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Sunday, January 04, 2004

Year in review

since everyone is making their own list of the best and worst of 2003, why not i hop along as well. okay...so it's a bit late for that...but better late than never. so here goes....i'll try to keep it short and sweet...
this was the year i turned 23, the magical age in which u're legally able to vote. now...the country's future is in my hands. i have the power!! well...kinda...
i finished my design project and research to make me almost eligible to graduate. but that wasn't the end to it all as i had another extra semester to go...woopeee. finally did finish after all the struggles of studying last minute. thank God. this was also the year i bored myself to death in brunei during the semester break of 3 months. during that time...i honestly did miss my friends. usually i don't care...hehhehe....
but the good thing about the brunei escapade was that i finally completed my dream of memijak setiap negeri di malaysia. so now i have a reason to go overseas...dah puas tengok malaysia....kuching being my final piece of land that i finally did make my way to. i'm thankful for that....
2003 was also the year i saw newcastle playing in front of my eyes...and of course seeing the talismatic alan shearer. not once....but twice....man...that was really something. sayang diorang kalah final premier league asia cup. wateva...
on a lesser note...i went thru a failed relationship this year. i guess somehow it was a learning process about knowing myself and others around me. it didn't last that long...so it wasn't much of a heartbreaker....konon.....
this was also the year one of the people i look up to resigned from office. yep..u know it...Dr. M was replaced this year after serving as PM of Malaysia for 22 years. i consider myself lucky to be part of our nation's great moment in history. so now we have a new PM in Pak Lah...so far so good, i guess...even though the name dato seri abdullah as PM gets a little while to get used to..
this year marked another milestone for me as i got my first job in my whole life. so now i'm being paid for something. ok la tu...even though i'm not sure if i'm happy working. oh well...life goes on..
apa lagi yek?? oh yeah...i almost forgot. i started a blog this year. thanks to certain people who introduced me to this thing...i'm now a believer. hopefully it won't be a hangat2 taik ayam kinda thing. but isn't everything in life is like that? let's see how far does the rabbit hole goes...
so there! a little rewind of the highlights and events that affected me for the year 2003. hope i didn't forget anything important. actually...2003 was a good year for me. sure...there were the ups and downs...but tak namanya life la kalau it isn't like that. hope 2004 will be for the better....Amin

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