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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

I'm afraid of Americans

so americans went to the polls yesterday and while i'm typing this, there's only a few states left for the count. bush is leading 249 to kerry's 211 electoral votes. ever since the florida debacle in 2000, everyone's seems to be aware of this electoral vote thingy. or maybe i'm the one who just knew about this. wateva....
anyways, i'm suddenly wondering...why the hell do i give a damn about who runs a country hundreds of miles away from me?? firstly, they don't care if i eat or not. they hardly care if i existed. but in many ways, the President of the United States of America will touch our lives, indirectly of course. how? well, it helps when u're running the most powerful country in the world, physically and economically. America says, we do. that's how it's been like since the Cold War ended. right up till the moment some idiots decided to crash into some huge skyscrapers in New York. i could bet that some part of each of our salary has an American origin, be it one sen. let's face it, the riches human beings on Earth are Americans. and how are oil prices per barrel based on? well, it certainly isn't Ruppiahs that's for sure.
so you could forgive everyone on this planet who pays more attention to the American polls. we've got CNN, CNBC, whatever crap bombarding our TV with 'America Votes 2004' and other news exclusives about THEIR election. besides, we're all 'American'ised, aren't we? we watch their movies, laugh at their sitcoms, eat their junkfood, wear what they wear and worship their icons. yeap....it's all one big crazy United States of the World.
so yeahhh..whoever resides in the White House does matter to the world. and besides, who are we left to blame for our misery and sufferings? our misguided youths and lost of our traditional values? our people's hunger and poverty? there's always good 'ol America.
don't mind the blog title. it's an old bowie song i like...

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