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Monday, October 04, 2004

How to make a Malaysian blog

i was fascinated by today's front page headlines of Berita Harian where Jeff Ooi's Screenshots is investigated because a visitor to his blog had commented something which was offensive to the Muslim community. i wouldn't call myself a avid reader of Screenshots. i only read his writings when i'm just browsing around on the Net with nothing to do. basically, his blog is rather a vocal one...challenging the upper authority and big corporations in Malaysia. his presence in the malaysian blog community is well accepted and for me...somewhat of a Post-it reminder for those in power that they had better be doing what they're paid to do. all those mumbo-jumbo or whatever they feed u in the papers is well...like the website...'Screen'ed from Jeff Ooi's view. maybe the important thing to note here is that it is one man's view. the thing that's making all these headlines for the past 2-3 days is a comment by this one 'Anwar' who made somewhat of a degrading remark on Islam Hadhari.
i guess u could say that he would have to take responsibilty for that particular comment by 'Anwar'. basically, it is his site. but what power do we have on the commenting section? it is the right of every visitor to place a comment on a blog posting. it's an open forum. and whoever wishes to particpate is at his or her own discretion. so what? do we have to include a disclaimer on our website, just like CNN that "This is an open forum opened to those who chooses to participate. The comments and statements here does not reflect our personal views". maybe in this day and age of ISA and martial law everyone's got to play it safe.
'Adik nak apply untuk buat blog?'
'Ambik borang dan buku peraturan ni lepas tu pegi kaunter 15'
After reading thru the 90-page 'Buku Peraturan dan Etika Membuat Catatan Web (Weblog)' and signing a 5-page agreement and forms, i noticed one rule in bold red:
oh boy...u can just imagine.

my gut feeling is that they're just looking for a reason to close this guy down. asal boleh je ada sebab. and that just makes me sick. yeah..Jeff's got some liberal view on 'How to things should be run in Malaysia'. there's some things i may not agree with him, but heck....do i need to be told by my Goverment what i can and can not read on the Internet? it's sickening already how they run the media, now the Internet?? puhhhhhleezzzzzzzz.....
people like Jeff offers for me...the other side of Malaysia. it's always best to see things from every angle. i'm 24 already. i don't need no one to tell me HOW I SHOULD SEE IT. i want information and from there...i can make up my mind. it's called digesting the facts and it involves the brain, sumthing some people out there forgot to use. u could argue that Jeff's website attracts thousands of visitors daily and therefore, he has influential capabilities. the 'menghasut rakyat' lame excuse is used for the hundredth time.
so let's say somewhat comes to my little 'ol blog here and post a comment like "Kerajaan BN penuh rasuah". will i be accounted for that? can i be prosecuted for let's say giving out false information or spreading derogatory remarks? isn't that somewhat of a loophole for someone to be framed? i can go to Jeff's site again and post another comment like the above and i'll laugh in glee with the media blow-out.
it's sad really when u think that u're living in a democratic country, but i still have 2nd thoughts on writing this down.
it's sad really when we think we've grown as a country for the last 47 years, and yet we're still bounded and shackled in our minds just like our forefathers.
it's sad really when things that are clearly wrong is justified as otherwise....
Keranamu Malaysia.

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o