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Tuesday, February 08, 2005


up to this point in time, it's been a nice day today. woke up earlier than usual today, did my laundry, there was no rush whatsoever. the effect of the upcoming Chinese New Year holidays was really felt. there was this sense of calmness in the morning. the traffic jam near my house was non-evident, the train wasn't packed, people weren't pushing and shoving, it was a great way to start the day.
it seemed pretty clear that people were already on leave. it's nice once in a while for things to be like this. it seemed like a Sunday morning from the slow pace of things. i say "once in a while" coz city life won't be as it is if everyday was laid back. the hustle and bustle gives u some sort of an adrenaline rush to start the day. but on days like today, heyyy...why not?
so the long holidays will be coming soon. i have nothing planned, as usual....but being at home with the family is already something i'm looking forward to. just lazing around the house, with a home-cooked meal prepared...ahhhhh...that's relaxing. at least it offers an escape from the usual diet of mamak food.
yesterday, on 'Self-Empowerment' (it's a segment on Radio 4 i love to hear, about spirituality and motivation..listen to it with an open mind) the 'parting thought for reflection' was that happiness is a state of mind. we ourselves determine what we're happy with, not MTV, not Donald Trump and certainly not Fadzilah Kamsah. it's easier said than done, of course...but on days like this...it's clear that i'm happy becoz of the way i see things around me. it could change tomorrow or even within the hour, but i'm enjoying it while it lasts.
Happy Chinese New Year to all those celebrating. and to everyone else, let's celebrate life as it is....

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o