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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Picket fences

for the last 2 weeks..on my way to work...i've stumbled upon a gathering of goodyear employees on strike in front of their factory. quite early for a strike actually....at around 7 am...sape la semangat nak menjerit and wave banners and flags? which gave me the thought that these people were just picketing before they went in to work. how strange is that? likely scenario of the goodyear people:
Goodyear employee 1:"@#$%# la goodyear!! kedekut! pekerja tak jaga!!"
Goodyear employee 2:"yeah!! celaka punya mat salleh!!"
Goodyear employee 1: "alamak...dah dekat kul 8 dah ni..jom masuk.."
Goodyear employee 2: "eh...ye ke? cepat sial...ok,ok..jap..aku amik ID aku kat kereta.."

what the **** is that? well...of course this is my own interpretation of events. God knows what actually happens there. but most likely..this is what happens. memang la...u're pissed with the company, feel like killing the Boss..but at the end of the day...they're the ones giving u another dollar to live on each day. i'm a true believer in voicing one's opinion freely...but picketing for me is just another employee fiesta. lain la kalau picket sampai tak masuk keje ke...semua boikot tak datang ke....then u're showing ur true balls. ini kul 7.45 picket....8.00 dah punch in...hmmm...that's a model employee actually...
whatever the case...it's kinda fun seeing them on strike in the morning. gives u some sort of karma in the morning. what kind of karma....ntahlaaa...
with the tagline...Ingat goodyear...Ingat tayar...Ingat pekerja berpiket...they were quite organised, with their banners and horns and whistles. on days i felt the mood to do so..i would give a quick horn of my car to show my support for their cause. hopefully..it's a good one. must be something about cronism...coz one of the banners read "HR Goodyear amalkan nepotism, cronism" "Fairness to local workers"...something like that. man...i haven't heard of the work nepotism and cronism since the days of Reformasi. now that'll be a topic for another day. i guess the goodyear people wanted to highlight their cause...so in writing this..i hope i've done my little bit to help them. maybe i'll organise one myself in the future...u never know, would u?

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