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Thursday, January 01, 2004

same old new year

today marks a turning point in the calendar. we have a new year coming...2004. so to everyone out there, i wish a happy new year. last nite's celebrations at jalan gasing was really something. still feeling a bit jaded after yesterday. i'll get back to that later. and so...another year passes on and we face the uncertainties which is the future in 2004.
i'm not really looking forward to the new year at all. at the tender age of 23, i'm feeling a bit old. i guess time is critical now. with each passing year...the youth in us passes by and more responsibilities come with age. i wanna be real happy in life, but i guess i'm not that comfortable with my situation now. not that i'm not thankful....Alhamdulillah for the family, friends and job that i have. but i guess...being human...memang selalu tak puas hati dengan apa yang ada. i feel that i can improve my life for the better and that most of the decisions in life will be crucially made now. so i want to make the best decisons and be happy with what i have. but unlucky for me...i don't have a single clue what really makes me happy. quite sickening, really.
so i guess in a way...that will be my new year resolution. i've never made a resolution in my life...and quite frankly..i don't really believe in it. but i guess...time changes with everything and so this is a new change. so for the record...i want to discover what makes me happy and work towards that. i'll have to make changes in my life...so don't be suprised if i do something drastic...hehehhe...but i doubt it, really. tengok la mcm mana...
the brand new calendar with the pictures of horses every saturday is already up on the wall, courtesy of the local kedai runcit. 2004 is already here now. the first day of the new year is almost to a close at the time of blogging. i hope 2004 will be good to me and to the rest of the world. it should be a memorable year, as i hope to attend my convocation this year, insyaAllah. the rest is really unknown and i hope whatever happens...will be for the good of me.

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