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Thursday, January 01, 2004

spinning gasing

yesterday's new year party at jalan gasing was a blast. they had everything short of booze and pills...cayalah. model citizens they are....hehehe...
this is the 3rd time (if i'm not mistaken) that they held such a party. and each time it gets better. more guests....more chicks. it goes with the flow, i guess. i'm pretty lucky to know such a great group of guys. jalan gasing is like a second home to me. it used to be 5th college...but it's all over, thank goodness. each and everyone living in the house has a distinct and personal behaviour. that just adds to the color and warmth of the place. when stuck at nite in KL....there's only one place to go...jalan gasing. i think a lot of people have passed thru the signature black gate and tinted sliding glass door. sometimes kesian gak tengok diorang kat situ. actually..privacy almost doesn't exist there. there's always someone stopping by. usually it would be me.....hehehhe...but as of lately...tak sangat. (butt-saving line)
honestly, i think they don't mind...but everyone has a limit, rite? takpelah..they're really nice people so kalau ada pun diorang simpan...hehe. jalan gasing has already fixed itself as an icon of our university life. it certainly has for me, and i'm sure for the others who have slept there. i guess that's why i like to think of jalan gasing as my very own Cheers. it's a place where everybody know your name....

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