages. i wonder why?? hmmm...
so i'm really enjoying myself this chinese new year. macam aku lak yang sambut. enjoying myself means waking up late, doing whatever i want whenever i want and doing whatever the hell i please at my own damn pace....oooo..slight tone of anger there...sorree...couldn't help myself.
anyways, i'm just enjoying the slow pace of home. i've got my comfy bed, my blue-toned room, my hot shower, my mom's cooking...is there anything like it? after being used to eating nasi kawah for the last 10 years, getting used to outside food is a different experience altogether. my current staple diet consists of mamak food, indonesian cuisine and mamak food again. tak lama lagi..i'll be speaking tamil. mamak food is like a local version of mcdonald's. it's fast, efficient and i'm loving it.
going back home is like stress therapy. "all my troubles seem so far awayyyy..." indeed it does. the best part about all of this is i just realized this fact. selama ni kalau tak balik umah sebulan pun tak kisah. bile duit takde, baru la pandai crawling back home. i guess that's why life is an everlasting learning process...there's always something behind the corner...

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Picket fences

for the last 2 weeks..on my way to work...i've stumbled upon a gathering of goodyear employees on strike in front of their factory. quite early for a strike actually....at around 7 am...sape la semangat nak menjerit and wave banners and flags? which gave me the thought that these people were just picketing before they went in to work. how strange is that? likely scenario of the goodyear people:
Goodyear employee 1:"@#$%# la goodyear!! kedekut! pekerja tak jaga!!"
Goodyear employee 2:"yeah!! celaka punya mat salleh!!"
Goodyear employee 1: "alamak...dah dekat kul 8 dah ni..jom masuk.."
Goodyear employee 2: "eh...ye ke? cepat sial...ok,ok..jap..aku amik ID aku kat kereta.."

what the **** is that? well...of course this is my own interpretation of events. God knows what actually happens there. but most likely..this is what happens. memang la...u're pissed with the company, feel like killing the Boss..but at the end of the day...they're the ones giving u another dollar to live on each day. i'm a true believer in voicing one's opinion freely...but picketing for me is just another employee fiesta. lain la kalau picket sampai tak masuk keje ke...semua boikot tak datang ke....then u're showing ur true balls. ini kul 7.45 picket....8.00 dah punch in...hmmm...that's a model employee actually...
whatever the case...it's kinda fun seeing them on strike in the morning. gives u some sort of karma in the morning. what kind of karma....ntahlaaa...
with the tagline...Ingat goodyear...Ingat tayar...Ingat pekerja berpiket...they were quite organised, with their banners and horns and whistles. on days i felt the mood to do so..i would give a quick horn of my car to show my support for their cause. hopefully..it's a good one. must be something about cronism...coz one of the banners read "HR Goodyear amalkan nepotism, cronism" "Fairness to local workers"...something like that. man...i haven't heard of the work nepotism and cronism since the days of Reformasi. now that'll be a topic for another day. i guess the goodyear people wanted to highlight their cause...so in writing this..i hope i've done my little bit to help them. maybe i'll organise one myself in the future...u never know, would u?

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Sunday, January 18, 2004

Goyang kaki

so i make fun and laugh at the usual Malay streotype jokes. well...face the facts...IT'S TRUE. and best part of it is..kena batang idung sendiri. all the time while growing up, my father would make his usual comments and advice of how to NOT be a streotype malay...meaning u know lah...malas, nak cepat kaya, the usual stuff mahathir likes to tell us. well, i'm sorry papa...looks like ur son just happened to be a malay as well.
bukannya apa...i guess becoz i've never hidup susah kat dunia ni. mintak je...dapat. spoon-feed is the more correct term. i guess maybe i'm new to this working thing, and it's not the start that i imagined. well...i guess we don't live in a perfect world where the sun is always shining and the flowers are always blooming. maybe madonna says it best...
'we are living in a material world,
and i am a material girl'....errr..boy in my case.
ye laaaa...who doesn't want to be rich? even though i'm ashamed to admit it...one of my goals in life is to be rich. but richness just comes falling out of the sky, ke? yeah...rite...if u're a malay like me..hehehe...
i guess i have to learn to work hard kot. selama ni hidup rileks je...baru kena sikit dah menggelabah. but i guess i'm just saying this to sedapkan hati sendiri. i'm 24 damnit....kalo skang malas nak keje...bile lagi? i'm not THAT lazy...it's just that the extra effort that has been put on me kinda bugs me a little. i wanna work 8-5 ONLY. but i guess in this crazy dog eat dog world...that's just on paper. geez...everyday i'm bitching about this job thing. my parents started work when they were only 20. it is THAT bad? nahhh...it's just my attitude...

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

24 going on 40..

so...last monday...i was officially 24. not really something to shout about these days. terasa tua siot. but it's just 24, rite? it's not 40 or 60 or some big odd number. but the way things are going now...24 is a BIG number.
birthdays aren't like they use to be. dulu....it's a clear indication of growing up. now it's a clear indication of growing old. old? well, not really. just feels old. alaaaa...u know it...turn 24 and u'll know the feeling.
celebrated the big occasion wit a few of my friends. few?? correction...there was 4 of us. hahhahaha...u big loser. anyways, being wit frens was the best way i could celebrate. maybe i don't mention it...but i love my friends. i've been growing up wit friends since i was 13. almost half of my teenage years were wit friends. it's not that i don't love my family...Allah saje tau how much i love them, it's just that friends have been such a big part of my life. and growing old is something i'd like to share with them.
i'm already in the mid-20's age group...a very young young adult. i don't have a clue what it'll be like when i turn 25 next year....insyaAllah. i'm just taking each day as it comes. but i can't imagine doing what i'm doing now for the next 20-30 years. it freaks me out. i hope to make a life-changing decision one day. do i have the guts to do so? i hope so. and birthday wish?? i don't have any. okay...maybe hoping to end my search for the ONE. and no...i'm not talking about Neo...

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Sunday, January 11, 2004

Wanted: Life

a day in the life of amri....(All times shown are local)

6.30am: wakes up and hits the subzero temperature of the shower
7.00am: warms up the engine of his '97 wira sedan while listening to richard and shazmin babbling
7.15am: cruises along the federal highway...giving sympathy to the incoming traffic from shah alam as it crawls as he speeds along at 80km/h...best
7.30am: swipes in at the factory feeling a bit drowsy
7.40am: has breakfast at the canteen with the factory outcast...himself included
8.00am:while everyone goes to the morning briefing, he goes around flirting with some cute operators...nahhhh...buat keje laaaa...
9.15am: daily 'kena-marah-dengan-boss' session
10.00am: has a full breakfast with so-called co-workers a.k.a minggling session a.k.a I HATE IT
1.00pm: has lunch...also termenung session
2.00pm: back to slavery
5.00pm: legally the time to leave the office...but this is no office...he harbours on...
8.00-10.00pm: legally the time he is ALLOWED to leave...usually the latter
9.15pm: has a pathetic dinner alone, tired and smelly
9.45pm: finally reaches home...goes directly to take another cold shower
10.30pm: does not watch TV, does not call anybody, does not surf internet....GO TO SLEEP
11.00pm-6.30am: heaven

weekends are a gift from God....trust me

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

The Prophecy

so tomorrow...we'll finally have a deputy prime minister in the shape of Najib Tun Razak. it brings me to think about the so-called RAHMAN theory. i think a lot of people know about the this theory where all our prime ministers' first name has came into order forming the name RAHMAN. dulu they thought that the A after M was anwar, but it still proved to be true in Abdullah badawi. now we have najib as the deputy...almost sealing the final N in RAHMAN. wooooo..coincedence? who cares if it's true. it's just something to think about other than work....hehhehe....wait and see...

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Monday, January 05, 2004

Moving day

tomorrow i'm making my next step in life. no...i'm not getting married, it's just that i'm moving to a temporary home in kelana jaya. actually, it's nothing. saje je nak kasi nampak best....hehehe...
moving to the klang valley area will be good for me. ye laaaa....the daily trip to shah alam is not something i look forward to everyday. and it doesn't go easy on the wallet as well. this is the first time i'm renting a house. another first for me. come to think of it...a lot of firsts has happened to me during the last 3-4 weeks. good for me...
i used the term 'temporary' becoz i'm not sure myself how long i'll be staying there. talk about planning for the future, huh? i hope i'll like it there. i know almost everyone staying there with me. they're my coursemates during my university days. they were the ones fighting it out by my side in our battle to overcome the dreaded chem engine department. so if i don't trust them...who can i trust? macam pegi perang je....well, in a way...exams are like war. one hell of it...
with me moving out, the safety net that is my parents won't be there all the time. nasib baik seremban dekat...apa2 hal...amri phone home laaaa...E.T. boleh buat..
i guess i won't be blogging as often as i liked now. bertuah kalo ada time nak blog kat ofis...everyone there is in a rush. surfing the net for no reason is almost a crime there. tengok la mcm mana....i wouldn't want my head to be chopped off by these crazy japanese.
so amri makes a bold move tomorrow. he's moving to another house...away from his family and nearer to the factory. hmmm...why did i move in the first place?

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Sunday, January 04, 2004

80's Icon of the Month - GNR

for the new year...i wanna start something new. it's my blog so i can do wateva the hell i please...hehe. i call it 80's icon of the month. it's my tribute to the decade of off-beat, crazy and birth of the MTV generation. things covered here will not really be 80's icon material...but they really affected me one way or another. so in a way..it's a tribute to the things i grew up with...be it music, movies, cartoons or even politicians. anything goes here. it's what i love about the 80's and early 90's...before the worldwide domination of hip-hop and .com frenzy. what better way to start this all than giving my tribute to Guns N' Roses...one of my all-time favourite rock bands.
my music influences during my childhood was due to exposure given to me by my older cousins who studied overseas. they would come back during their summer holidays bringing the likes of bon jovi, whitesnake, van halen and other rock bands with make-up. but the one that appealed to me the most was this evil-looking album by guns n roses. it had a cross with skulls on each corner. but inside the album was one of my early exposure to porno. it had a cartoon picture of this robot raping a semi-naked lady with her boobs popping out. i would look in awe...hehehhe...teruk sial cousins aku. appetite for destruction was the name...and destructive in every word.
with colorful names such as axl rose, slash and izzy stradlin in the line-up, GNR was THE band u loved to hate. they would get drunk on planes, break things backstage and walk in and out of courtrooms. bands now are sooooo much nicer. what happened to attitude?? rock stars are born to be bad and GNR showed everyone the way. first time i heard them was on this clint eastwood movie..the last dirty harry movie...tak ingat namanya. it played welcome to the jungle and since then..i heard it play a lot. then there was the jiwang ballad...sweet child o mine...which was massive back then. and then of course..paradise city...i still remember the chorus....take me down to the paradise city where the grass is green and the girls are pretty.....
they released a couple of albums after Appetite, the Use your illussion 1 & 2 being the last original material from them. of course...the 2 were great albums with great songs but november rain dah naik muak aku dengar kat hitz. buggers...
diorang skang dah break-up and any hope of them reuniting is really far off, even though axl still remains the band with all new band members. aku harap diorang reunite balik and again wreck chaos on the rock scene...and a few good tunes would help as well....

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Year in review

since everyone is making their own list of the best and worst of 2003, why not i hop along as well. okay...so it's a bit late for that...but better late than never. so here goes....i'll try to keep it short and sweet...
this was the year i turned 23, the magical age in which u're legally able to vote. now...the country's future is in my hands. i have the power!! well...kinda...
i finished my design project and research to make me almost eligible to graduate. but that wasn't the end to it all as i had another extra semester to go...woopeee. finally did finish after all the struggles of studying last minute. thank God. this was also the year i bored myself to death in brunei during the semester break of 3 months. during that time...i honestly did miss my friends. usually i don't care...hehhehe....
but the good thing about the brunei escapade was that i finally completed my dream of memijak setiap negeri di malaysia. so now i have a reason to go overseas...dah puas tengok malaysia....kuching being my final piece of land that i finally did make my way to. i'm thankful for that....
2003 was also the year i saw newcastle playing in front of my eyes...and of course seeing the talismatic alan shearer. not once....but twice....man...that was really something. sayang diorang kalah final premier league asia cup. wateva...
on a lesser note...i went thru a failed relationship this year. i guess somehow it was a learning process about knowing myself and others around me. it didn't last that long...so it wasn't much of a heartbreaker....konon.....
this was also the year one of the people i look up to resigned from office. yep..u know it...Dr. M was replaced this year after serving as PM of Malaysia for 22 years. i consider myself lucky to be part of our nation's great moment in history. so now we have a new PM in Pak Lah...so far so good, i guess...even though the name dato seri abdullah as PM gets a little while to get used to..
this year marked another milestone for me as i got my first job in my whole life. so now i'm being paid for something. ok la tu...even though i'm not sure if i'm happy working. oh well...life goes on..
apa lagi yek?? oh yeah...i almost forgot. i started a blog this year. thanks to certain people who introduced me to this thing...i'm now a believer. hopefully it won't be a hangat2 taik ayam kinda thing. but isn't everything in life is like that? let's see how far does the rabbit hole goes...
so there! a little rewind of the highlights and events that affected me for the year 2003. hope i didn't forget anything important. actually...2003 was a good year for me. sure...there were the ups and downs...but tak namanya life la kalau it isn't like that. hope 2004 will be for the better....Amin

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Thursday, January 01, 2004

ironically speaking

woooo....u tell me if this is ironic or not. a woman gets a heart attack on a plane. lucky for her...15...i repeat 15 heart specialists was on board who happen to be on their way to a conference. nampak sangat kalau ajal belum sampai...well, memang belum tiba masanya lagi....

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

spinning gasing

yesterday's new year party at jalan gasing was a blast. they had everything short of booze and pills...cayalah. model citizens they are....hehehe...
this is the 3rd time (if i'm not mistaken) that they held such a party. and each time it gets better. more guests....more chicks. it goes with the flow, i guess. i'm pretty lucky to know such a great group of guys. jalan gasing is like a second home to me. it used to be 5th college...but it's all over, thank goodness. each and everyone living in the house has a distinct and personal behaviour. that just adds to the color and warmth of the place. when stuck at nite in KL....there's only one place to go...jalan gasing. i think a lot of people have passed thru the signature black gate and tinted sliding glass door. sometimes kesian gak tengok diorang kat situ. actually..privacy almost doesn't exist there. there's always someone stopping by. usually it would be me.....hehehhe...but as of lately...tak sangat. (butt-saving line)
honestly, i think they don't mind...but everyone has a limit, rite? takpelah..they're really nice people so kalau ada pun diorang simpan...hehe. jalan gasing has already fixed itself as an icon of our university life. it certainly has for me, and i'm sure for the others who have slept there. i guess that's why i like to think of jalan gasing as my very own Cheers. it's a place where everybody know your name....

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

same old new year

today marks a turning point in the calendar. we have a new year coming...2004. so to everyone out there, i wish a happy new year. last nite's celebrations at jalan gasing was really something. still feeling a bit jaded after yesterday. i'll get back to that later. and so...another year passes on and we face the uncertainties which is the future in 2004.
i'm not really looking forward to the new year at all. at the tender age of 23, i'm feeling a bit old. i guess time is critical now. with each passing year...the youth in us passes by and more responsibilities come with age. i wanna be real happy in life, but i guess i'm not that comfortable with my situation now. not that i'm not thankful....Alhamdulillah for the family, friends and job that i have. but i guess...being human...memang selalu tak puas hati dengan apa yang ada. i feel that i can improve my life for the better and that most of the decisions in life will be crucially made now. so i want to make the best decisons and be happy with what i have. but unlucky for me...i don't have a single clue what really makes me happy. quite sickening, really.
so i guess in a way...that will be my new year resolution. i've never made a resolution in my life...and quite frankly..i don't really believe in it. but i guess...time changes with everything and so this is a new change. so for the record...i want to discover what makes me happy and work towards that. i'll have to make changes in my life...so don't be suprised if i do something drastic...hehehhe...but i doubt it, really. tengok la mcm mana...
the brand new calendar with the pictures of horses every saturday is already up on the wall, courtesy of the local kedai runcit. 2004 is already here now. the first day of the new year is almost to a close at the time of blogging. i hope 2004 will be good to me and to the rest of the world. it should be a memorable year, as i hope to attend my convocation this year, insyaAllah. the rest is really unknown and i hope whatever happens...will be for the good of me.

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o