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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Saluran @#$% anda

i think some things happen in this world for a reason. u know...the occasional slip-ups and little happenings that doesn't necessarily affect u much...it just happens. and when it happens, u're pondered to think...hmmmm...memang nasib aku la. actually, what i wanna say has nothing to do with my personal life....i just thought i'd start this blog with something catchy to say. didn't work out, huh? oh well....
actually, last nite, i was..... i dunno if i wanna use fortunate or unfortunate enough to catch the Rentak Juara show on TV2. i didn't actually saw the show, just for the last 15-20 minutes. maybe i was fortunate enough just to catch the interesting part. firstly, i just want to state here that i've never even saw a single episode of Rentak Juara before. last night was the 1st time i ever even heard of the show. it turned out that last nite was the final itself. i was flipping channels on TV after dinner with some friends when i came across the show. i'll be honest and say that i rarely ever stop on the RTM channels except during newshour or some live sports event. they were announcing the winners for this Rentak Juara competition, which i was told....is based on SMS votes and a jury. whoopee...wonder where they got that smart idea?
anyways, that's why i guess it was destined for me to stop at, of all channels...TV2 and hear them announce the winners. i noticed the announcer was none other than the ever 'pathetic talk show freak' Azwan Ali. at this point of time...there was no reason for me to stay put on TV2. they might be showing some hot model wannabes on some other channel, but heck...i stayed. that's why i thought it was my destiny to watch this thing happening. nothing interesting was going on...u didn't even expect it to be the final because the stage and all the backdrops were really lame. oh i forgot...rancangan RTM...no wonder.
so i waited for the winners to be announced. it was between NRG and some other band. i guess NRG was the reason i waited kot...not that i've ever seen them playing live. again...destiny man. and when Azwan announced the winners....it was NRG!! all hell broke loose...everyone was cheering, Datuk Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir was giving out the prizes, celebration time!!
but wait.
suddenly, in between the yelling and cheering...u could hear Azwan repeatedly saying, "Silap! Silap! Maaf! Maaf!". NOW...it got interesting. "Sebenarnya...kami telah membuat kesilapan, pemenang sebenarnya adalah XX!!" (i forgot the name of the band) and i'm like...what the ****?? u can't do that on television (reminded me of an old TV show pulak). and now, the XX band members were jumping up and down. kesian gile aku tengok mat-mat NRG. they must have been really, really pissed (and not to mention dissapointed). it was like u're the champion for 5 seconds...and then u lost. bummer gile.
it was really chaotic. how come u don't see this kinda thing at the other stations? time AF ari tu ada gak Aznil buat silap...but he quickly recovered before anything serious happened. and the magnitude of the mistake was...okay...maybe rancangan RTM je...but still....u're announcing the winners man. it's like saying Dina beat the crap out of Jac and then admitting it was a mistake. in the finals...u can not do that. can not, cannot, cannot. aku pulak yang emo.
that really shows the quality of the event. i often wonder, "Apsal RTM?" the boring backdrops, the oh-so-cheesy dancers, the low-budget stagework. why? why? why? the information ministry don't have money ahh? how come the other networks can do it? even NTV7's Who Will Win...however cheesy it is....doesn't look that bad compared to RTM shows. i sincerely hope the Minister's goal of revamping RTM as a premier channel will be something they really look serious into. even PBS and the BBC has quality programming. and what does RTM have to shout about? maybe the 'Infotainmen' fiasco a while back i guess. so much for hurrah...

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