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Friday, October 29, 2004

The Cartoon Show

just to prove a point at how radio influences me, the other day i heard (over the radio lah, where else?) that Scooby-Doo is ranked no. 1 for most number of shows for a cartoon character. 2nd placed is (my favourite) The Simpsons and at number three is Tom and Jerry (yaawwnnn). i'm looking at this list and it's kinda hits me that these 3 shows were from different generations each. so much for how many shows u have....i think the most important thing is how much influence does a cartoon character have....it's staying power and its ability to transcend generations. (mannn....all this for a cartoon?? i must be a bit kooky this afternoon)
but i think cartoons play an important role in today's society. we usually associate cartoons with kids, but fact is...most of us still enjoy watching them once in a while. and in this day and age, cartoons have been taken as a more serious medium, to the point that they call it animation and not cartoons. basically it's the same thing, isn't it? there's animation for all generations, from pre-schoolers to adults only (read: hentai)
back to my question, a great cartoon transcends generations. i think most people my age loves The Simpsons, but 20-30 years from now...will people get it? i don't think so. that's what differentiates timeless classics like Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny with say...Ren & Stimpy or Beavis n Butthead. of course...most people nowadays would prefer the latter, but you tell me who doesn't know the line 'What's up, doc?' i don't know what's the universal appeal of classic cartoons. i know i love it, that's for sure.
Scooby Doo will always be among the top in my all-time favourite list. i grew up with the Mystery Machine, and watching those 'pesky kids' reveal the identity of the monster at the end of the show was one of the things i look forward to when i was a kid. generally, my introduction to the English language was helped by none other than a healthy dose of Sesame Street, Scooby Doo, Popeye and those blue Smurfs. later then, came those old time 80's classics such as Transformers, GI Joe, Gummi Bears, Duck Tales (wooo hoooo..sorry couldn't help out there) to name a few. basically i could go on forever. seriously. i was literally a cartoon junkie. no wonder i was fat when i was a kid.
i would wake up early on Saturday mornings (assisted by my dear sister) just to catch a marathon of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Pee-wee's Playhouse, Mighty Mouse (hear i come to save da dayyyyyyy), Punky Brewster, C.O.P.S (who remembered this crap?) and a whole bunch of shows till noon. best thing is...each station had its own Saturday morning lineup, so we would jump channels each half hour to catch a show of our liking. i guess that explains the glasses i have now perched on my nose. tu baru satuday morning. every day after school...first thing we'd do is turn on the TV and smother ourselves with daily supplements of Transformers, GI Joe (for boy), Jem and the Holograms (for girl) and finish off with Gummi Bears and Duck Tales (co-ed). lovely i tell ya..thank god for cable TV.
there was no Cartoon Network back then, but as far as i can remember...u could watch cartoons all day except at night. i remembered this coz summer break was filled with cartoons. if u really struggled, u could catch Woody Woodpecker in the early morning at 5, and if u were a M.A.S.K die-hard...try 6.30 am. that's why M.A.S.K. never got into me. i could name u a long, damn boring list of cartoons i watched, but i'd save u the suffering for some other time. actually, even though i was ashamed to admit it back then (hello...male ego), i never minded watching Care Bears, the Cabbage Patch Kids, Jem, Teddy Rumpskin (just to name a few). they were decent shows and if it's animated, i can bet your ass i'm watching it.
nowadays, my apetite for cartoons have dwindled, if not lost. of course, i try to watch The Simpsons when i can, but other than that...no cartoon show really got me hooked. even when i see re-runs of Scooby Doo and Duck Tales on TV nowadays, they look really mediocre. i guess they just appeal to kids. that's why for me...cartoons like Bugs Bunny and the Flintstones appeal to a much greater audience. even now, i could laugh my head off on any Looney Tunes classic. and as for the Flintstones, even my Dad watches it with me. nuff said.
i noticed that cartoons, like everything else..follow current trends. cartoons i grew up on were more on the Good vs Evil theme. and at the time of the Cold War, what better way than to have kids rooting for your army. hint, hint. nowadays, cartoons have more attitude. every hero has something pierced somewhere on his body. it appeals more to the Gen-X generation. u gotta walk the walk and talk the talk. in any case, cartoons will always be around to entertain us. i often wonder...what will the kids today talk about when they've reached our age? i would probably guess Powerpuff Girls or Samurai Jack or something on Cartoon Network now. i certainly hope it's not hentai. sure hope not. grin.

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Ga-ga over radio

i love listening to the radio when i drive myself to work. that's the only part of driving that i like anyway. sometimes it eases the pressure-cooker atmosphere of the notorious KL jams. sometimes aje lah. listening to the radio is so different from your oh-so-complete MP3 playlists. it gives a sort of suprise. that's why i hate listening to radios that rotate their playlist every hour or so. music director tak buat kerja ke?? mengular lah ni.....hehehe...
anyways, even a song that you already have nicely downloaded and stored from your friendly neighborhood P2P application doesn't seem to sound more lovely than when it's playing on the radio. seriously....coz the other day i heard Billy Joel's 'River of Dreams', i was singing like some italian crooner, even though i have the song in my computer but rarely ever listen to it. i guess the timing and the suprise element adds to the flavour of listening to your favourite tunes. kena pulak your tastes is sorta like the music director's...mannn...radio heaven. pernah sometimes, it's like a back to back to back of good 'ol songs to get u in the mood as u crawl in the KL traffic.
and it's not the songs too that gets u going. listening to the DJs discuss anything from your favourite underwear to the weekend's Premiership fixtures is pure delight. i guess Malaysians are generally shy people, but on air...they let everything out. their bedroom antics, their deepest and darkest secrets, their favourite makan place...the works. i guess the thought of just listening to a voice and using a con name doesn't strain people from 'letting it out'. ye laaaa...who would know, right?
i don't think this is the first time i've stated my love for radio, and i don't think it'll be the end either, such is my passion for radio. some of things i blogged came about in my head as i listened to the radio. i've been listening to it since i was a kid and it'll always be my source of entertainment + information + ideas + pleasure (??)
and who said video killed the radio star?

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Brain carnage

mannnn...i literally feel like s*** today. yesterday, after work...tetiba je i got sick. lama siot tak demam. people say fevers are a way of Allah reminding us to keep in check. how true it is. u feel like dying (as if i know how that feels). i should have gotten myself an MC, but ntah laa...i woke up sweating and feeling okay. so off i went reluctantly to work.
and being at work today really felt like ages. the time moves soooooooo slow. like those bullet-time scenes in the Matrix. actually i'm blogging to kill time here. i got around an hour to go so what better way than to blog, eh?
actually i've got nothing to blog about. let's see...what would be appropriate to blog about? man u ending arsenal's 49 game unbeaten run? nasib je (sorry keng), and anyways, the gunners look like kids when they lose. it's kinda fun, and something i've missed for 1+ season. local politics? same ol' same ol'. datukships selling like goreng pisang panas, completed buildings being made to rot away, samy vellu and his misadventures on the malaysian roadways (sounds like a cartoon show)....emmmm..nothing interesting. world politics? the US elections are around the corner. kerry vs. bush, who will win? (cewahhh...like that NTV7 show). i feel bush is gonna win coz those crazy americans wants a confident, strong leader, and post 9/11 bush really looked like a hotshot saving americans from the dangers of saddam and osama bin laden. yeahhh right. kerry's kinda gentler and he doesn't seem to have a stand on the so-called 'War on Terrorism'.
what else, eh? i've got a few minutes to go. my stomach's been growling since this morning, but i'll bet that come buka puasa time...i won't even have the appetite to munch on anything. seriously, fever really sucks big time. can't wait to hit the sack tonite. got to go....it's almost 5.

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Monday, October 25, 2004

Judging the book

something happened last week that really opened up my eyes (my eyes could use a little opening, anyway). u know how people always say, "Never judge a book by its cover". i think everyone knows that...but as humans we tend to be judgemental on something or someone based on what we see or what we think we know. it's kinda funny when u think about it. the same people that came up with that 'Never judge a book by its cover' probably came up with the 'First impressions are the most important'. kinda contradicts doesn't it?
anyway, myself...being someone who hates to be judged on what people see from the outside is woefully guilty of being judgemental of someone based on the so-called 'first impression'. boo hoo for me. i mean...who doesn't act that way? u see some filthy, smelly guy on the street and in 5 seconds, u would have made up your mind about the fella. homeless, maybe a few loose screws up there, jobless and begging for his mercy. but how true is that? we actually don't know, do we? a friend of mine which i got to know from my housemate (in other words, a friend of a friend of mine) is staying with us lately. i don't mind him coz he's a nice guy. he's quiet and he minds his own business...something i really like for someone i don't know much about. he's from the east coast, and talks with that 'all-familiar' slang. i got to know that this is the 1st time he's been in KL, ever since securing a job here lately. so by now...i guess many of u would probably have the same assumptions i had after learning about all this. with all the jokes and cliches' about east coast people, u would have to excuse me for being a bit contemptuous. i often noticed that he loves to be online almost everyday....errr...make that almost every hour. he'd get back from work and straight away flop down in front of the PC. i'm like thinking...."Apehal la mamat ni tiap-tiap ari nak chatting...takde kerja ke?"
turned out i was the one yang 'takde kerja' saying things i shouldn't say about people. then some time last week after buka, i had this urge to ask him what was he doing on the PC which seemed to engulf him all this while. then...his story began. i'm not getting into details, but let's just say that what he's doing on the PC can get him into a HELLUVA lot of problems. and i mean...deeps**t.
while he's telling me this, i was in awe at his computer skills. i mean....would u have imagined it? some guy from the far reaches of Malaysia infiltrating some super-sensitive site on the web. and he's doing it just for the fun of it. he could get his hands on countless personal information that he could use for his advantage, but he doesn't.... at least that's what he tells me. and i believe him just because he's such a nice guy. honestly.
best part is...when i asked him...most guys with his skills are from the East Coast and Sabah. that got me to think that these places..well...they're not exactly New York, are they? so i guess they tend to stay at home and 'travel' in a whole different way altogether. dasat jugak orang-orang malaysia yek....u don't give them entertainment...they create entertainment.
nasib baik aku takde skill macam dia. i guess Allah grants to only certain people the skills that u need to know. it's a good thing too, coz just this second, i can list down a hundred things i can do if i had his knowledge. and they're really not nice things too....hehhehe.
so a lesson for me today.....people aren't what they seem at first glance. so don't judge this blog by the interface. and maybe if u like what u read....doesn't mean i'm likeable either. truth be told.

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

so hari raya is coming??

Signs that Hari Raya is around the corner:
  • when they replace the 'Selangor sahaja' and 'Tempat-tempat lain' sign on the mailbox at the post office with 'Surat biasa' and 'Kad ucapan'
  • when somebody faxes in kuih raya quotations to the office
  • when everyone blogs about fasting and Hari Raya preparations or experiences...this blog included...hehhehe
  • u know the rest....it's becoming a cliche'....the mega sales, the pasar ramadhan, the smell of rendang in the air, the Sudirman songs, the rush of people at Jalan TAR, yada, yada, yada....

6 days into the fasting month, barely a week actually...and i'm already talking about Raya. u try not to think about it, but try doing that being exposed to all the above. DAILY. so help me...

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Friday, October 15, 2004

Seloka di bulan puasa

Bulan Ramadhan kembali tiba
Umat Islam mula berpuasa
Dari pagi hingga ke senja
Tetapi, macam biasa
Ada juga satu dua
Baru tengahari dah berbuka
Nyorok-nyorok kat mamak corner

Pasal makanan tak payah worry
Pasar Ramadhan di sana sini
Laksa, sate, rojak, mee kari
Kalau nasib, carbonara sekali

Ikut nafsu, jangan dilayan
Nanti keluar masuk jamban
Jangan nak salahkan setan
Time puasa, semua nak makan

Bulan Ramadhan akhlak dijaga
Awek dipandang sebelah mata
Jangan nak mengada-ngada
Setahun sekali apa salahnya

Malam-malam masjid dipenuhi
Terutama awal bulan ini
Semangat tengah berapi-api
Solat Tarawikh jadi priority

Tapi lepas seminggu dua
Rasa malas mula terasa
Walaupun sunat, banyak faedahnya
Tambah berkat di bulan mulia

Zakat fitrah jangan dilupa
Jadi kewajipan buat semua
Jersi Nike tak pernah berkira
Bila sedekah, liat la pula.

Bulan Ramadhan datang sekali
Sama-sama kita harungi
Semoga berjumpa dengannya lagi
Untuk mendapat keredhaan Ilahi.

Have a happy and blessed Ramadhan to all my muslim brothers and sisters. Peace.

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Thursday, October 14, 2004

i crush u

been travelling around cyberspace a lot today. i stumbled upon this and it reminded me of the days in banting where some us played this S.A. game. it was fun, yes...but trust me...it doesn't work...hehhehe....
one thing bothered me though...i came across that site, and i can't even think of one person to send it to. those that come to mind are either in a relationship or happily married (?!). anyone have kate hudson's email?

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Saluran @#$% anda

i think some things happen in this world for a reason. u know...the occasional slip-ups and little happenings that doesn't necessarily affect u much...it just happens. and when it happens, u're pondered to think...hmmmm...memang nasib aku la. actually, what i wanna say has nothing to do with my personal life....i just thought i'd start this blog with something catchy to say. didn't work out, huh? oh well....
actually, last nite, i was..... i dunno if i wanna use fortunate or unfortunate enough to catch the Rentak Juara show on TV2. i didn't actually saw the show, just for the last 15-20 minutes. maybe i was fortunate enough just to catch the interesting part. firstly, i just want to state here that i've never even saw a single episode of Rentak Juara before. last night was the 1st time i ever even heard of the show. it turned out that last nite was the final itself. i was flipping channels on TV after dinner with some friends when i came across the show. i'll be honest and say that i rarely ever stop on the RTM channels except during newshour or some live sports event. they were announcing the winners for this Rentak Juara competition, which i was told....is based on SMS votes and a jury. whoopee...wonder where they got that smart idea?
anyways, that's why i guess it was destined for me to stop at, of all channels...TV2 and hear them announce the winners. i noticed the announcer was none other than the ever 'pathetic talk show freak' Azwan Ali. at this point of time...there was no reason for me to stay put on TV2. they might be showing some hot model wannabes on some other channel, but heck...i stayed. that's why i thought it was my destiny to watch this thing happening. nothing interesting was going on...u didn't even expect it to be the final because the stage and all the backdrops were really lame. oh i forgot...rancangan RTM...no wonder.
so i waited for the winners to be announced. it was between NRG and some other band. i guess NRG was the reason i waited kot...not that i've ever seen them playing live. again...destiny man. and when Azwan announced the winners....it was NRG!! all hell broke loose...everyone was cheering, Datuk Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir was giving out the prizes, celebration time!!
but wait.
suddenly, in between the yelling and cheering...u could hear Azwan repeatedly saying, "Silap! Silap! Maaf! Maaf!". NOW...it got interesting. "Sebenarnya...kami telah membuat kesilapan, pemenang sebenarnya adalah XX!!" (i forgot the name of the band) and i'm like...what the ****?? u can't do that on television (reminded me of an old TV show pulak). and now, the XX band members were jumping up and down. kesian gile aku tengok mat-mat NRG. they must have been really, really pissed (and not to mention dissapointed). it was like u're the champion for 5 seconds...and then u lost. bummer gile.
it was really chaotic. how come u don't see this kinda thing at the other stations? time AF ari tu ada gak Aznil buat silap...but he quickly recovered before anything serious happened. and the magnitude of the mistake was...okay...maybe rancangan RTM je...but still....u're announcing the winners man. it's like saying Dina beat the crap out of Jac and then admitting it was a mistake. in the finals...u can not do that. can not, cannot, cannot. aku pulak yang emo.
that really shows the quality of the event. i often wonder, "Apsal RTM?" the boring backdrops, the oh-so-cheesy dancers, the low-budget stagework. why? why? why? the information ministry don't have money ahh? how come the other networks can do it? even NTV7's Who Will Win...however cheesy it is....doesn't look that bad compared to RTM shows. i sincerely hope the Minister's goal of revamping RTM as a premier channel will be something they really look serious into. even PBS and the BBC has quality programming. and what does RTM have to shout about? maybe the 'Infotainmen' fiasco a while back i guess. so much for hurrah...

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

The Barber Shop

last weekend i had my haircut at a nearby barber shop in PJ. it's been a while since i cut my hair at another place other than my good 'ol trusted barber. not that i've got a great hairdo or something, but heck...he's been cutting my hair since my school days and he's trusted to get his dirty hands on my kepala.
but since the thought of going back to seremban just for a measly haircut seems quite tedious, i thought, what the hell...kl ni macam takde barber je. it should be pointed out here that i've never had a haircut done at some unisex salon with those scantily-clad girls having a grip on my hair. not that i don't trust them....just the thought of dishing out 20+ dollars on a haircut macam tak berbaloi je. if they can make me look like brad pitt or something, takpela jugak kan...but just for a trim or two here and there...i'll go for the indian guys anytime. and besides...those head-cracking maneuvers and head massage they give are simply priceless.
so off i go to the nearest barber shop i can find in PJ. a friend told me there's one neatly tucked near bulatan universiti. i never knew there was one there, but found it i did. as i opened the door and entered, i found the shop quite interesting. it was one of those 60s, 70s era barber shop that's still running after all these years. stepping into the shop was like a step into the swinging 60s or something. there was this strong smell of Tiger Balm in the air. it was really classic man. the pakcik who greeted me (he seemed like the owner) wore this colorful 70s shirt which can easily be found buried deep in my parent's closet. and his partner (again, i'm presuming) looked like he just stepped out of a P. Ramlee movie by the way he spoke....alaaaaaa...u know...those bahasa baku kinda lingo. the only sign that i'm in 2004 is the TV playing, which was showing the telecast of the MotoGP. and lo and behold....as i sat there waiting for my turn, there was a copy of Dandy dated year 1990 laying beside me....as if eager for me to flip thru it. shite....i used to love buying Dandy when i was a kid. Dandy and Beano...two british comics i grew up with. never liked Roy of the Rovers though...dunno why....too small to appreciate football i guess.
enough of my comic history....i guess u shouldn't be suprised by this kinda shop. there's dozens of them left in Malaysia, but u only get to apprciate them once in a while. my favourite barber shop in seremban is not those classic mamak shops where they have 'Holiday on Ice' talcum powder. the guy who runs it is kinda young. the barber shop is a favorite among seremban youths, and that's how i knew about it when i was in school. the years have gone by, and even though he's aged...so does his customers. so i'll always see that shop as that hip place to get your hair done.
so u'd have to excuse me for being a bit jakun stepping into that PJ barber shop. i asked the pakcik when he opened the shop as he carefully (and i mean....really carefully) trimmed my hair. he told me he opened the shop in 1971 with a friend of his, but that guy's already old and sick, so it was left for him all alone to run the business. so as he went thru my hair, shaving the bits and pieces with an eerie looking razor blade...i thought, "Wow...lamanya pakcik ni berniaga." at the same spot pulak tu. i seriously couldn't imagine a business opened now that's still be running after 33 years. tak payah la kedai kecik...i couldn't even imagine Secret Recipe being around in 2037. not that i'm looking down on them...it's just that local businesses rarely seem to go on for a long time. i really hope shops like this will still be around when i'm older. i love the classic feel of it. okay...the haircut might not be that great, but i'll pay just for the nostalgia. but reality will come into the picture, and one day the only places u'll see shops like this is in museums. which means i'll have to go to those hair salons one day when i'm older. ok la kot....an amoi sweeping her hands through my grey hair. paints an interesting picture for me....

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Friday, October 08, 2004

Failure is not an option

mistakes...hell knows how much i've made them during my short 24-year span as a homo sapien. people usually have this cliche' after they've made a mistake...we're only human. but from what i've observed and experienced, mistakes is CERTAINLY NOT acceptable in the working environment. yesterday i made the biggest blunder of all when i forgot...yes...forgot to relay some information that was needed to our guys in Kemaman. and because of that, i could have cost the company thousands of ringgit just because i 'forgot'. sheeesshhhh....can one guy really do that kind of damage? reality seeped into me.
nasib baik Allah sayang lagi kat aku. time2 ni barulah nak bersyukur kat Tuhan. i really panicked like some 10-year old kid that had just lost his puppy. mannn..u do not want to be near me when i'm stressed. i'm like this ugly, grouchy, grumpy piece of walking crap. but luckily, all is well and i just got out by the skin of my teeth.
it also became apparent from the 2nd episode of 'The Apprentice' because the guy who got booted out made the ultimate mistake of not consulting the customer. and what did he get for his mistake? a fine "You're fired!" from Trump himself. good thing i didn't hear the same phrase for my mistake yesterday. suddenly, "The Apprentice' becomes some sorta like business management guru for me. terasa macam nak bukak kedai mamak esok je.
so yeah...people make mistakes. but those who make the least mistakes and learn from their past are the ones who's making the Fortune 500 list or some list like that. mistakes are good in a way...it's like a shot in the arm. it makes u jump up and remember that the grass isn't always greener on the other side. it just makes u more alert. so hopefully, i won't repeat the same mistake again and i'm looking forward to seeing who's the next guy to make a mistake on 'The Apprentice'. and oh yeah...i drool on everything mark burnett touches...

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Monday, October 04, 2004

How to make a Malaysian blog

i was fascinated by today's front page headlines of Berita Harian where Jeff Ooi's Screenshots is investigated because a visitor to his blog had commented something which was offensive to the Muslim community. i wouldn't call myself a avid reader of Screenshots. i only read his writings when i'm just browsing around on the Net with nothing to do. basically, his blog is rather a vocal one...challenging the upper authority and big corporations in Malaysia. his presence in the malaysian blog community is well accepted and for me...somewhat of a Post-it reminder for those in power that they had better be doing what they're paid to do. all those mumbo-jumbo or whatever they feed u in the papers is well...like the website...'Screen'ed from Jeff Ooi's view. maybe the important thing to note here is that it is one man's view. the thing that's making all these headlines for the past 2-3 days is a comment by this one 'Anwar' who made somewhat of a degrading remark on Islam Hadhari.
i guess u could say that he would have to take responsibilty for that particular comment by 'Anwar'. basically, it is his site. but what power do we have on the commenting section? it is the right of every visitor to place a comment on a blog posting. it's an open forum. and whoever wishes to particpate is at his or her own discretion. so what? do we have to include a disclaimer on our website, just like CNN that "This is an open forum opened to those who chooses to participate. The comments and statements here does not reflect our personal views". maybe in this day and age of ISA and martial law everyone's got to play it safe.
'Adik nak apply untuk buat blog?'
'Ambik borang dan buku peraturan ni lepas tu pegi kaunter 15'
After reading thru the 90-page 'Buku Peraturan dan Etika Membuat Catatan Web (Weblog)' and signing a 5-page agreement and forms, i noticed one rule in bold red:
oh boy...u can just imagine.

my gut feeling is that they're just looking for a reason to close this guy down. asal boleh je ada sebab. and that just makes me sick. yeah..Jeff's got some liberal view on 'How to things should be run in Malaysia'. there's some things i may not agree with him, but heck....do i need to be told by my Goverment what i can and can not read on the Internet? it's sickening already how they run the media, now the Internet?? puhhhhhleezzzzzzzz.....
people like Jeff offers for me...the other side of Malaysia. it's always best to see things from every angle. i'm 24 already. i don't need no one to tell me HOW I SHOULD SEE IT. i want information and from there...i can make up my mind. it's called digesting the facts and it involves the brain, sumthing some people out there forgot to use. u could argue that Jeff's website attracts thousands of visitors daily and therefore, he has influential capabilities. the 'menghasut rakyat' lame excuse is used for the hundredth time.
so let's say somewhat comes to my little 'ol blog here and post a comment like "Kerajaan BN penuh rasuah". will i be accounted for that? can i be prosecuted for let's say giving out false information or spreading derogatory remarks? isn't that somewhat of a loophole for someone to be framed? i can go to Jeff's site again and post another comment like the above and i'll laugh in glee with the media blow-out.
it's sad really when u think that u're living in a democratic country, but i still have 2nd thoughts on writing this down.
it's sad really when we think we've grown as a country for the last 47 years, and yet we're still bounded and shackled in our minds just like our forefathers.
it's sad really when things that are clearly wrong is justified as otherwise....
Keranamu Malaysia.

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Friday, October 01, 2004

I'll have one blonde with the facelift, no implants please...

yesterday while flipping thru the papers, i came across this feature article about this chinese guy who has this mail-order bride business for Vietnamese girls. i've heard about this before, from this one movie...tak ingat lak nama dia. anyways, i never thought this kinda thing is REAL. now that it's in the papers and close to home, i'm like.....whaaaaaaa??
don't get me wrong. i haven't the slightest idea in my mind to order some bimbo from Vietnam to my doorstep. (now that i've thought about it...hmmmmm) anyways, seperti biasa aku yang selalu curious ni pun type in "order a wife" in my friendly neighborhood Google. looks like this mail order bride thing is something very common in the states. tapi yang peliknya...most of them are from Russia or some ex-communist bloc country. i guess that's why around our region, they get girls from Vietnam. ironic kan...these ex-communists must be really desperate to get away from their countries. apa...communist men tak cukup power ke? u would have thought that with all those nuclear technology, they'd have the 'atomic boom' as well....hehhehe...eh, apa aku cakap ni.
it's kinda mind boggling as well. i mean...tak freaky ke order your soul-mate from some mail-order catalog? ingat order take-away pizza ke? i mean...u don't know zip about the person u picked. kot dia ni some serial killer who's never been caught, or like in that movie....some ex-secret agent. it's not like a date where u can just ditch 'em after u're done. this girl came thosands of miles to marry you and u just ditch 'em like that ke? gile apa dunia ni. but i guess, if u're crazy enough to order one, u wouldn't be picky, huh? belasah je janji ada lubang. sorry bout that...aku perasan yang blog aku ni makin hari makin vulgar. (maybe censorship is a GOOD thing after all....)
but browsing thru the websites that i Googled, i guess u can be forgiven for ordering these hot Russian babes. some of them looked like they just finished a cover shoot on Playboy or something. but looks can be deceiving. biasa la....dalam catalog even that crappy garden ornament looks attractive. once u receive it....it suddenly becomes a trash can ornament. so i guess the same can be applied to these mail-order brides. wonder if they have a 30-day money back guarantee? now THAT would be interesting....

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