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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Hari Raya Hangover

another Hari Raya passes by. another story to tell. but when i think about it, all my Hari Rayas are almost identical. they run along the same schedule, but of course...the settings and the stories are different. every Hari Raya is almost like a confrontation with my personal demons or something. maybe it's the annoying aunts and uncles, maybe it's the inferiority complex feeling that i have, maybe it's the "Mannn..i'm getting older" thoughts, maybe it's the thought that it's not gonna be like this forever, maybe....ahhhh.. i dunno. i told u i was sentimental time Raya.
anyhow, since this is the first time i'm celebrating Hari Raya as a tax-payer, u really feel lucky for all the friends that u have who despite the busyness and hassle of the festive season, still have the thought of wishing u a simple Selamat Hari Raya. be it sms, emails, greeting cards or just a call...for just a short and simple phrase, it can do wonders for anyone receiving it. i don't know about u, but i really appreciate all the greetings and wishes sent. and when it's a friend that u haven't met in ages, it feels like a million dollars. i mean...when u think about it...if it's not the festive season, when do u really catch up with old mates? definitely not during the weekdays, if u know what i mean. the weekends?? huh...they fly by like a bullet, before u know it...it's already Manic Monday. sometimes i do feel guilty for not doing my part in catching up. usually, it's my friends who gives a ring or an sms just to 'bertanyakan khabar'. and in saying that, makes me feel lucky for having friends like these because i can sometimes be such an a**hole myself. priceless, they are for having a stuck-up friend like me. it isn't my intention to do so...it's just me.
and family, yep...it's great to see them too, despite my displeasure at nagging relatives. they're harmless really...and u tend to miss them after some time. i seriously cannot imagine myself celebrating Hari Raya without the family and being in seremban. it's like an age old tradition, something i wish could go on forever. i know that won't be possible, so i'm just taking in the moment as it happens. since i have dozens of little cousins to entertain me during the festive season, watching them grow up makes u feel really old. i mean...it just felt like yesterday when u visited them at the hospital when they were days old. now, they've started schooling and one just got his UPSR results. mannn...i was TAKING UPSR when he was born. wasn't that yesterday or something?? i can just imagine how my parents feel seeing me grow up. no wonder parents feel so old and always talk about 'how it used to be'. now...i feel like i'm doing the same thing myself. what goes around, comes around, rite?
in any case, Hari Raya will always be a special day for me. it brings us closer together, whether i like it or not. and maybe that's not such a bad thing after all....

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o