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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The Hunt Begins

it all started out with a phone call yesterday:

(after the usual diddle-daddle, how is everyone and stuff)
Mama: adik, dah start bayar PTPTN dah? diorang dah sibuk kat TV ni nak cari orang yang belum bayar.
Aku: haaaa?? ye ke? apa dia cakap?
Mama: sapa yang tak bayar nanti bawak makamah April ni. aku dah berapa kali cakap suruh bayar. ko ni degil betul laaaa...
Aku: orang dah bayar laaaa. baru start this month. just last week je...hehe (grinning like an idiot)
Mama: haaa, eloklah tu. bayar la dik oiii. kesian kat orang lain. dah berbuih muncung aku ni cakap
Aku: ye, ye. alaaa...nanti boleh kita pegi court sama-sama
Mama: haaa?
Aku: ok apa. nanti orang cakap, 'Ehhh...anak Faridah tu masuk lokap', hehehe...
Mama: ishh..tak kuasa aku. aku cakap itu bukan anak aku. anak aku dah berbuih mulut aku cakap suruh bayar.

cisss...PTPTN punya pasal pun hilang status aku sebagai anak ke?? anyways, i did a checkup on the dailies, and yep...it's serious stuff, man. once the PM starts to talk about it, u know it's dead serious. i mean..that's the only way of moving people in our country. PM says, people do. and today....it's front page news again.
i actually started to pay just last week after seeing my name posted on their website. kata ego tinggi, mana boleh tahan tengok nama aku cakap tak bayar. ingat aku lari dari hutang ke?? and it's easy too. u can pay thru maybank2u which is over in a few minutes. i won't bother linking to the PTPTN site becoz lately it seems to be jammed, probably due to the overloading traffic. i guess everyone's checking on their status, i suppose.
so the hunt begins. 14 days warning they say. jangan nama aku keluar sudah...i got the digital receipt to prove it. huh!

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o