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Monday, January 05, 2004

Moving day

tomorrow i'm making my next step in life. no...i'm not getting married, it's just that i'm moving to a temporary home in kelana jaya. actually, it's nothing. saje je nak kasi nampak best....hehehe...
moving to the klang valley area will be good for me. ye laaaa....the daily trip to shah alam is not something i look forward to everyday. and it doesn't go easy on the wallet as well. this is the first time i'm renting a house. another first for me. come to think of it...a lot of firsts has happened to me during the last 3-4 weeks. good for me...
i used the term 'temporary' becoz i'm not sure myself how long i'll be staying there. talk about planning for the future, huh? i hope i'll like it there. i know almost everyone staying there with me. they're my coursemates during my university days. they were the ones fighting it out by my side in our battle to overcome the dreaded chem engine department. so if i don't trust them...who can i trust? macam pegi perang je....well, in a way...exams are like war. one hell of it...
with me moving out, the safety net that is my parents won't be there all the time. nasib baik seremban dekat...apa2 hal...amri phone home laaaa...E.T. boleh buat..
i guess i won't be blogging as often as i liked now. bertuah kalo ada time nak blog kat ofis...everyone there is in a rush. surfing the net for no reason is almost a crime there. tengok la mcm mana....i wouldn't want my head to be chopped off by these crazy japanese.
so amri makes a bold move tomorrow. he's moving to another house...away from his family and nearer to the factory. hmmm...why did i move in the first place?

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o