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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

I blog, therefore I am

i love blogging. i love to blog and i love reading blogs. tit for tat, u might say. u can never say blogs are just another type of medium. save for a few commercial ones, blogs are intimate. it's like telling stories at a slumber party, while u're laying there on the mattress. difference is...this slumber party has thousands and thousands of guests. i shall go no further on this one coz when a lot of people are sleeping together, u get funny ideas....i'm having one right this minute.
everyone has a way of presenting their own blog. whether it's political issues, the latest gizmo from Japan or just a trip to the local Pasar Malam....u could say everything's covered. i guess we all have our own favourites, u know...the ones we check back on regularly just to see if it's updated. we have blogs from our friends, our enemies, and people we haven't even met in our lives. that's what makes it unique. it's like knowing a stranger like an old friend. sometimes i feel, in way...we're more open when we're blogging. it's strange, really. u can't even tell your best friend, and yet it feels okay when u're telling the millions of strangers on the Web. it really does.
i even love it when the one who's blogging (re: blogger?) is some sort of celebrity. i don't know many so-called 'celebrity' bloggers, but i really love the ones i've came across with. yes... i do admit i'm a schmuck for celebrities. so they're human like the rest of us...which makes reading their blogs all the more interesting. i mean...how do we really know what goes on inside the head of some famous people? i don't think the 'Exclusive interviews' that you get from the media are much help. i believe most people will avoid any confrontation and they tell you what their publicist tells them to. or what u want to hear. like say...Linkin Park visits KL. they won't say the durians smell like shit or that our country is f***ing hot. they'll tell u Malaysia is great and that Siti can be the World Idol or something.
but in blogs, it feels so real. it's just you typing away quietly on the keyboard, with no one telling you what to write or HOW to write. it's just you....and the whole world waiting for you to click that Publish Post button. i came across Izham Omar and Yasmin Ahmad's blog from a few links from friends. they might not be those jaw-dropping celebrities type, but still they're two Malaysians i can proudly say i'm proud of. i look up to their achievements and creativity in life.
so from reading their blogs, u get a glimpse of what goes on inside their heads and what inspires them. it's sorta like a free memoir. i mean...autobiographies sell, right? ask Clinton and Hilary.
and who wouldn't love to read about what really moved Mario Puzo to tell his 'story about the Mafia'. or what went through Michael Jordan's head as he stole the ball to finish off the Jazz in his final NBA Championship. or how George Lucas came up with his epic Star Wars. i could go on forever, but the fact is...we love to read about what goes on 'behind the scenes'. blogs give some idea to what goes on 'up there'. there's no sensorship and restrictions. it's all bare out there in the open. kinda like running around naked in the street.
people should do that more often.

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o