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Friday, October 08, 2004

Failure is not an option

mistakes...hell knows how much i've made them during my short 24-year span as a homo sapien. people usually have this cliche' after they've made a mistake...we're only human. but from what i've observed and experienced, mistakes is CERTAINLY NOT acceptable in the working environment. yesterday i made the biggest blunder of all when i forgot...yes...forgot to relay some information that was needed to our guys in Kemaman. and because of that, i could have cost the company thousands of ringgit just because i 'forgot'. sheeesshhhh....can one guy really do that kind of damage? reality seeped into me.
nasib baik Allah sayang lagi kat aku. time2 ni barulah nak bersyukur kat Tuhan. i really panicked like some 10-year old kid that had just lost his puppy. mannn..u do not want to be near me when i'm stressed. i'm like this ugly, grouchy, grumpy piece of walking crap. but luckily, all is well and i just got out by the skin of my teeth.
it also became apparent from the 2nd episode of 'The Apprentice' because the guy who got booted out made the ultimate mistake of not consulting the customer. and what did he get for his mistake? a fine "You're fired!" from Trump himself. good thing i didn't hear the same phrase for my mistake yesterday. suddenly, "The Apprentice' becomes some sorta like business management guru for me. terasa macam nak bukak kedai mamak esok je.
so yeah...people make mistakes. but those who make the least mistakes and learn from their past are the ones who's making the Fortune 500 list or some list like that. mistakes are good in a way...it's like a shot in the arm. it makes u jump up and remember that the grass isn't always greener on the other side. it just makes u more alert. so hopefully, i won't repeat the same mistake again and i'm looking forward to seeing who's the next guy to make a mistake on 'The Apprentice'. and oh yeah...i drool on everything mark burnett touches...

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