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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

A friend in need is a friend indeed

yesterday, i went out to lunch with my colleague and her friend. it was the first time i've met her. i found her to be friendly and quite a mouthful too. but it was something she said yesterday that really got me thinking. she believed that everyone in this world becomes friends for their own personal advantage. which means that we all have friends so that we can or could use them for purposes only known to us. funny thing is...i found that frighteningly true.
well maybe it isn't 100% true, but when u really think about it....it is in someway very true. i started to look at the friends that i have. yes, i love them dearly....but do i really make friends so that i could use them someway? i don't think so....becoz most of my close friends..i just love them for their company. they don't have to do anything or know anyone, just be there to borak2 kosong till early dawn. but in saying that, isn't that using someone in way? so in that way, we all are guilty for having friends and using them to our advantage. i mean...we have friends becoz we enjoy being around them. yeah..we're using them to our advantage which is we're having fun, but doesn't that work both ways? if we enjoy being around them, shouldn't they enjoy being around us too? becoz if they don't, then they're probably not your real friends, huh? bapak sedihnya ada kengkawan macam ni. hopefully it's not me. ye ke?
i argued that maybe early in your friendship, u had reasons for being friends with someone. your roomate, your coursemates, school buddies, i think most people had reasons to be friends with someone. u might enjoy being seen with them, u came from the same smelly asrama, u ate the same crappy dewan makan food, u support the same pathetic team, u like them becoz they're filthy rich like you, something lah. be it for good or for bad, u became friends becoz it helped u in some way. and don't think that in a bad manner too. memang la some people take advantage of their friends, something i might have been guilty of myself. but most of the time, your advantage is their advantage too.
yes, there are times when u would ask for that measly 10 ringgit hutang when u're short of change at the mapley. or that stupid favour so that u could get that cute awek's name. but u get what u give. bile kita susah, kawan tolong. bile kawan susah, kita pulak tolong. that's the most perfect way to put it. i couldn't think of anything in english that even comes close to match that statement. bodoh punya mat salleh. hahhaha...what the hell i'm talking about here.
so i guess in a way she was right that people become friends for something to their advantage. and that doesn't have to be a bad thing too. becoz honestly, i don't care that u have the latest 5+GHz super-mega computer, or the latest Nokia phone, or that u're in UK, or that u're working in some super-huge multinational, or driving a cool machine, or that ur awek is pretty fine, or that ur dad is some big hotshot, or maybe u even know the PM. i know u as a friend, and that's good enough for me. and if that's to my advantage, i'll gladly accept it.

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