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Friday, November 26, 2004

The LRTs

going to work everyday on the LRT opens up your eyes on malaysians and the interesting people they are. here are some characters that i've met:

Uncle Odor: there's bound to be one on every ride. usually seen after office hours. the sheer strength of his body odour can make anyone go blue. and i mean literally. some colouring can also be found on certain areas of his shirt.

Joe and Jane Asole: they push, spit and even bite to get into the train. okay...so i added the spitting and biting part, but by the way they move...it would seem like something they would really do. also known as the Idiots.

Slacker Dude: he doesn't care what u think of him. he'll just sit nicely on the floor in the center of the train. dressed in his Kurt Cobain shirt and his Converse All-Stars, he's one of the last that remains of a forgotten generation.

Big Towkay: he talks on his phone like the whole train was his private phone booth. u not only get to know all his business deals and projects, but also what he had for lunch too. if u're lucky and close enough, u get free water sprinkles. cool, huh?

George Gutless: he's the young fella who's happy to remain seated despite the presence of an old blind man in the train. no way he's giving up his seat. it costs a million bucks man! gile apa. nak duduk kena la rebut. maybe he should be in a wheelchair coz he likes to sit so much. i'll be glad to help...

The Ramming Amoi: she's the one to watch in the morning. she's a wee bit better that Joe and Jane Asole, but that's because she gives out this irritating warning sound that goes like this, 'Excuse me!' 'Excuse me!'. it sounds polite, until she steps on your toes and rams your stomach with her handbag on the way. the one to avoid really.

Stone: he's a lifeless soul who likes to look at people in the train. best part is....he then blogs about it too. takde kerja namanya. freaky, i tell ya.....

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