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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Brain carnage

mannnn...i literally feel like s*** today. yesterday, after work...tetiba je i got sick. lama siot tak demam. people say fevers are a way of Allah reminding us to keep in check. how true it is. u feel like dying (as if i know how that feels). i should have gotten myself an MC, but ntah laa...i woke up sweating and feeling okay. so off i went reluctantly to work.
and being at work today really felt like ages. the time moves soooooooo slow. like those bullet-time scenes in the Matrix. actually i'm blogging to kill time here. i got around an hour to go so what better way than to blog, eh?
actually i've got nothing to blog about. let's see...what would be appropriate to blog about? man u ending arsenal's 49 game unbeaten run? nasib je (sorry keng), and anyways, the gunners look like kids when they lose. it's kinda fun, and something i've missed for 1+ season. local politics? same ol' same ol'. datukships selling like goreng pisang panas, completed buildings being made to rot away, samy vellu and his misadventures on the malaysian roadways (sounds like a cartoon show)....emmmm..nothing interesting. world politics? the US elections are around the corner. kerry vs. bush, who will win? (cewahhh...like that NTV7 show). i feel bush is gonna win coz those crazy americans wants a confident, strong leader, and post 9/11 bush really looked like a hotshot saving americans from the dangers of saddam and osama bin laden. yeahhh right. kerry's kinda gentler and he doesn't seem to have a stand on the so-called 'War on Terrorism'.
what else, eh? i've got a few minutes to go. my stomach's been growling since this morning, but i'll bet that come buka puasa time...i won't even have the appetite to munch on anything. seriously, fever really sucks big time. can't wait to hit the sack tonite. got to go....it's almost 5.

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o