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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Where have all the boys gone?

i don't think this is a topic appropriate for an easy Sunday morning, yet i feel the urge to write about it after seeing some old friends from school yesterday. actually, i've noticed this for quite some time now. it's not a complaint really, just a feeling of dissapointment for something that was really inevitable.
when i was in school there was this sense of togetherness, the 'semangat batch' so to speak. it was planted in us ever since the first day we set foot in the school. it was stronger than the school spirit itself. it was what defined ourselves apart from the rest. in a way, when i think about it, individualisme wasn't really instilled in us. whatever it is, it was in the name of our batch. u could have 10 straight A students, but if one....only one failed to get Grade One, u felt like the batch failed. such was the intensity of the 'semangat batch'.
and we could have been forgiven to be in such a way. most of us were hundreds of miles away from home, far away from the safe comfort of our families. and so, we had each other. together through thick and thin. friends u literally shared your plates and pillows with.
as we came to an end of our 5-year reign in school, i believed back then that no matter what happened and who we were gonna be, we would still be the same bunch of kids together as we were in school. how naive i was back then. because as time passes, so do people and their lives. we have new people coming into our lives, new friends and new acquaintences to meet. and some of us changed, whether it's for the bad or the good. mostly for the good, from what i've noticed. i changed too, because we're bound to do so at some stage in our lives.
but it's really sad because whatever happened, it shouldn't have interrupted the trust and friendship we built over those 5 wonderful years. we were boys, yes. and now as adults, why can't we see the same thing we saw as 13 year-olds? i find it funny that most of us who do meet up and plan the activities are people who weren't really the outstanding ones back then. outstanding as in personality, not academic wise, because we're all smart...hehhehe.
i'm not trying to put a finger on anyone, because up till lately, i haven't been contributing much myself. but for what i've missed out, i tried to regain for the time that i have now. it's not a matter of taking responsibilty, but rather taking action. sit up and be counted, as they say. contributution and participation is the best thing that anyone can give.
some give reasons of being tied up with work and family, which is sad really because in saying that...does that mean those who participate do not have responsibilities of their own? if u ask me, that sounds a bit selfish. did i say selfish? because back in 1997, i don't think anyone of us knew that word.
i know that this is all quite personal to me and most of u probably can't relate to what i'm saying. but in writing this, i hope that some minds will be open and some fences will be mended. it's true really that when u were young, the world was seen in a different perspective. things so simple back then doesn't seem so easy now. why is that? maybe sometimes it's good to have that boy in us to come out once in while to remind us of the bond between us sealed in those 5 years.

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