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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Looking Across the Universe

i feel bad today. a wee bit sick, u could day. not sick as in sakit, but the sickening feeling of being a lame ass, no-good freebie junkie. it all started by watching the Grammys on monday. i really enjoyed Bono and friends rendition of the classic Beatles hit, 'Across the Universe'. it was for charity reasons and u could contribute by downloading the song at iTunes.com. all proceeds from this will go to organizations involved in the tsunami relief efforts. (the International Red Cross, i think)
so that brought me to the state that i am now. i actually tried to download the song thru the various P2P softwars available now. mannn...what was i thinking? this is for a noble cause and here i am, trying to exploit the situation for my own personal pleasure. and it's a good thing i can't find the song anywhere. Apple really has their product intact. three points for the Mac.
dissapointed, guilty and alone...i went thru the legal way. hell...i can pay for the bloody song! ingat aku sengkek ke?? and it's for a good cause, so why shouldn't i be paying? so i went to iTunes, downloaded the software, only to be dissapointed by the message..."iTunes Music Store is currently unavailable in your country". damnnnn....since when does the internet cared which country u came from? just use the plastic and u can get everything from mail-order brides to ermmm....pleasure toys.
so i came away dissapointed, but feeling good that i didn't become another mp3 junkie. so if anyone knows how on earth i can get a copy of that song, do tell. legally, of course.
once in a while, u kinda feel guilty over the whole piracy thing. so what the heck...since this is a good cause, i'm willing to break away from my usual self. i mean..it's only 99 cents for a song. itu pun mau kedekut ka??
but i'll get right back to watching pasar malam DVDs and downloading the latest Billboard hits after this. everybody together now......
"Nothing's gonna change my world..."

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o