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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Lingua Franca

since i'm in the school spirit today, i'd like to introduce some words and phrases that we once used back in school. we seldom use these words anymore, so i thought that they were best preserved here before i forget what they mean. the origins of these terms are not well known. i guess they were passed down from generation to generation. some of these words may seem familiar to you since i guess they were once popular slangs once upon a time ago. i don't know if the present Starians still use these words anymore. i doubt it really coz they seem so ancient to me. in any case, this reference could come in handy should you encounter a bunch of bebudak Star or should you be lucky to be married or attached to them. here goes.....
*The names and characters used below were once heard in the corridors of Star, but are purely fictional. There are no relations to anyone living or dead and any coincidence is purely unintentional.

pronounced So-tai. i once learned that this term stands for Spoiler Of The Year, hence it's meaning for being a spoiler or someone who slacks off.
e.g. "Woi form one!! Aku nak hangpa cheer betul-betul kali ni. Tak nak ada yang soty."

bagak - big, huge or massive
e.g. Koyan: "Eh...ko tak rasa seluar bawah 24 bagak sangat ke?"
Lebai: "Taklah...aku punya 25 ok je..."
Koyan: "Patutlah aku tak nampak kaki kau."

ranjun / ball / shopping
any which way you say it...it's stealing
e.g. "Bodoh sial Katak tu. Camne la bole kantoi meranjun kat Zeenath"

tempek - to borrow something
e.g. "Minyak, tempek baju Alien Workshop ko tu. Aku nak pegi dating ngan matrik girl la."

lados - smoking, the pride and joy of teenage boys
e.g. "Dalam dorm form five Green tu, aku rasa aku sorang je tak melados. Kalo aku sakit nanti, aku saman sekor-sekor."

depends on the country u live in, and since we're in Ipoh..it's a term for Ringgit Malaysia lah
e.g. "Disebabkan aku house cap, aku tetapkan kadar lesen adalah 30 ragok untuk Form Four dan 50 ragok untuk Form Three. Bayaran tak masuk handling charges dan tax."

actually, i find it hard to describe this term. it's not gay or something. it's a mutual bond between a junior and a senior. the junior in this case...will be the jambu. also describes someone who looks boyish.
e.g. "Hahaha...malam ni aku makan free sial. Jambu aku nak belanja."
or "Gandat tu jambu gile kan?"

betik - the more dominant of the mutual bond above. the opposite of jambu u could say..
e.g. "Woi Shapeng, betik ko nak jumpa kat bench bawah pokok pukul 11"

kerok - masturbating, jack off, jerk off, spank the monkey...i think u get the idea...
e.g. AG: "Eh, Stone...apa tompok-tompok atas tilam ko ni? Ko kerok ke??"
Stone: "Tak ahhh...itu air liur basi aku daaaaaaa.."

moi - to be ashamed, humiliated
e.g. "Moi gile aku kena belasah main billiard ngan apek tua kat Jub (Jubilee Park)."

labun - to lie about something
e.g. "Mat Sek, hang jangan nak labun laa. Ngaku je la hang lukih gambaq sensei dalam toilet tu."

ration - food, anything u can gobble and eat
e.g. "OK, form one. Peraturan sekolah cakap hangpa takleh simpan ration dalam locker. Jadi, sesapa yang ada ration tu, kena simpan kat kiub aku."
(this is the worst lie i've ever fallen for in my life...apsal la bendul sangat time form one)

usha - to stare at, look at
e.g. "Eh, Kabi. Ko usha line skit. Kot-kot Ringgo tengah round ke."

jebong - something terrible or best defined as teruk
e.g. "Hangpa ni awat jebong sangat? Pakai sampin macam penghulu pencen!"

taboh - to beat up on someone
e.g. "Aku sejak masuk Silat Silambam ni, badan aku dah lali dah kena taboh."

a horrible and awful smell. i don't think this was actually a 'Bahasa Star', but it was widely used at school circa 1996-1997.
e.g. Bobek: "Woi! Apa menda bau tungkik gila babi ni!"
Kandos: "Eh...sori la. Aku lupa nak pakai deodorant la ari ni."

to act out / play out something. usually to play a prank on juniors. this is like the term above, quite popular around the same time too.
e.g. "Hahaha..kitorang buat spektra power siall. Sampai nangis-nangis Makro ngan Zowee."

i guess that just about covers everything. if i left anything behind, do tell coz at 25, my mind isn't like what it used to be. writing all these words above was delightful for me. each time i recalled about it, it brought a smile to my face. i guess most people try to escape reality by thinking about the past. oh well...i guess i'm living in denial. jebong siall...

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o