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Friday, October 29, 2004

The Cartoon Show

just to prove a point at how radio influences me, the other day i heard (over the radio lah, where else?) that Scooby-Doo is ranked no. 1 for most number of shows for a cartoon character. 2nd placed is (my favourite) The Simpsons and at number three is Tom and Jerry (yaawwnnn). i'm looking at this list and it's kinda hits me that these 3 shows were from different generations each. so much for how many shows u have....i think the most important thing is how much influence does a cartoon character have....it's staying power and its ability to transcend generations. (mannn....all this for a cartoon?? i must be a bit kooky this afternoon)
but i think cartoons play an important role in today's society. we usually associate cartoons with kids, but fact is...most of us still enjoy watching them once in a while. and in this day and age, cartoons have been taken as a more serious medium, to the point that they call it animation and not cartoons. basically it's the same thing, isn't it? there's animation for all generations, from pre-schoolers to adults only (read: hentai)
back to my question, a great cartoon transcends generations. i think most people my age loves The Simpsons, but 20-30 years from now...will people get it? i don't think so. that's what differentiates timeless classics like Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny with say...Ren & Stimpy or Beavis n Butthead. of course...most people nowadays would prefer the latter, but you tell me who doesn't know the line 'What's up, doc?' i don't know what's the universal appeal of classic cartoons. i know i love it, that's for sure.
Scooby Doo will always be among the top in my all-time favourite list. i grew up with the Mystery Machine, and watching those 'pesky kids' reveal the identity of the monster at the end of the show was one of the things i look forward to when i was a kid. generally, my introduction to the English language was helped by none other than a healthy dose of Sesame Street, Scooby Doo, Popeye and those blue Smurfs. later then, came those old time 80's classics such as Transformers, GI Joe, Gummi Bears, Duck Tales (wooo hoooo..sorry couldn't help out there) to name a few. basically i could go on forever. seriously. i was literally a cartoon junkie. no wonder i was fat when i was a kid.
i would wake up early on Saturday mornings (assisted by my dear sister) just to catch a marathon of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Pee-wee's Playhouse, Mighty Mouse (hear i come to save da dayyyyyyy), Punky Brewster, C.O.P.S (who remembered this crap?) and a whole bunch of shows till noon. best thing is...each station had its own Saturday morning lineup, so we would jump channels each half hour to catch a show of our liking. i guess that explains the glasses i have now perched on my nose. tu baru satuday morning. every day after school...first thing we'd do is turn on the TV and smother ourselves with daily supplements of Transformers, GI Joe (for boy), Jem and the Holograms (for girl) and finish off with Gummi Bears and Duck Tales (co-ed). lovely i tell ya..thank god for cable TV.
there was no Cartoon Network back then, but as far as i can remember...u could watch cartoons all day except at night. i remembered this coz summer break was filled with cartoons. if u really struggled, u could catch Woody Woodpecker in the early morning at 5, and if u were a M.A.S.K die-hard...try 6.30 am. that's why M.A.S.K. never got into me. i could name u a long, damn boring list of cartoons i watched, but i'd save u the suffering for some other time. actually, even though i was ashamed to admit it back then (hello...male ego), i never minded watching Care Bears, the Cabbage Patch Kids, Jem, Teddy Rumpskin (just to name a few). they were decent shows and if it's animated, i can bet your ass i'm watching it.
nowadays, my apetite for cartoons have dwindled, if not lost. of course, i try to watch The Simpsons when i can, but other than that...no cartoon show really got me hooked. even when i see re-runs of Scooby Doo and Duck Tales on TV nowadays, they look really mediocre. i guess they just appeal to kids. that's why for me...cartoons like Bugs Bunny and the Flintstones appeal to a much greater audience. even now, i could laugh my head off on any Looney Tunes classic. and as for the Flintstones, even my Dad watches it with me. nuff said.
i noticed that cartoons, like everything else..follow current trends. cartoons i grew up on were more on the Good vs Evil theme. and at the time of the Cold War, what better way than to have kids rooting for your army. hint, hint. nowadays, cartoons have more attitude. every hero has something pierced somewhere on his body. it appeals more to the Gen-X generation. u gotta walk the walk and talk the talk. in any case, cartoons will always be around to entertain us. i often wonder...what will the kids today talk about when they've reached our age? i would probably guess Powerpuff Girls or Samurai Jack or something on Cartoon Network now. i certainly hope it's not hentai. sure hope not. grin.

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