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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Cover Letter to FAM

Dear Sir,

From browsing through the Star Classifieds today, I noticed the vacancy for the position of General Secretary of your organization. I hereby offer my expertise as a couch potato every Satuday night and passion for the game of football as my main criteria for this position. If given the chance for the role of General Secretaty of FAM, I will take drastic action and implement long-term strategies for the good of Malaysian football. Immediate action that will be carried out upon my appointment are as follows:
1. The recruitment of at least 8 foreign footballers with minimum 5 years Champions League and 1 World Cup playing experience into the Malaysian team. They will be offered a whole lump of cash and Malaysian citizenship too.

Of course, this step is taken for immediate results to shut up and please the perfectionists that are the media and the Malaysian football fans in particular. For long-term benefits and improvement in local players, the following action will be taken:

1. The Malaysian senior football team will be registered to play in Conference League football and will be expected to gain promotion every season until they reach the Premiership. Failure to gain promotion in a season will result in players playing for free under the new Food-For-Football program.
2. Football matches in the local league will be played 60 minutes per half instead of the usual 45. This is so that Malaysian players can last longer, if not at least 45 minutes in an international match.
3. Annual friendly matches will also be held for the Malaysian senior team against every Brazillian age group teams, starting from the Under-12s. Only a win qualifies the team to progress against the next higher age group until they reach the Brazilian senior side, by the time of which I think I will already be the President.
4. Short stints with big teams such as Bayern Munich and Manchester United will be stopped immediately and instead, potential players will be sent to war-torn Iraq and North Korea where the quality of football there is a hundred times better than ours.
5. To increase competetiveness and passion in the local leagues, local rivalries between clubs will be instilled and other sort of abuses will also be supported. Players who fail to perform to their expectations will be hounded by the Press and fans alike. Death threats will also be considered.
6. Malaysia will bid to host all international tournaments which includes the World Cup, Champions League Final, FA Cup Final, African Nations Cup, Asia Cup and the European Championship so that we qualify automatically for these tournaments on the grounds of being the host.

These are just some of the actions that will be taken should FAM choose to recruit me. I would also like to add my list of related experience here to assist you in making your decision:
* Champions League, UEFA Cup, Spanish League, Spanish Cup, Serie A winner with Barcelona and Inter Milan as Manager in Championship Manager 3 Season 01/02
* Vast playing experience every afternoon in Kolej Kelima and Padang Memanah UM and also some weekly futsal games around the PJ area.
* Regular visitor to Soccernet.
* Owner of numerous official replica kits which ranges from Celtic to Newcastle, including the original replica of the England shorts worn in 93/94.
* First watched a local Semi-Pro league match 'live' in Padang MPS at 11 years old.
* Vast experience in watching the Malaysian football team get whipped by the likes of Arsenal, Brazil and even Indonesia.
With a CV such as the one above, I do not think that it will be a hard decision to accept me as the next General Secretary of FAM. As an added advantage, I will also try hard not to gawk and ask for autographs when rubbing shoulders with the likes of Pele, Johan Cryuff, Franz Beckenbauer and everyone at FIFA. I sincerely hope you consider my application for the good of Malaysian (and not to mention my pocket) football. I can be contacted at the e-mail given here and I look forward to the good news ahead.
Thank you.
Best regards,

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Lingua Franca

since i'm in the school spirit today, i'd like to introduce some words and phrases that we once used back in school. we seldom use these words anymore, so i thought that they were best preserved here before i forget what they mean. the origins of these terms are not well known. i guess they were passed down from generation to generation. some of these words may seem familiar to you since i guess they were once popular slangs once upon a time ago. i don't know if the present Starians still use these words anymore. i doubt it really coz they seem so ancient to me. in any case, this reference could come in handy should you encounter a bunch of bebudak Star or should you be lucky to be married or attached to them. here goes.....
*The names and characters used below were once heard in the corridors of Star, but are purely fictional. There are no relations to anyone living or dead and any coincidence is purely unintentional.

pronounced So-tai. i once learned that this term stands for Spoiler Of The Year, hence it's meaning for being a spoiler or someone who slacks off.
e.g. "Woi form one!! Aku nak hangpa cheer betul-betul kali ni. Tak nak ada yang soty."

bagak - big, huge or massive
e.g. Koyan: "Eh...ko tak rasa seluar bawah 24 bagak sangat ke?"
Lebai: "Taklah...aku punya 25 ok je..."
Koyan: "Patutlah aku tak nampak kaki kau."

ranjun / ball / shopping
any which way you say it...it's stealing
e.g. "Bodoh sial Katak tu. Camne la bole kantoi meranjun kat Zeenath"

tempek - to borrow something
e.g. "Minyak, tempek baju Alien Workshop ko tu. Aku nak pegi dating ngan matrik girl la."

lados - smoking, the pride and joy of teenage boys
e.g. "Dalam dorm form five Green tu, aku rasa aku sorang je tak melados. Kalo aku sakit nanti, aku saman sekor-sekor."

depends on the country u live in, and since we're in Ipoh..it's a term for Ringgit Malaysia lah
e.g. "Disebabkan aku house cap, aku tetapkan kadar lesen adalah 30 ragok untuk Form Four dan 50 ragok untuk Form Three. Bayaran tak masuk handling charges dan tax."

actually, i find it hard to describe this term. it's not gay or something. it's a mutual bond between a junior and a senior. the junior in this case...will be the jambu. also describes someone who looks boyish.
e.g. "Hahaha...malam ni aku makan free sial. Jambu aku nak belanja."
or "Gandat tu jambu gile kan?"

betik - the more dominant of the mutual bond above. the opposite of jambu u could say..
e.g. "Woi Shapeng, betik ko nak jumpa kat bench bawah pokok pukul 11"

kerok - masturbating, jack off, jerk off, spank the monkey...i think u get the idea...
e.g. AG: "Eh, Stone...apa tompok-tompok atas tilam ko ni? Ko kerok ke??"
Stone: "Tak ahhh...itu air liur basi aku daaaaaaa.."

moi - to be ashamed, humiliated
e.g. "Moi gile aku kena belasah main billiard ngan apek tua kat Jub (Jubilee Park)."

labun - to lie about something
e.g. "Mat Sek, hang jangan nak labun laa. Ngaku je la hang lukih gambaq sensei dalam toilet tu."

ration - food, anything u can gobble and eat
e.g. "OK, form one. Peraturan sekolah cakap hangpa takleh simpan ration dalam locker. Jadi, sesapa yang ada ration tu, kena simpan kat kiub aku."
(this is the worst lie i've ever fallen for in my life...apsal la bendul sangat time form one)

usha - to stare at, look at
e.g. "Eh, Kabi. Ko usha line skit. Kot-kot Ringgo tengah round ke."

jebong - something terrible or best defined as teruk
e.g. "Hangpa ni awat jebong sangat? Pakai sampin macam penghulu pencen!"

taboh - to beat up on someone
e.g. "Aku sejak masuk Silat Silambam ni, badan aku dah lali dah kena taboh."

a horrible and awful smell. i don't think this was actually a 'Bahasa Star', but it was widely used at school circa 1996-1997.
e.g. Bobek: "Woi! Apa menda bau tungkik gila babi ni!"
Kandos: "Eh...sori la. Aku lupa nak pakai deodorant la ari ni."

to act out / play out something. usually to play a prank on juniors. this is like the term above, quite popular around the same time too.
e.g. "Hahaha..kitorang buat spektra power siall. Sampai nangis-nangis Makro ngan Zowee."

i guess that just about covers everything. if i left anything behind, do tell coz at 25, my mind isn't like what it used to be. writing all these words above was delightful for me. each time i recalled about it, it brought a smile to my face. i guess most people try to escape reality by thinking about the past. oh well...i guess i'm living in denial. jebong siall...

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The Hunt Begins

it all started out with a phone call yesterday:

(after the usual diddle-daddle, how is everyone and stuff)
Mama: adik, dah start bayar PTPTN dah? diorang dah sibuk kat TV ni nak cari orang yang belum bayar.
Aku: haaaa?? ye ke? apa dia cakap?
Mama: sapa yang tak bayar nanti bawak makamah April ni. aku dah berapa kali cakap suruh bayar. ko ni degil betul laaaa...
Aku: orang dah bayar laaaa. baru start this month. just last week je...hehe (grinning like an idiot)
Mama: haaa, eloklah tu. bayar la dik oiii. kesian kat orang lain. dah berbuih muncung aku ni cakap
Aku: ye, ye. alaaa...nanti boleh kita pegi court sama-sama
Mama: haaa?
Aku: ok apa. nanti orang cakap, 'Ehhh...anak Faridah tu masuk lokap', hehehe...
Mama: ishh..tak kuasa aku. aku cakap itu bukan anak aku. anak aku dah berbuih mulut aku cakap suruh bayar.

cisss...PTPTN punya pasal pun hilang status aku sebagai anak ke?? anyways, i did a checkup on the dailies, and yep...it's serious stuff, man. once the PM starts to talk about it, u know it's dead serious. i mean..that's the only way of moving people in our country. PM says, people do. and today....it's front page news again.
i actually started to pay just last week after seeing my name posted on their website. kata ego tinggi, mana boleh tahan tengok nama aku cakap tak bayar. ingat aku lari dari hutang ke?? and it's easy too. u can pay thru maybank2u which is over in a few minutes. i won't bother linking to the PTPTN site becoz lately it seems to be jammed, probably due to the overloading traffic. i guess everyone's checking on their status, i suppose.
so the hunt begins. 14 days warning they say. jangan nama aku keluar sudah...i got the digital receipt to prove it. huh!

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Monday, February 21, 2005

Did anyone say quadruple??

Newcastle 1, Chelsea 0.
i repeat....

typing that out really gives me satisfaction that i just can't describe. quadruple, you say? kiss my black and white ass....

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Where have all the boys gone?

i don't think this is a topic appropriate for an easy Sunday morning, yet i feel the urge to write about it after seeing some old friends from school yesterday. actually, i've noticed this for quite some time now. it's not a complaint really, just a feeling of dissapointment for something that was really inevitable.
when i was in school there was this sense of togetherness, the 'semangat batch' so to speak. it was planted in us ever since the first day we set foot in the school. it was stronger than the school spirit itself. it was what defined ourselves apart from the rest. in a way, when i think about it, individualisme wasn't really instilled in us. whatever it is, it was in the name of our batch. u could have 10 straight A students, but if one....only one failed to get Grade One, u felt like the batch failed. such was the intensity of the 'semangat batch'.
and we could have been forgiven to be in such a way. most of us were hundreds of miles away from home, far away from the safe comfort of our families. and so, we had each other. together through thick and thin. friends u literally shared your plates and pillows with.
as we came to an end of our 5-year reign in school, i believed back then that no matter what happened and who we were gonna be, we would still be the same bunch of kids together as we were in school. how naive i was back then. because as time passes, so do people and their lives. we have new people coming into our lives, new friends and new acquaintences to meet. and some of us changed, whether it's for the bad or the good. mostly for the good, from what i've noticed. i changed too, because we're bound to do so at some stage in our lives.
but it's really sad because whatever happened, it shouldn't have interrupted the trust and friendship we built over those 5 wonderful years. we were boys, yes. and now as adults, why can't we see the same thing we saw as 13 year-olds? i find it funny that most of us who do meet up and plan the activities are people who weren't really the outstanding ones back then. outstanding as in personality, not academic wise, because we're all smart...hehhehe.
i'm not trying to put a finger on anyone, because up till lately, i haven't been contributing much myself. but for what i've missed out, i tried to regain for the time that i have now. it's not a matter of taking responsibilty, but rather taking action. sit up and be counted, as they say. contributution and participation is the best thing that anyone can give.
some give reasons of being tied up with work and family, which is sad really because in saying that...does that mean those who participate do not have responsibilities of their own? if u ask me, that sounds a bit selfish. did i say selfish? because back in 1997, i don't think anyone of us knew that word.
i know that this is all quite personal to me and most of u probably can't relate to what i'm saying. but in writing this, i hope that some minds will be open and some fences will be mended. it's true really that when u were young, the world was seen in a different perspective. things so simple back then doesn't seem so easy now. why is that? maybe sometimes it's good to have that boy in us to come out once in while to remind us of the bond between us sealed in those 5 years.

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Looking Across the Universe

i feel bad today. a wee bit sick, u could day. not sick as in sakit, but the sickening feeling of being a lame ass, no-good freebie junkie. it all started by watching the Grammys on monday. i really enjoyed Bono and friends rendition of the classic Beatles hit, 'Across the Universe'. it was for charity reasons and u could contribute by downloading the song at iTunes.com. all proceeds from this will go to organizations involved in the tsunami relief efforts. (the International Red Cross, i think)
so that brought me to the state that i am now. i actually tried to download the song thru the various P2P softwars available now. mannn...what was i thinking? this is for a noble cause and here i am, trying to exploit the situation for my own personal pleasure. and it's a good thing i can't find the song anywhere. Apple really has their product intact. three points for the Mac.
dissapointed, guilty and alone...i went thru the legal way. hell...i can pay for the bloody song! ingat aku sengkek ke?? and it's for a good cause, so why shouldn't i be paying? so i went to iTunes, downloaded the software, only to be dissapointed by the message..."iTunes Music Store is currently unavailable in your country". damnnnn....since when does the internet cared which country u came from? just use the plastic and u can get everything from mail-order brides to ermmm....pleasure toys.
so i came away dissapointed, but feeling good that i didn't become another mp3 junkie. so if anyone knows how on earth i can get a copy of that song, do tell. legally, of course.
once in a while, u kinda feel guilty over the whole piracy thing. so what the heck...since this is a good cause, i'm willing to break away from my usual self. i mean..it's only 99 cents for a song. itu pun mau kedekut ka??
but i'll get right back to watching pasar malam DVDs and downloading the latest Billboard hits after this. everybody together now......
"Nothing's gonna change my world..."

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Awards Season

yeapp...when it's the long holidays and u have all the time in the world, it's great to spend quality time doing nothing but watch movies u've either already watched or left out on. in honour to celebrate the movies that helped me go through the holidays, i hereby announce the winners of the 'Stone's CNY Long Holiday Movie Awards' or the Stoneys for short. the list of participating films are as follows:
Minority Report, The Recruit, Sleepless in Seattle, Constantine, Orange County, Anger Management, Mr. Deeds, Dodgeball and Something's Gotta Give (both courtesy of Kuman)

and the winners are.....drum rolls please........

Best actor:
Tom Hanks in Sleepless in Seattle for making me actually believe there is such a thing as 'The One' out there for every one of us. spare me the details, mannnn....

Best actress:
Diane Keaton for being so attractive after the age of 50. it's a wonder if someone can look better 30 years on after 'The Godfather'

Best supporting cast:
The people of Mr. Deed's small town. really loved Mr. Crazy Eyes.....

Biggest dissapointment:
Constantine. maybe it was the ugly demons, maybe it was Keanu Reeves, or maybe becoz i watched it near midnite...but this one really didn't live up to my expectations

Notable quotes:
"You're as useless as a cock-flavoured lollipop" Dodgeball

"I never went to college, you know."
"It's so over-rated"
Jack Black to the secretary after they did it in Orange County

"I knew it the very first time I touched her. It was like coming home... only to no home I'd ever known..."
Tom Hanks on the radio in Sleepless in Seattle. (mann....i'm a love nut)

"It's difficult for me to express myself when i'm on the verge of exploding in my pants"
Adam Sandler trying his luck on the worst pick-up line ever to the oh-so-fine Heather Graham in Anger Management

Best movie
Orange County, hands down. it was smart, brilliant and funny. i wanna be a writer and go to Stanford tooooo!!

so there u have it, folks. a collection good for any day. at least this keeps my mind off the fact that tomorrow is Monday. so have a great week ahead and i hope everyone enjoyed their holidays...

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Funny 'ol game

as i was watching intensely the Everton vs. Chelsea game just now, something totally out of the box happened.
Joe Cole was substituted with Jiri Jarosik towards the end of the game. normal substitution for tactical reasons, nothing much. then as Jarosik enters the game, he looks like he's handing a piece of paper to one of the Chelsea players (Ferreira, i think). some sort of message from Mourinho, i guess. i've never seen something like this before, but if that wasn't enough...up comes out this line from the commentators:
"What was that? A piece of winning lottery numbers? A call from the wife? I don't know..."

u just can't beat those witty English football commentators. this kinda thing makes it a more beautiful game.

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Melayukan diri

this past week, there's been talk going around about some blogger expressing his views on the Malays. this, i pressume was a sort of follow-up to the Prime Minister and his deputy's call to the Malay society to change their mindset and not to depend much on the Government.
firstly, i do not wish to engage in this matter by linking to the sites involved in this discussion. it'll be waste of my time because whether i agree or disagree with them is irrelevant here. and anyways, it's my blog and i can do whatever i want, thank you. what i would like to talk about here is the real situation itself, which is the Malays. even though i don't look like one, rest assured i'm a through and through Malay myself.
firstly, let me just say that i don't like the idea of criticising other races. we all have our problems and i'm sure that there are no such things as a perfect race. if u honestly believe so, i think the KKK are looking for new members. it just isn't right, no matter how often u laugh off racsist jokes as being plain silly. so u bash your own race, everybody does that...but that doesn't give anyone the right to bash others. the truth is hard to swallow, yada, yada, yada....spare me all that crap. because other than if your intentions are good, u have no bloody right to say what's wrong with other people. i'll be straight honest here and u can accuse me of anything, but if a certain race is so-called 'superior', countries such as China, India or Indonesia won't be in the state that they are now.
however, that doesn't distract me from the truth. yes, i know that Malays are a troubled lot. we have a lot of problems and almost all the streotype jokes and slurs u hear are sadly true. i dunno...it's like a curse or something. even the name Melayu is disturbing. in the Malay language itself, melayu comes from the root word 'layu', which is like a lame or lifeless thing. so melayu means 'to be lame or lifeless', i guess. and that doesn't confine to Bahasa Melayu itself. in English, Malays sounds like 'malaise' and to quote Dictionary.com, 'A general sense of depression or unease'. i think u get the general idea, don't you?
whatever it is, it's been bugging the Malays since forever. then came Mahathir along to rectify things, but he too was unsucessful. but it made us realise and take notice of the inner rot that's been eating away in the Malay mind.
i've been lucky (or unlucky depending on which side u see it) to have a father who's so passionate about the Malay race. ever since i could remember, from the days i was in school, he would yak and yak and yak on about how melayu pemalas la, melayu nak cepat kaya la, melayu this, melayu that. and what did he get for all this? he got me. the perfect example of the Malay streotype. well, most of it lahh.
let's see...i'm lazy, i wanna get rich the easiest way possible, i'm an underachiever and i feel so comfortable with what i have. best part about all of this is that i know all the things said about the malays, yet i too, am a follower. the sad part really, is that most malays acknowledge this, and like me...they do nothing about it. but it's unfair really, to not mention the countless malays working their asses off somewhere and being successful, only to be associated with the malay stereotype.
it's like everything we do is wrong. if a malay is successful, someone will say he knows someone or that he payed someone to be there. if a malay is unsuccessful, people will say 'what else is new??' even though i have the characteristics of the malay mind, i dispise most of what malay people think about. the constant back-stabbing with your own race, the stupid get rich schemes, the overeaction to mediocre achievements, the obsession with titles, u know...the usual.
i won't try to be some sort of messiah or something to save the Malay race. i'm a nobody. if Mahathir was unable to do it in 20+ years, what the hell are my chances?? but i guess, the answer to the so-called 'Malay dilemma' is the Malay mind itself. over and over again, whether it's the UMNO General Assembly or anytime the PM feels like it, there will be calls to change our mindset, to change our attitudes for the advancement of our race. and yet...it all comes back to square one.
Malays now are way better off than 20-30 years ago. in some ways, we've progressed, but not in the manner that it should be. and even a portion (i repeat...a portion) of the Malays who made the grade aren't exactly the sort of people you could be proud with. it's like they forgot their roots as Muslims. in a way, it gives off the notion that Malays have to screw up their religion in order to be successful. what the hell is that?? i ain't no moral authority, but it's sad really to see these so-called 'Malays' proud to be drinking and doing 'God-knows-what'.
with all the Government assistance and funding given to us, we should be miles ahead in the race. but we aren't. yup...we sure aren't.
why is that? there's dozens of theories and u could go on and on and on about it. maybe it's the 'alaaaaa...ok lah tu' attitude instilled in us since childhood, the assuring thought of Government help in the back of our minds should anything happen, the budaya 'tak sedar diri', or even maybe the belief in the ultimate lie that is the 'Ketuanan Melayu'. respect is earned and not something u are born with, people.
the best that i think i can do and maybe any malay for that matter is to improve myself first. it all starts here inside. so politicians talk about changing mindsets and attitudes. well, they could start by leading us by example. one thing i'd really love to see is the abolishment of all those crappy 'Majlis Keramaian', because honestly...i don't think every building and event in this country needs to be 'officially opened'. i don't need no politician to cut ribbons for my toilet or something. just get the job done and get it over with. and i haven't even started on how many screwed-up Datuks and Tan Sris we have.
we should be thankful for what we have. Government assistance should not be thought of as 'bailing out', but rather a platform to assist us to become better people. once our attitude is right, i think no one can question our capability. because for one, i believe anything anyone can do, a Malay could do the same, or possibly even better.
if only things are easier done than said. here's to a better, much-improved Melayu baru. Amin.

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Screeching halt

just as i finished typing the entry below, lo and behold...my boss rings me up.
bad news. really bad news.
shit....can't a guy have a nice day and blog about it and live happily ever after??
cool Amri, cool....it's all in the mind, all in the mind.....

no wonder blogs are mostly about people bitching and complaining about their lives. u're happy about something, next minute u know u're in deep shit. is it a jinx or something?? i dunno....

if u're happy and u know it
clap your hands

if u're happy and u know it
clap your hands

if u're happy and u know it
don't bother to blog about it
if u're happy and don't wanna spoil it
play with your hands

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o


up to this point in time, it's been a nice day today. woke up earlier than usual today, did my laundry, there was no rush whatsoever. the effect of the upcoming Chinese New Year holidays was really felt. there was this sense of calmness in the morning. the traffic jam near my house was non-evident, the train wasn't packed, people weren't pushing and shoving, it was a great way to start the day.
it seemed pretty clear that people were already on leave. it's nice once in a while for things to be like this. it seemed like a Sunday morning from the slow pace of things. i say "once in a while" coz city life won't be as it is if everyday was laid back. the hustle and bustle gives u some sort of an adrenaline rush to start the day. but on days like today, heyyy...why not?
so the long holidays will be coming soon. i have nothing planned, as usual....but being at home with the family is already something i'm looking forward to. just lazing around the house, with a home-cooked meal prepared...ahhhhh...that's relaxing. at least it offers an escape from the usual diet of mamak food.
yesterday, on 'Self-Empowerment' (it's a segment on Radio 4 i love to hear, about spirituality and motivation..listen to it with an open mind) the 'parting thought for reflection' was that happiness is a state of mind. we ourselves determine what we're happy with, not MTV, not Donald Trump and certainly not Fadzilah Kamsah. it's easier said than done, of course...but on days like this...it's clear that i'm happy becoz of the way i see things around me. it could change tomorrow or even within the hour, but i'm enjoying it while it lasts.
Happy Chinese New Year to all those celebrating. and to everyone else, let's celebrate life as it is....

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Thursday, February 03, 2005

From the muddy banks of the Gombak River

last Tuesday was Federal Territory Day. as a good self-proclaimed 'Warga Kota', i suddenly felt the urge to write about the city where i work my trade, my source of living, the place where things happen....Kuala Lumpur lah, where else?
actually, when i grew up...i would have imagined myself working in KL. maybe it was because of the close proximity to seremban, maybe it was because my dad used to work in KL (u know how as kids u wanted to be like dad) or just maybe because of the healthy dosage of 80's malay genre of Mr. Os movies, 'Aku Budak Minang' and other tales of people struggling to make a living in the big city of Kuala Lumpur. somehow, Lat's classic 'Mat Som' stands out in my memory.
u wouldn't know the feeling if u're living in KL. when i was a kid, i'd look forward to the weekends or the school holidays going to KL to visit the Zoo or Mimaland or someplace like that. one thing i remembered was that there wasn't a McDonald's in seremban, so a trip to KL meant a visit to bloodsuckin' Ronald McDonald himself. the one we usually frequented was the McD in Ampang Park (back in those days, where else could u go??). when i think about it, it feels like nothing now, but back then....it was like a perfect day, munching on my Happy Meal while my parents fret what kind of junk their kids are growing up on.
and even in secondary school, a trip back home means a stopover in KL. i could have easily gotten an express ticket direct from Ipoh to Seremban, but nooooooooo....mana bole tak singgah KL. the latest arcade games can be found at Sungai Wang, the coolest t-shirts and accessories are here, anything anyone talked about was here. this was THE place to be.
but having stayed here for more than 5 years now, from my university days...u don't get the thrill it once gives u. but the city is rapidly growing and it's great to see development everwhere. long gone are the days of the pink Bas Mini and Jalan TAR closing on Saturdays because of the pasar malam.
Kuala Lumpur is truly an international city. i think almost anyone can feel right at home here, whether u're from Vanuatu or the Middle East. we've got some of the greatest buildings in the world and it's great to see KL growing in its own way. u can encounter people from all walks of life here, whether it's the super-rich or some guy just happy to get through the day alive.
going to work on the LRT really gives you a great view of the people and how colorful KLites are. whether it's the selipar Jepun-clad makcik getting off at the KLCC station or the flamboyant yuppie looking for bargains at Petaling Street, KL truly has it all. where else in the world can you go from the dusty, muddy grounds of Kampung Baru to a world-class building in KLCC within walking distance?
the Mayor's vision in turning KL into a world class city is truly laudable and should be praised. but high-rise buildings and gigantic super-structures alone aren't enough. yes....KL along with other major cities in the world has its own share of problems. whether it's the crappy state of the roads, the never-ending traffic jams or the bad condition of the public utilities, we've got our fair share of problems. but which city doesn't, right? at least our crime rate isn't as sky high as some other places.
but one thing i'd really like to see is a modern, progressive society where our values isn't compromised. it's truly sickening to see people pushing and shoving to get into buses, people not giving up their seats for elders, and other simple things that doesn't really need multi-million dollar campaigns from the Government. i'm not demanding for angels and prophets in our society. these are the simple unwritten rules that everyone in their right mind should know.
KL is a great city to live in. but there's certain people and things that makes it satisfactory. so on the week we celebrate Federal Territory Day, how bout a hope for a better KL ahead...

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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Toon be or not to be

it's been quite a while since i blogged about newcastle united football club. well, if your team in languishing in 13th place and a massive 32 points of the leaders...u really don't have much to say, do you? i've pretty much given up hope for this season. it'll take a miracle for us to qualify for the UEFA cup, let alone the Champions League! with an FA Cup fixture with Chelsea next month, things don't look hopeful at all. i was really dissapointed to see the FA Cup draw when it first came out. apsal laaa Chelsea?? damnnnn....
but that's on the pitch. off the pitch, we've got tons of problems of our own. with the latest Craig Bellamy issue hopefully resolved, i really hope things will turn our for the better for poor 'ol Souness. after a fine start to his managerial career at newcastle, it got from bad to worse. injuries to Nicky Butt, Dyer, Shearer, Kluivert and the just-purchased Boumsong didn't help out matters either.
and the defense have been as porous as ever. i thought Souness could address this woeful problem, but i guess it's like a curse to the Northeast or something. tak penah seingat aku defence Newcastle bagus, from Keegan to Gullit up till Souness now...it's something we were born with, i guess.
but i'm all for souness. i think the man has got what it takes to deliver trophies to our half-bared, dusty cabinets. i guess he needs time and some luck, of course. i like the look of the squad now, and i've got no complaints on his January transfers, except for maybe Olivier Bernard going to Southampton. he's a good left-back and i think the Saints have got themselves a good bargain. other than that, it looks like a good squad on paper, but we all know football is played on the pitch, right? so things better get clicking fast before i lose patience myself. as if they fuckin care lahhhh, but hey...i contribute to the club by purchasing jerseys at Al-Ikhsan tau. so i have a right of say too. aku beli nanti kat PS baru padan muka Freddy Shepard.
and what about Craig Bellamy? it's good he's gone to the north to join my so-called second team lahhhh...Celtic. i think the lad has got loads of talent and i admire his football skills and determination. what i don't like is him thinking like an idiot most of the time and getting himself into loads of shit. no player is bigger than the club. it's what i believe in. if u can't fit into the manager's ideas, no matter how bapak superstar you are...take a hike, man. ramai lagi player yang terer laaaa. we have a term for this in college...the SSB or superstar bangsat...hahahha. definition of SSB? craig bellamy's a great example. good luck in Glasgow, mate.

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