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Friday, October 29, 2004

Ga-ga over radio

i love listening to the radio when i drive myself to work. that's the only part of driving that i like anyway. sometimes it eases the pressure-cooker atmosphere of the notorious KL jams. sometimes aje lah. listening to the radio is so different from your oh-so-complete MP3 playlists. it gives a sort of suprise. that's why i hate listening to radios that rotate their playlist every hour or so. music director tak buat kerja ke?? mengular lah ni.....hehehe...
anyways, even a song that you already have nicely downloaded and stored from your friendly neighborhood P2P application doesn't seem to sound more lovely than when it's playing on the radio. seriously....coz the other day i heard Billy Joel's 'River of Dreams', i was singing like some italian crooner, even though i have the song in my computer but rarely ever listen to it. i guess the timing and the suprise element adds to the flavour of listening to your favourite tunes. kena pulak your tastes is sorta like the music director's...mannn...radio heaven. pernah sometimes, it's like a back to back to back of good 'ol songs to get u in the mood as u crawl in the KL traffic.
and it's not the songs too that gets u going. listening to the DJs discuss anything from your favourite underwear to the weekend's Premiership fixtures is pure delight. i guess Malaysians are generally shy people, but on air...they let everything out. their bedroom antics, their deepest and darkest secrets, their favourite makan place...the works. i guess the thought of just listening to a voice and using a con name doesn't strain people from 'letting it out'. ye laaaa...who would know, right?
i don't think this is the first time i've stated my love for radio, and i don't think it'll be the end either, such is my passion for radio. some of things i blogged came about in my head as i listened to the radio. i've been listening to it since i was a kid and it'll always be my source of entertainment + information + ideas + pleasure (??)
and who said video killed the radio star?

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