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Friday, January 23, 2004

Home for the holidays

ahhhhh..they couldn't have said it better...home sweet home. lama siot tak balik umah. it's only been 3 weeks, but it feels like ages. i wonder why?? hmmm...
so i'm really enjoying myself this chinese new year. macam aku lak yang sambut. enjoying myself means waking up late, doing whatever i want whenever i want and doing whatever the hell i please at my own damn pace....oooo..slight tone of anger there...sorree...couldn't help myself.
anyways, i'm just enjoying the slow pace of home. i've got my comfy bed, my blue-toned room, my hot shower, my mom's cooking...is there anything like it? after being used to eating nasi kawah for the last 10 years, getting used to outside food is a different experience altogether. my current staple diet consists of mamak food, indonesian cuisine and mamak food again. tak lama lagi..i'll be speaking tamil. mamak food is like a local version of mcdonald's. it's fast, efficient and i'm loving it.
going back home is like stress therapy. "all my troubles seem so far awayyyy..." indeed it does. the best part about all of this is i just realized this fact. selama ni kalau tak balik umah sebulan pun tak kisah. bile duit takde, baru la pandai crawling back home. i guess that's why life is an everlasting learning process...there's always something behind the corner...

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