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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

A friend in need is a friend indeed

yesterday, i went out to lunch with my colleague and her friend. it was the first time i've met her. i found her to be friendly and quite a mouthful too. but it was something she said yesterday that really got me thinking. she believed that everyone in this world becomes friends for their own personal advantage. which means that we all have friends so that we can or could use them for purposes only known to us. funny thing is...i found that frighteningly true.
well maybe it isn't 100% true, but when u really think about it....it is in someway very true. i started to look at the friends that i have. yes, i love them dearly....but do i really make friends so that i could use them someway? i don't think so....becoz most of my close friends..i just love them for their company. they don't have to do anything or know anyone, just be there to borak2 kosong till early dawn. but in saying that, isn't that using someone in way? so in that way, we all are guilty for having friends and using them to our advantage. i mean...we have friends becoz we enjoy being around them. yeah..we're using them to our advantage which is we're having fun, but doesn't that work both ways? if we enjoy being around them, shouldn't they enjoy being around us too? becoz if they don't, then they're probably not your real friends, huh? bapak sedihnya ada kengkawan macam ni. hopefully it's not me. ye ke?
i argued that maybe early in your friendship, u had reasons for being friends with someone. your roomate, your coursemates, school buddies, i think most people had reasons to be friends with someone. u might enjoy being seen with them, u came from the same smelly asrama, u ate the same crappy dewan makan food, u support the same pathetic team, u like them becoz they're filthy rich like you, something lah. be it for good or for bad, u became friends becoz it helped u in some way. and don't think that in a bad manner too. memang la some people take advantage of their friends, something i might have been guilty of myself. but most of the time, your advantage is their advantage too.
yes, there are times when u would ask for that measly 10 ringgit hutang when u're short of change at the mapley. or that stupid favour so that u could get that cute awek's name. but u get what u give. bile kita susah, kawan tolong. bile kawan susah, kita pulak tolong. that's the most perfect way to put it. i couldn't think of anything in english that even comes close to match that statement. bodoh punya mat salleh. hahhaha...what the hell i'm talking about here.
so i guess in a way she was right that people become friends for something to their advantage. and that doesn't have to be a bad thing too. becoz honestly, i don't care that u have the latest 5+GHz super-mega computer, or the latest Nokia phone, or that u're in UK, or that u're working in some super-huge multinational, or driving a cool machine, or that ur awek is pretty fine, or that ur dad is some big hotshot, or maybe u even know the PM. i know u as a friend, and that's good enough for me. and if that's to my advantage, i'll gladly accept it.

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Friday, November 26, 2004

The LRTs

going to work everyday on the LRT opens up your eyes on malaysians and the interesting people they are. here are some characters that i've met:

Uncle Odor: there's bound to be one on every ride. usually seen after office hours. the sheer strength of his body odour can make anyone go blue. and i mean literally. some colouring can also be found on certain areas of his shirt.

Joe and Jane Asole: they push, spit and even bite to get into the train. okay...so i added the spitting and biting part, but by the way they move...it would seem like something they would really do. also known as the Idiots.

Slacker Dude: he doesn't care what u think of him. he'll just sit nicely on the floor in the center of the train. dressed in his Kurt Cobain shirt and his Converse All-Stars, he's one of the last that remains of a forgotten generation.

Big Towkay: he talks on his phone like the whole train was his private phone booth. u not only get to know all his business deals and projects, but also what he had for lunch too. if u're lucky and close enough, u get free water sprinkles. cool, huh?

George Gutless: he's the young fella who's happy to remain seated despite the presence of an old blind man in the train. no way he's giving up his seat. it costs a million bucks man! gile apa. nak duduk kena la rebut. maybe he should be in a wheelchair coz he likes to sit so much. i'll be glad to help...

The Ramming Amoi: she's the one to watch in the morning. she's a wee bit better that Joe and Jane Asole, but that's because she gives out this irritating warning sound that goes like this, 'Excuse me!' 'Excuse me!'. it sounds polite, until she steps on your toes and rams your stomach with her handbag on the way. the one to avoid really.

Stone: he's a lifeless soul who likes to look at people in the train. best part is....he then blogs about it too. takde kerja namanya. freaky, i tell ya.....

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

I blog, therefore I am

i love blogging. i love to blog and i love reading blogs. tit for tat, u might say. u can never say blogs are just another type of medium. save for a few commercial ones, blogs are intimate. it's like telling stories at a slumber party, while u're laying there on the mattress. difference is...this slumber party has thousands and thousands of guests. i shall go no further on this one coz when a lot of people are sleeping together, u get funny ideas....i'm having one right this minute.
everyone has a way of presenting their own blog. whether it's political issues, the latest gizmo from Japan or just a trip to the local Pasar Malam....u could say everything's covered. i guess we all have our own favourites, u know...the ones we check back on regularly just to see if it's updated. we have blogs from our friends, our enemies, and people we haven't even met in our lives. that's what makes it unique. it's like knowing a stranger like an old friend. sometimes i feel, in way...we're more open when we're blogging. it's strange, really. u can't even tell your best friend, and yet it feels okay when u're telling the millions of strangers on the Web. it really does.
i even love it when the one who's blogging (re: blogger?) is some sort of celebrity. i don't know many so-called 'celebrity' bloggers, but i really love the ones i've came across with. yes... i do admit i'm a schmuck for celebrities. so they're human like the rest of us...which makes reading their blogs all the more interesting. i mean...how do we really know what goes on inside the head of some famous people? i don't think the 'Exclusive interviews' that you get from the media are much help. i believe most people will avoid any confrontation and they tell you what their publicist tells them to. or what u want to hear. like say...Linkin Park visits KL. they won't say the durians smell like shit or that our country is f***ing hot. they'll tell u Malaysia is great and that Siti can be the World Idol or something.
but in blogs, it feels so real. it's just you typing away quietly on the keyboard, with no one telling you what to write or HOW to write. it's just you....and the whole world waiting for you to click that Publish Post button. i came across Izham Omar and Yasmin Ahmad's blog from a few links from friends. they might not be those jaw-dropping celebrities type, but still they're two Malaysians i can proudly say i'm proud of. i look up to their achievements and creativity in life.
so from reading their blogs, u get a glimpse of what goes on inside their heads and what inspires them. it's sorta like a free memoir. i mean...autobiographies sell, right? ask Clinton and Hilary.
and who wouldn't love to read about what really moved Mario Puzo to tell his 'story about the Mafia'. or what went through Michael Jordan's head as he stole the ball to finish off the Jazz in his final NBA Championship. or how George Lucas came up with his epic Star Wars. i could go on forever, but the fact is...we love to read about what goes on 'behind the scenes'. blogs give some idea to what goes on 'up there'. there's no sensorship and restrictions. it's all bare out there in the open. kinda like running around naked in the street.
people should do that more often.

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Friday, November 19, 2004

The Simple Life

it's been a long day today. just came back from a mini-tour of Pahang. funny, but i don't feel that tired. well, i guess nobody would be if they just slept in the car for most of the journey. actually, i was out accompanying my cousin to his girlfriend's house. don't ask why i accepted his offer to be his co-driver. maybe it's part guilt and part 'I need to spend more time with my relatives like in the old days' kinda feeling. and anyways, i haven't been to pahang for quite a while and long road trips never hurt, do they? especially when there's only 2 people. u never know what will come out. (refer to my previous post)
anyways, the trip was great in the sense that i got to know more about my cousin and his friends. and also the fact that the house that we visited was a typical traditional Malay house. seriously. that kampung feeling was everywhere.
i never took pride in the fact that i never really had a real kampung. both of my parents stayed in Negeri Sembilan and even though both sides had traditional kampung houses, they weren't those streotype kampung drama melayu kinda houses. they were quite 'modern' in that sense, but still....growing up in Rasah as a kid gave me a wee bit feeling of kampung life. the only difference u could say is that seremban town is only a few minutes away and u could go from kampung boy to budak bandar in just a snap.
anyhow, the house we visited today was the real deal. the nearest town, i think was temerloh which took like ages to reach. u had to travel some distance to get to the nearest petrol station. one thing i noticed about kampung houses was that it was cooler outiside during the day. i mean, at noon....the house was like on fire or something. when i stepped outside for a breather, it was cooling...because all the trees that surrounded the house acted like some sorta natural air-conditioner. nice i tell ya...to finally get some real oxygen in my lungs.
the house still even has those free-standing jamban in usage. u know, the ones where u had to go outiside to take a shit. i think today was a first in a long, long time since i last used these kinda jambans. good thing they already installed a pipe inside for cleaning up. and u know how pissed off i can be for pipe-less toilets. hehehe...
today was also a mini-tour in the sense that i travelled on roads that i've never been on before. from the newly completed highway to the backroads thru Felda estates, it was a true road trip in every word. and on our way back, we even stopped by a few places, which included Bukit Tinggi and even Genting Highlands to meet some friends. so i got to know a few people today, which was good coz my current supply of friends seems to be depleting by the day from the looks of things. nasib baik ada Hari Raya.
it always amazes me how kampung folks can keep themselves occupied for the day. aku baru lepak situ for a couple of hours pun dah macam ikan keluar air. tambah pulak panas...wonderful. and things always seem to be laid-back and easy at the kampungs. it's like there's no worries and the craziness and hustle-bustle of urban life seems so far away. it's so serene and peaceful. no wonder people escape themselves to the kampung. i'd like to do that someday when my bank account is overflowing with money, which will then make me like....200 years old?

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Hari Raya Hangover

another Hari Raya passes by. another story to tell. but when i think about it, all my Hari Rayas are almost identical. they run along the same schedule, but of course...the settings and the stories are different. every Hari Raya is almost like a confrontation with my personal demons or something. maybe it's the annoying aunts and uncles, maybe it's the inferiority complex feeling that i have, maybe it's the "Mannn..i'm getting older" thoughts, maybe it's the thought that it's not gonna be like this forever, maybe....ahhhh.. i dunno. i told u i was sentimental time Raya.
anyhow, since this is the first time i'm celebrating Hari Raya as a tax-payer, u really feel lucky for all the friends that u have who despite the busyness and hassle of the festive season, still have the thought of wishing u a simple Selamat Hari Raya. be it sms, emails, greeting cards or just a call...for just a short and simple phrase, it can do wonders for anyone receiving it. i don't know about u, but i really appreciate all the greetings and wishes sent. and when it's a friend that u haven't met in ages, it feels like a million dollars. i mean...when u think about it...if it's not the festive season, when do u really catch up with old mates? definitely not during the weekdays, if u know what i mean. the weekends?? huh...they fly by like a bullet, before u know it...it's already Manic Monday. sometimes i do feel guilty for not doing my part in catching up. usually, it's my friends who gives a ring or an sms just to 'bertanyakan khabar'. and in saying that, makes me feel lucky for having friends like these because i can sometimes be such an a**hole myself. priceless, they are for having a stuck-up friend like me. it isn't my intention to do so...it's just me.
and family, yep...it's great to see them too, despite my displeasure at nagging relatives. they're harmless really...and u tend to miss them after some time. i seriously cannot imagine myself celebrating Hari Raya without the family and being in seremban. it's like an age old tradition, something i wish could go on forever. i know that won't be possible, so i'm just taking in the moment as it happens. since i have dozens of little cousins to entertain me during the festive season, watching them grow up makes u feel really old. i mean...it just felt like yesterday when u visited them at the hospital when they were days old. now, they've started schooling and one just got his UPSR results. mannn...i was TAKING UPSR when he was born. wasn't that yesterday or something?? i can just imagine how my parents feel seeing me grow up. no wonder parents feel so old and always talk about 'how it used to be'. now...i feel like i'm doing the same thing myself. what goes around, comes around, rite?
in any case, Hari Raya will always be a special day for me. it brings us closer together, whether i like it or not. and maybe that's not such a bad thing after all....

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Seloka di Hari Raya

Bulan Ramadhan tinggal sehari
Semua orang sibuk nak ready
Iklan PETRONAS dah main kat TV
Memang sah dah nak Aidilfitri.

Sekejap sungguh sebulan ini
Sedar tak sedar Syawal datang lagi
Jangan kita lupa diri
Hari Raya sibuk nak berjoli.

Baju, langsir, carpet, cadar
Semua nak yang ter'latest' sekali
Setiap hari shopping ke bandar
Lepas Raya apply bankruptcy.

Sale di sana, sale di sini
Beli, beli semuanya sekali
Mana tahan harga macam ni
Biar miskin, janji tak mati.

Lagu raya asyik berkumandang
Dari pagi sampai ke petang
Kekadang sampai naik bengang
Tapi takpe...bukan selalu datang.

Time raya ramai balik kampung
Bas, kereta, semuanya penuh
Tapi jangan sampai kita terlambung
Itu yang buat ramai terbunuh

Driving macam orang gila
Pecut macam tak cukup jalan
Biar kita selamat tiba
Jangan sampai diselubungi kapan

Ops pacak di sana sini
Semua sibuk buat publisiti
Apa guna kalo semua tak reti
Cara driving macam nak mati

Tapi kekadang kita lupa
Erti sebenar Hari Raya
A time for friends and also family
Tak lupa juga kepada yang dah pergi
Masa untuk bermaaf-maafan
Lupakan saja sengketa lawan
Apa guna asyik berperang
Last-last semua masuk lubang

And not to forget those who are unlucky
Unable to celebrate the way we can
Syukur Alhamdulillah aku macam ni
Not perfect, just a normal man

So let us celebrate on this special day
With the ones we love, we hope and pray
Greeting Syawal the proper way
In the hope we are blessed forever and always.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to everyone. Maaf zahir batin. I apologise for any comments, satire, praises, views, stupid and lame jokes, bulls***, crap that in any way, has offended anyone. Any damage or harm done is purely unintentional, and besides...this is me speaking out my mind here. If u're hurt by any of this, then sorry laaa...u shouldn't be here in the first place. Go sulk somewhere else....

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Friday, November 12, 2004

For thy dearly departed

it's almost the end of ramadhan. how time flies. will i ever see her again? InsyaAllah. today was a somewhat solemn day for me. i received 2 news of people passing away. one was someone close to the family, my mom's cousin. actually, she passed away last monday, but i just received the news today when i reached home. maybe the thought of informing me slipped thru mama's mind. i don't mind that much, but still the news hit me quite suprisingly. she was all healthy and well last time i met her last hari raya. now, she's gone forever, and the annual Hari Raya visit to her home in ampang will be without her. just visiting her children, i guess.
the other of course, is the passing away of the lone icon of palestinian struggle, Yasser Arafat earlier today. as the tributes and remembrance plays on the major news networks, i just realised how sad it is for a man to struggle all his life for something he believes in to pass away without seeing the fruits of his labor. yes, i believe someday we will have a lone palestian state, but for the man who have championed for it for over 40 years, it is his memories that hopefully will be carried on by his countrymen. it will be a fitting tribute for the man who has devoted his life to the palestinian struggle. people like him and other political icons like mandela and castro rarely comes along in our lives, and their passing will be felt by most of us. i seriuosly cannot imagine the Middle east without the old man with his black and white chequered scarf. u may agree or disagree with his stands, but u cannot deny that without him, we might not even give a damn about what goes on in the Middle east.
i guess it's so ironic that as we approach the celebration of syawal, we tend to forget about the ones who have left us and how we too will join them one day. aku pun pandai cakap je, but truth is....i forget. it's only times like these that leaves u wonderin....yeahhh...everyone's time will come. icons, rock stars, religous leaders, no one's safe. and that's all i have to say about that.
Al-Fatihah to all Muslim brothers and sisters who have gone before us especially to those dear to my heart. Amin.

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Monday, November 08, 2004

Mellow yellow

ahhhhhh.....i know how everyone says this...and i'll say it again.....Ramadhan is such a nice time of the year. as i'm typing this, the sultry voice of hail amir and uji rashid is playing in the background. Lagu Raya...u can't beat them, can u? it adds to the sentimental value of the moment. dekat-dekat nak raya ni...i'm usually a bit sentimental too. i just can't imagine Raya without the family. my close family, that is....minus the uncles and aunts coz they always seem to be ready with the latest killer questions. it's like they wait for a whole year on Hari Raya to ask u dumb questions like 'Dah ada girlfren?', 'Bila nak kawin?', Dah habis belajar dah?' 'Gaji berapa?', 'Bile nak mati?' OK, so i added the last one. seems like a reasonable question to me.
but old fidgety uncles and aunts are too small to spoil my Hari Raya mood. and it's sorta like a bittersweet feeling on Hari Raya knowing that it means the end of Ramadhan. bulan puasa is always a special time of the year, don't u think so? i mean...when do u have a reason to ask old college/school buddies to come together and makan-makan till u throw up? buka puasa is such a great excuse to hold reunions, meeting old friends/sweethearts/crushes/enemies. this year, i'm glad to say i've been to a couple of them. and it's great too...catching up with old friends. it feels so much relevant once i've started working, becoz i guess i don't have much time to socialize and hang around compared to my student days.
and my family, i think buka puasa is the only time of the year, each one of us actually sits down to enjoy a meal together at home. kalo tak...it'll usually be my sister kicking off early (she eats so early...like the chinese), followed up by Papa, and then it'll be a two-horse race between me and Mama for the final say. and if we do eat at the same time, mesti ada sorang dua (usually it's me) taking off to the living room for some TV action. yeahhh...TV dinner rocks!!
so yeah...it's great and not once but twice a day we sit together to eat. sahur too is a special time coz everyone looked like they crawled out of cave or something at the dinner table. kelakar siot. mata sepet2 mengalahkan aku...hhahahhaha.
and what about my housemates? Ramadhan is such a great time for my rented house in KJ. i mean...yeahhh...i'm not that close to them, i admit. but during Puasa, we usually take the time to break fast together at home and come sahur time, everyone helps out waking each other up.
seriously, Ramadhan really made me closer to them.
i could go on and on and on for this special time of the year. this year was a true eye-opener coz i'm experiencing things i've never experienced before. puasa di rumah sewa, puasa sambil bekerja, paying my first zakat fitrah. it all feels special i guess coz it's the first time. first times are always special, right? your first girlfriend, first job, first time u **** errrr...let's not go there. anyways, i'm in an upbeat mood this time of the year. not even the stupid work and tasks that seem to come barge in altogether at the same time dekat2 raya ni is gonna spoil the mood. that's my only complaint....i mean...ahhhh..never mind. that's a story for another day. and while the paperwork stares at me in the face here, i'll just keep on blogging. pedulik hapa aku. Hari Raya is around the corner, didn't u notice?

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

I'm afraid of Americans

so americans went to the polls yesterday and while i'm typing this, there's only a few states left for the count. bush is leading 249 to kerry's 211 electoral votes. ever since the florida debacle in 2000, everyone's seems to be aware of this electoral vote thingy. or maybe i'm the one who just knew about this. wateva....
anyways, i'm suddenly wondering...why the hell do i give a damn about who runs a country hundreds of miles away from me?? firstly, they don't care if i eat or not. they hardly care if i existed. but in many ways, the President of the United States of America will touch our lives, indirectly of course. how? well, it helps when u're running the most powerful country in the world, physically and economically. America says, we do. that's how it's been like since the Cold War ended. right up till the moment some idiots decided to crash into some huge skyscrapers in New York. i could bet that some part of each of our salary has an American origin, be it one sen. let's face it, the riches human beings on Earth are Americans. and how are oil prices per barrel based on? well, it certainly isn't Ruppiahs that's for sure.
so you could forgive everyone on this planet who pays more attention to the American polls. we've got CNN, CNBC, whatever crap bombarding our TV with 'America Votes 2004' and other news exclusives about THEIR election. besides, we're all 'American'ised, aren't we? we watch their movies, laugh at their sitcoms, eat their junkfood, wear what they wear and worship their icons. yeap....it's all one big crazy United States of the World.
so yeahhh..whoever resides in the White House does matter to the world. and besides, who are we left to blame for our misery and sufferings? our misguided youths and lost of our traditional values? our people's hunger and poverty? there's always good 'ol America.
don't mind the blog title. it's an old bowie song i like...

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o