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Monday, October 25, 2004

Judging the book

something happened last week that really opened up my eyes (my eyes could use a little opening, anyway). u know how people always say, "Never judge a book by its cover". i think everyone knows that...but as humans we tend to be judgemental on something or someone based on what we see or what we think we know. it's kinda funny when u think about it. the same people that came up with that 'Never judge a book by its cover' probably came up with the 'First impressions are the most important'. kinda contradicts doesn't it?
anyway, myself...being someone who hates to be judged on what people see from the outside is woefully guilty of being judgemental of someone based on the so-called 'first impression'. boo hoo for me. i mean...who doesn't act that way? u see some filthy, smelly guy on the street and in 5 seconds, u would have made up your mind about the fella. homeless, maybe a few loose screws up there, jobless and begging for his mercy. but how true is that? we actually don't know, do we? a friend of mine which i got to know from my housemate (in other words, a friend of a friend of mine) is staying with us lately. i don't mind him coz he's a nice guy. he's quiet and he minds his own business...something i really like for someone i don't know much about. he's from the east coast, and talks with that 'all-familiar' slang. i got to know that this is the 1st time he's been in KL, ever since securing a job here lately. so by now...i guess many of u would probably have the same assumptions i had after learning about all this. with all the jokes and cliches' about east coast people, u would have to excuse me for being a bit contemptuous. i often noticed that he loves to be online almost everyday....errr...make that almost every hour. he'd get back from work and straight away flop down in front of the PC. i'm like thinking...."Apehal la mamat ni tiap-tiap ari nak chatting...takde kerja ke?"
turned out i was the one yang 'takde kerja' saying things i shouldn't say about people. then some time last week after buka, i had this urge to ask him what was he doing on the PC which seemed to engulf him all this while. then...his story began. i'm not getting into details, but let's just say that what he's doing on the PC can get him into a HELLUVA lot of problems. and i mean...deeps**t.
while he's telling me this, i was in awe at his computer skills. i mean....would u have imagined it? some guy from the far reaches of Malaysia infiltrating some super-sensitive site on the web. and he's doing it just for the fun of it. he could get his hands on countless personal information that he could use for his advantage, but he doesn't.... at least that's what he tells me. and i believe him just because he's such a nice guy. honestly.
best part is...when i asked him...most guys with his skills are from the East Coast and Sabah. that got me to think that these places..well...they're not exactly New York, are they? so i guess they tend to stay at home and 'travel' in a whole different way altogether. dasat jugak orang-orang malaysia yek....u don't give them entertainment...they create entertainment.
nasib baik aku takde skill macam dia. i guess Allah grants to only certain people the skills that u need to know. it's a good thing too, coz just this second, i can list down a hundred things i can do if i had his knowledge. and they're really not nice things too....hehhehe.
so a lesson for me today.....people aren't what they seem at first glance. so don't judge this blog by the interface. and maybe if u like what u read....doesn't mean i'm likeable either. truth be told.

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