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Sunday, January 18, 2004

Goyang kaki

so i make fun and laugh at the usual Malay streotype jokes. well...face the facts...IT'S TRUE. and best part of it is..kena batang idung sendiri. all the time while growing up, my father would make his usual comments and advice of how to NOT be a streotype malay...meaning u know lah...malas, nak cepat kaya, the usual stuff mahathir likes to tell us. well, i'm sorry papa...looks like ur son just happened to be a malay as well.
bukannya apa...i guess becoz i've never hidup susah kat dunia ni. mintak je...dapat. spoon-feed is the more correct term. i guess maybe i'm new to this working thing, and it's not the start that i imagined. well...i guess we don't live in a perfect world where the sun is always shining and the flowers are always blooming. maybe madonna says it best...
'we are living in a material world,
and i am a material girl'....errr..boy in my case.
ye laaaa...who doesn't want to be rich? even though i'm ashamed to admit it...one of my goals in life is to be rich. but richness just comes falling out of the sky, ke? yeah...rite...if u're a malay like me..hehehe...
i guess i have to learn to work hard kot. selama ni hidup rileks je...baru kena sikit dah menggelabah. but i guess i'm just saying this to sedapkan hati sendiri. i'm 24 damnit....kalo skang malas nak keje...bile lagi? i'm not THAT lazy...it's just that the extra effort that has been put on me kinda bugs me a little. i wanna work 8-5 ONLY. but i guess in this crazy dog eat dog world...that's just on paper. geez...everyday i'm bitching about this job thing. my parents started work when they were only 20. it is THAT bad? nahhh...it's just my attitude...

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