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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Awards Season

yeapp...when it's the long holidays and u have all the time in the world, it's great to spend quality time doing nothing but watch movies u've either already watched or left out on. in honour to celebrate the movies that helped me go through the holidays, i hereby announce the winners of the 'Stone's CNY Long Holiday Movie Awards' or the Stoneys for short. the list of participating films are as follows:
Minority Report, The Recruit, Sleepless in Seattle, Constantine, Orange County, Anger Management, Mr. Deeds, Dodgeball and Something's Gotta Give (both courtesy of Kuman)

and the winners are.....drum rolls please........

Best actor:
Tom Hanks in Sleepless in Seattle for making me actually believe there is such a thing as 'The One' out there for every one of us. spare me the details, mannnn....

Best actress:
Diane Keaton for being so attractive after the age of 50. it's a wonder if someone can look better 30 years on after 'The Godfather'

Best supporting cast:
The people of Mr. Deed's small town. really loved Mr. Crazy Eyes.....

Biggest dissapointment:
Constantine. maybe it was the ugly demons, maybe it was Keanu Reeves, or maybe becoz i watched it near midnite...but this one really didn't live up to my expectations

Notable quotes:
"You're as useless as a cock-flavoured lollipop" Dodgeball

"I never went to college, you know."
"It's so over-rated"
Jack Black to the secretary after they did it in Orange County

"I knew it the very first time I touched her. It was like coming home... only to no home I'd ever known..."
Tom Hanks on the radio in Sleepless in Seattle. (mann....i'm a love nut)

"It's difficult for me to express myself when i'm on the verge of exploding in my pants"
Adam Sandler trying his luck on the worst pick-up line ever to the oh-so-fine Heather Graham in Anger Management

Best movie
Orange County, hands down. it was smart, brilliant and funny. i wanna be a writer and go to Stanford tooooo!!

so there u have it, folks. a collection good for any day. at least this keeps my mind off the fact that tomorrow is Monday. so have a great week ahead and i hope everyone enjoyed their holidays...

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o