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Friday, November 19, 2004

The Simple Life

it's been a long day today. just came back from a mini-tour of Pahang. funny, but i don't feel that tired. well, i guess nobody would be if they just slept in the car for most of the journey. actually, i was out accompanying my cousin to his girlfriend's house. don't ask why i accepted his offer to be his co-driver. maybe it's part guilt and part 'I need to spend more time with my relatives like in the old days' kinda feeling. and anyways, i haven't been to pahang for quite a while and long road trips never hurt, do they? especially when there's only 2 people. u never know what will come out. (refer to my previous post)
anyways, the trip was great in the sense that i got to know more about my cousin and his friends. and also the fact that the house that we visited was a typical traditional Malay house. seriously. that kampung feeling was everywhere.
i never took pride in the fact that i never really had a real kampung. both of my parents stayed in Negeri Sembilan and even though both sides had traditional kampung houses, they weren't those streotype kampung drama melayu kinda houses. they were quite 'modern' in that sense, but still....growing up in Rasah as a kid gave me a wee bit feeling of kampung life. the only difference u could say is that seremban town is only a few minutes away and u could go from kampung boy to budak bandar in just a snap.
anyhow, the house we visited today was the real deal. the nearest town, i think was temerloh which took like ages to reach. u had to travel some distance to get to the nearest petrol station. one thing i noticed about kampung houses was that it was cooler outiside during the day. i mean, at noon....the house was like on fire or something. when i stepped outside for a breather, it was cooling...because all the trees that surrounded the house acted like some sorta natural air-conditioner. nice i tell ya...to finally get some real oxygen in my lungs.
the house still even has those free-standing jamban in usage. u know, the ones where u had to go outiside to take a shit. i think today was a first in a long, long time since i last used these kinda jambans. good thing they already installed a pipe inside for cleaning up. and u know how pissed off i can be for pipe-less toilets. hehehe...
today was also a mini-tour in the sense that i travelled on roads that i've never been on before. from the newly completed highway to the backroads thru Felda estates, it was a true road trip in every word. and on our way back, we even stopped by a few places, which included Bukit Tinggi and even Genting Highlands to meet some friends. so i got to know a few people today, which was good coz my current supply of friends seems to be depleting by the day from the looks of things. nasib baik ada Hari Raya.
it always amazes me how kampung folks can keep themselves occupied for the day. aku baru lepak situ for a couple of hours pun dah macam ikan keluar air. tambah pulak panas...wonderful. and things always seem to be laid-back and easy at the kampungs. it's like there's no worries and the craziness and hustle-bustle of urban life seems so far away. it's so serene and peaceful. no wonder people escape themselves to the kampung. i'd like to do that someday when my bank account is overflowing with money, which will then make me like....200 years old?

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