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Thursday, January 29, 2004

ISA - Isa Suka Aku

today i feel like bashing someone....and there's no one better than Mr. Menteri Besar himself, isa mat samad. i just watched the evening news tonite...and again..the slow progress of preparations for the SUKMA games in negeri sembilan (for those who don't bother...yeah...we're the hosts this year) was highlighted....for the ntahbrapakali tah...
i've been following the news closely about the preparations and when it was highlighted...i was both angry and happy at the same time. why? happy coz the short guy (isa la ni..) malu skit muka. angry coz...well...i'm a born and bred negeri sembilan guy. and i take pride in where i grew up....kalo tak..tak jadi la aku the model citizen that i am...hehehehe...
anyways...this guy has ruled NS ever since i could say mama...i don't remember any other menteri besar other than this asshole. 1st time i heard about the SUKMA preparations gone amok...i was really pissed. REALLY. i even thought about writing to the papers to call for his sacking...but i don't think my foul language will be suitable for everyday newspaper readers. fuck it.
so i'll start with my blog. i can do whatever i want. when my sense comes along..then maybe i'll write something less vulgar to the papers. actually the SUKMA thing has little to do with all this. it's just the tip of the iceberg. i've grown to hate him ever since i was in school. okay...maybe my dad had a part to play in this...but when i think about it...it's true.
negeri sembilan is one of the least developed state that UMNO rule. u can check it urself. mega projects are non-existent in this great state of mine. kalau ada pun...it'll bankrupt in less than 5 years. take the PD-Sban highway for example. supposed to open the doorway to development in other areas of NS, but the only door it opened was the door to hell. the highway went bankrupt last year...another failure of the great fuckin menteri besar.
want another one? take the town seremban. the most developed area in NS. developed? seremban is hardly any different than the days my parents would take me to the lake gardens for the playground. oh yeah...the playground is still around...only the new coat of paint makes it different. and talking about the lake gardens...the lake in the middle of the town is more like a big pool of mud and decaying matter. i don't know why people used to jog there...myself included. it smells like shit and the color of the lake is like air tebu yang basi. they just renovated the place, so now it's better lah. a bit...
i can tell u countless stories of the great failures of Isa pendek. okay laaa...maybe he contributed a bit to the state, but his failures far exceeds his accomplishments. yang tak tahan tu...dia lagi lama jadi menteri besar than mahathir jadi PM. mahathir pun dah pencen. he's the longest serving MB in M'sia...sounds like a super menteri besar bole tahan lama. fact is...dia tahan lama coz he likes to lick people's ass real good...i mean reaalll good.
i don't owe this guy one bit of apology at all. kalo ada yang related to him...i'm sorry kalau terasa...it's just that he's....an asshole lah senang cite. harap2 dia reti bahasa and steps down as MB for the next election. kalau tak jugak...well, maybe NST will have to edit my letter a lot...if it gets published in the 1st place.

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