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Friday, October 01, 2004

I'll have one blonde with the facelift, no implants please...

yesterday while flipping thru the papers, i came across this feature article about this chinese guy who has this mail-order bride business for Vietnamese girls. i've heard about this before, from this one movie...tak ingat lak nama dia. anyways, i never thought this kinda thing is REAL. now that it's in the papers and close to home, i'm like.....whaaaaaaa??
don't get me wrong. i haven't the slightest idea in my mind to order some bimbo from Vietnam to my doorstep. (now that i've thought about it...hmmmmm) anyways, seperti biasa aku yang selalu curious ni pun type in "order a wife" in my friendly neighborhood Google. looks like this mail order bride thing is something very common in the states. tapi yang peliknya...most of them are from Russia or some ex-communist bloc country. i guess that's why around our region, they get girls from Vietnam. ironic kan...these ex-communists must be really desperate to get away from their countries. apa...communist men tak cukup power ke? u would have thought that with all those nuclear technology, they'd have the 'atomic boom' as well....hehhehe...eh, apa aku cakap ni.
it's kinda mind boggling as well. i mean...tak freaky ke order your soul-mate from some mail-order catalog? ingat order take-away pizza ke? i mean...u don't know zip about the person u picked. kot dia ni some serial killer who's never been caught, or like in that movie....some ex-secret agent. it's not like a date where u can just ditch 'em after u're done. this girl came thosands of miles to marry you and u just ditch 'em like that ke? gile apa dunia ni. but i guess, if u're crazy enough to order one, u wouldn't be picky, huh? belasah je janji ada lubang. sorry bout that...aku perasan yang blog aku ni makin hari makin vulgar. (maybe censorship is a GOOD thing after all....)
but browsing thru the websites that i Googled, i guess u can be forgiven for ordering these hot Russian babes. some of them looked like they just finished a cover shoot on Playboy or something. but looks can be deceiving. biasa la....dalam catalog even that crappy garden ornament looks attractive. once u receive it....it suddenly becomes a trash can ornament. so i guess the same can be applied to these mail-order brides. wonder if they have a 30-day money back guarantee? now THAT would be interesting....

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