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Friday, November 12, 2004

For thy dearly departed

it's almost the end of ramadhan. how time flies. will i ever see her again? InsyaAllah. today was a somewhat solemn day for me. i received 2 news of people passing away. one was someone close to the family, my mom's cousin. actually, she passed away last monday, but i just received the news today when i reached home. maybe the thought of informing me slipped thru mama's mind. i don't mind that much, but still the news hit me quite suprisingly. she was all healthy and well last time i met her last hari raya. now, she's gone forever, and the annual Hari Raya visit to her home in ampang will be without her. just visiting her children, i guess.
the other of course, is the passing away of the lone icon of palestinian struggle, Yasser Arafat earlier today. as the tributes and remembrance plays on the major news networks, i just realised how sad it is for a man to struggle all his life for something he believes in to pass away without seeing the fruits of his labor. yes, i believe someday we will have a lone palestian state, but for the man who have championed for it for over 40 years, it is his memories that hopefully will be carried on by his countrymen. it will be a fitting tribute for the man who has devoted his life to the palestinian struggle. people like him and other political icons like mandela and castro rarely comes along in our lives, and their passing will be felt by most of us. i seriuosly cannot imagine the Middle east without the old man with his black and white chequered scarf. u may agree or disagree with his stands, but u cannot deny that without him, we might not even give a damn about what goes on in the Middle east.
i guess it's so ironic that as we approach the celebration of syawal, we tend to forget about the ones who have left us and how we too will join them one day. aku pun pandai cakap je, but truth is....i forget. it's only times like these that leaves u wonderin....yeahhh...everyone's time will come. icons, rock stars, religous leaders, no one's safe. and that's all i have to say about that.
Al-Fatihah to all Muslim brothers and sisters who have gone before us especially to those dear to my heart. Amin.

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