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Monday, November 08, 2004

Mellow yellow

ahhhhhh.....i know how everyone says this...and i'll say it again.....Ramadhan is such a nice time of the year. as i'm typing this, the sultry voice of hail amir and uji rashid is playing in the background. Lagu Raya...u can't beat them, can u? it adds to the sentimental value of the moment. dekat-dekat nak raya ni...i'm usually a bit sentimental too. i just can't imagine Raya without the family. my close family, that is....minus the uncles and aunts coz they always seem to be ready with the latest killer questions. it's like they wait for a whole year on Hari Raya to ask u dumb questions like 'Dah ada girlfren?', 'Bila nak kawin?', Dah habis belajar dah?' 'Gaji berapa?', 'Bile nak mati?' OK, so i added the last one. seems like a reasonable question to me.
but old fidgety uncles and aunts are too small to spoil my Hari Raya mood. and it's sorta like a bittersweet feeling on Hari Raya knowing that it means the end of Ramadhan. bulan puasa is always a special time of the year, don't u think so? i mean...when do u have a reason to ask old college/school buddies to come together and makan-makan till u throw up? buka puasa is such a great excuse to hold reunions, meeting old friends/sweethearts/crushes/enemies. this year, i'm glad to say i've been to a couple of them. and it's great too...catching up with old friends. it feels so much relevant once i've started working, becoz i guess i don't have much time to socialize and hang around compared to my student days.
and my family, i think buka puasa is the only time of the year, each one of us actually sits down to enjoy a meal together at home. kalo tak...it'll usually be my sister kicking off early (she eats so early...like the chinese), followed up by Papa, and then it'll be a two-horse race between me and Mama for the final say. and if we do eat at the same time, mesti ada sorang dua (usually it's me) taking off to the living room for some TV action. yeahhh...TV dinner rocks!!
so yeah...it's great and not once but twice a day we sit together to eat. sahur too is a special time coz everyone looked like they crawled out of cave or something at the dinner table. kelakar siot. mata sepet2 mengalahkan aku...hhahahhaha.
and what about my housemates? Ramadhan is such a great time for my rented house in KJ. i mean...yeahhh...i'm not that close to them, i admit. but during Puasa, we usually take the time to break fast together at home and come sahur time, everyone helps out waking each other up.
seriously, Ramadhan really made me closer to them.
i could go on and on and on for this special time of the year. this year was a true eye-opener coz i'm experiencing things i've never experienced before. puasa di rumah sewa, puasa sambil bekerja, paying my first zakat fitrah. it all feels special i guess coz it's the first time. first times are always special, right? your first girlfriend, first job, first time u **** errrr...let's not go there. anyways, i'm in an upbeat mood this time of the year. not even the stupid work and tasks that seem to come barge in altogether at the same time dekat2 raya ni is gonna spoil the mood. that's my only complaint....i mean...ahhhh..never mind. that's a story for another day. and while the paperwork stares at me in the face here, i'll just keep on blogging. pedulik hapa aku. Hari Raya is around the corner, didn't u notice?

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o