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Monday, March 29, 2004

Wake up and smell the kopi -o

another cousin of mine just went thru his wedding reception last sunday. sigh....so another bujang leaving the clubhouse. like i said before, it's almost like kawin season now. everyone around my age is getting married somewhere. and me? don't ask....i'll know when to worry, thank you.
anyways, it's not about the wedding reception really. it's just that weddings are a great time for the family to get together. there's pak long, who's been the pinnacle of respect in the family since Atuk passed away. he looks so old now. ye laaa...dah 70+...what would u expect? man...time really flies. hari tu dia tanya aku...what was i doing. i told him i was working in shah alam. he looked suprised at my answer. agaknya dia ingat aku study lagi kot. oh well...sebab dah biasa kasi jawapan belajar lagi...that's why. anyways...i told my mom about his astonishment. "Agaknya dia terperanjat yang korang semua dah besar2 dah". i guess that might be true. how times fly....dulu aku ingat main bola kat belakang rumah dia masa kecik2 dulu....aku rembat bola kena tingkap rumah dia. nasib baik tak pecah...tapi time tu cuaknya...Tuhan saja tau.
and another thing that kinda makes me proud dalam diam2 is the breaking off of financial aid from my parents now. i would say that i'm living on my own now. i would say i'm proud to say that. hehhe...the pride really makes me feel all fuzzy.....whew...
punya la diorang ingat aku banyak duit ke apa....my sister ari tu asked if she could borrow my money. alamak...that time it really hits me that no matter how we use to diagree in a lot of things and sometimes quarrel, i love my sister. rasa bersalah lak sebab i didn't have any cash on me then. i'm not trying to humiliate her or anything, i would understand her situation. she's going back and forth to kuala pilah daily from seremban. that really hits hard. and she's doing a noble job in teaching. God bless her. hey....she's the only sibling i got. without her...i'm nothing.
i don't know why i'm going personal today. i'm letting the whole world know of my personal life and feelings. but isn't that what blogs are all about? yeah...but not that personal. sometimes the little things u just wanna tell coz u know it'll fall on deaf ears if u're telling it sambil sembang2. ye laaaa...who wants to know about these things? u just feel good getting it off your chest. whatever the case....i'm just getting it off of mine.

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Friday, March 26, 2004

My life is pelik

it's been a crazy month this march for me. ntah laaa...i guess life has this funny way of showing things to u in a weird way. i dunno....it's just a thought. firstly, let me say that this has been a hectic month for me, career-wise. i was on the verge of collapsing....rasa nak resign esok je. but i stayed put...put my life in order...and continued the fight. my morale has never been this low in my entire pathtic life. it's like every day having to face failure. problem is....it's not even my problem. but sebab aku terasa mcm tanggungjawab aku....aku struggle gak. now i've learned to take things slowly. breathe a little....it's not entirely my fault. production team rileks je....aku lak yang struggle lebih2. mentang2 la aku baru.....
anyways....this week has been totally different. boss aku nampak aku pressure kot. baru je tau...selama ni keje nak tiao orang je. actually, he's a great guy. i wouldn't have problems being friends wit him if i knew him outside the company. bukannya tua sangat pun...27. that's my boss...the beer-drinking, rantai-wearing dude who's kinda cool but can be a pain in the ass anytime.
today was really weird. it's like this...every 26 of the month, we'll receive the attendence list to be checked and to claim any overtime. (best thing pasal tempat aku pun is sebab bole claim maximum 50 hours overtime for staff). as usual...aku punya overtime memang triple digits laaa (nada berlagak). aku punya department head...who happens to be this caring amoi, tengok punya la terperanjat...what the hell....this kid is doing 100+ hours per month. what the fuck is production doing? main telur ke?? hehhehehehe......
anyways....to cut the story short...she highlighted this thing to the Managing Director. gile malu aku....attendence list kena tengok dengan MD. so...he asked what is this?? sweat shop factory ke?? terasa hero lak aku....kekkekeke....
so now...boss aku dah tak kasi aku lepak factory after 7. bayangkan laaaa...ur own boss suruh u balik rumah. siap call aku tadi kul 7. 45 to make sure i already went home. crazy mannnn....
but the pelik thing is....i feel bad about this. aku memang la penat keje...but i guess the pressure drives me on. it's like this adrenaline rush bile ada problem. silap2 kalo aku buat desk job....bole tido kebosanan...coz there's no rush of adrenaline. i dunno..cuba la production line and u'll know what i mean. aku tak penah complain to my superiors about my struggles. i just labour on...live for another day. i guess i'm now quite used to it. dulu nak pegi keje...terasa sayu je.....
so i dunno if i'm happy or sad. i kinda like the people i'm working with. i just hate the environment. semua young blood, so u kinda connect wit each other. lepak office after 9 doesn't feel that bad sambil gelak2, sembang2.
so i used to hate the factory. i still hate it, but not that bad laaa.....this is pretty weird for me. the sudden change of mind. i know i'll have to move along soon in my career, but the experience of working there is priceless. hopefully i won't stay long. nanti kena halau lagi dengan boss.....hehehhehehe........

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Saturday, March 20, 2004

Stone's Guide to the General Election

yess...they're talking about it everywhere. from the small coffee shops around the corner to the the high-rise buildings of modern-day Kuala Lumpur....everyone's talking about the Pilihanraya. so maybe u don't talk about who's gonna win...but maybe there's that small feeling inside you that Monday will be declared a public holiday if the BN wins. nice thought, eh? u wish....hehehhe...
so u don't give a damn about who wins. janji aku bole lepak kat Mid valley layan X-Men 5. well....here's yours truly to help u out with the coming general election, so u can tell between your hadi awangs and your pak lahs, lim kit siangs and your lim keng yeiks....
here's the hot seats that will get my attention:

Tambun Tulang
in football terms, it's match of the week. shahidan kassim vs. haron din, the spiritual guru of PAS. this will be interesting, the seasoned politician vs. the orang alim. my forecast: haron din...slight majority

if u wanna win them over, send them a lady. umno's lady is in the form of Dr. Mashitah Ibrahim, the media darling of religous matters...up against tai azamudden, an old pro of PAS. actually, the whole state of kedah will be closely watch..this one being the most highlighted. my forecast: dr. mashitah....orang tua kat baling cair tengok dia...hehehe

Pasir Mas
a 3-cornered fight between ibrahim ali, ismail noh and datuk abdul rahman of PAS. ibrahim ali tensen tak kena pick for this election, so he does what he can do....become an independent member. quite interesting, coz of the people involved here. my forecast: datuk abdul rahman.....kelantan is the heartbeat of PAS

state seat for mersing area. s. krishnasamy vs. sheikh abdullah. who?? u might ask....sebenarnya aku kenal pun sebab sheikh abdullah is my friend's father. silap la kalau tak sokong. UMNO, UMNO gak...but friends kena jaga. lagipun lawan MIC, so go bapak arab!!

Batu Tiga
another friend's father. ini lagi laaa....every hari raya aku belasah makan sate and daging kambing bakar kat open house dia kat shah alam. here's to another 5 years, datuk salamon selamat....and another 5 years of free sate....

a new seat. this one will be really interesting. the heartland of the nation...kalau jatuh kat opposition....that'll be something. tengku adnan vs. abdul rahman othman of keadilan. my forecast: tengku adnan...by a whisker...

there u go. a quick guide to the pilihanraya. happy voting and let's hope monday will be a holiday....i need a break...

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Sunday, March 14, 2004

80's Icon of the Month - Indiana Jones

it's already the 14th of the month. man...how times fly. so with halfway already thru the month, i guess it's still not too late to name this month's icon. let's go to the movies, since we're still in the oscar mood (ye ke?). and when u think back about the 80's, steven spielberg movies always springs to mind. even though there were dozens to choose from, the series that really left an impression on me was the indiana jones trilogy.
indiana jones...sapa tak tengok even one of the movies aku rasa tipu laaa. he was the one who started the action adventure genre...creating the likes of alan quartermain, relic hunter and our favourite lara croft. masa2 kecik2 dulu, indiana jones was the hero everyone wanted to be. everyone wanted a whip like indy...mana main pistol2 ni. siap aku kecik dulu penah ada ambition nak jadi archaelogist sebabkan indiana jones punya pasal....hahhaha...padahal archaelogy MEMANG BEST. setiap hari lawan nazi ngan jumpa emas kat tempat paling corok kat bumi, siap bole elak booby traps lagi...yesss... all in a day's work for an archaelogist....RIGHT....
even the first movie i remember seeing at the cinema was indiana jones and the last crusade. but technically it wasn't the first movie i saw...just the first one i remembered lah. that much of an impression it made on me. but the first indiana jones movie was of course, the raiders of the lost ark. this is my favourite of all 3. biasalah...first usually the best except for the Godfather. i saw it on the now-defunct VCR. yep...the one u rented from the nearest video store around the corner where they recycle the tapes every time a new movie comes out. that's why the pictures are CRYSTAL CLEAR....hehhehe...
buruk2 gambar video tape pun...dapat la jugak tengok indy in action against the mighty nazis. looking for treasure has never been this fun...thanks to indiana jones. there's gonna be an indiana jones 4 in the works now. aku denga harrison ford still taking the role. hmmmm...an elderly indiana jones...ntahlah...ok kot cari emas kat loteng rumah sendiri.
whatever the case, the indiana jones trilogy will always be one of my all-time favourites. imagine the theme song playing now....yessss..u know it, don't you? oh yeah...my favorite sidekick of his is the chinese kid who talks a lot in the temple of doom. wonder what he's doing now....

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Friday, March 12, 2004

Mari Mengundi....

yes...it's that time again. when politians start to turn up at weddings and get-togethers. when everything u complain about is being heard and dealt with quickly. when everybody's favourite pastime is shaking hands and smiling. yes...it's pilihanraya time. in about one week, we malaysians will finally utilise our power as the rakyat to send a bunch of people to parlimen to sleep...errr....to represent us, i mean.
and what do i, as a 24 year old adult, has to say to this?? nothing, coz i didn't register to vote. pathetic, isn't it? being me, the stern believer in free speech, i am not doing my responsibility to choose people that will represent me. but in a way, it really doesn't matter, coz they don't give a damn about what i have to say anyway. oh well....
tapi sedih gak....dulu masa before 23....tak sabar2 nak vote. the power of being the voter, to choose whoever i wish to choose, to lead and guide our country, to sacrifice everything in the name of the rakyat. to....eh...apa aku merepek ni. there's no such thing as that. politicians are all the same...reality bites....hehe....
but apa2 pun, voting is important. it represents our constitutional rights, our democracy. i guess that's what matters. cuba bayangkan hidup zaman khmer rouge regime, where they kill every intellectual being. nasib baik aku tak intellectual sangat...so maybe they'll spare me.
so the banners are up, the names are sent in, the balai rayas are packed every single night. i just love election season. it makes the politicians look desperate. cepat je 5 years. the last election brought memories of anwar ibrahim and reformasi. not to mention, on a personal note....some of us were photographed in the newspaper while watching the results live at jamal section 14. ahhhhhh....bestnya jadi 1st year balik.....
so amri b. will not have a say on the next malaysian government. so if he bitches to much....too bad lah. sapa suruh tak vote? oh well....i guess nobody's perfect, rite? must have got it from the old man himself. my father just voted once in his life. yang tak tahan tu....bole hantar my mother to vote, while he waits in the car. men....we're all the same i guess.
so sape yang registered voters or registered phantom voters, silalah buat pilihan tepat. that's just a cheap advice from someone who'll watch from the sidelines...
and oh yeah..in case u're wondering....i'd vote for UMNO.

UMNO terus mara
Untuk rakyat malaysia

no choice maaaa....nasib baik takde parti komunis...

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Just married

hmmm....dah lama senyap blog aku nih. must be something wrong...alasan biasa: busy konon. whatever....just the other day, another one of my cousin selamat dikawinkan. and so...another bachelor less in malaysia. that should be good news to me, coz the more married guys there are out there...the more chances i got, rite? yeah....RIGHT.
i guess now is the marrying stage of my generation. ye laaa...dulu school years, then university life, then lepas dah selamat keje, i guess now it's mating season. kinda feels funny when a close friend or cousin dah kawin. growing up with him when i was a kid, we would hang around often together even though he's a few years older than me. skang...dah kawin dah. i remembered him taking me to my first TGV experience kat OU when i was still in school. best siot...masa tu kinda jakun pegi KL tengok wayang. maklumlah...budak corok dari seremban going to the big city. what do u expect?
so now...he's safely married to his college sweetheart. kinda cute, isn't it? best thing is...agak jauh background diorang ni. dah jodoh budak pompuan tu...lucky gal. ye laaa...my cousin's kinda rich with his big house in taman tun. and she's coming all the way from the town of ijok. kinda world's apart...tapi kalo dah jodoh..letak kat bulan pun bole jumpa. she's great too...no problem whatsoever mixing in with my no-your-average-quiet-malay family. selalu aku fikir, kesian gak when a new member of the family mula2 join the clan. my makciks are all the usual streotype malay makcik with the mengumpat session and laser-mouthed. but they're really sweet...trust me...they don't bite.
so another new member of the Haji Tahir family. welcome kak iza to the family. we're noisy people, but we're really nice. hehhehe....and i wonder when i'll welcome a new member myself...hmmmmmm...

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Oscar review

ahhhh..so another oscar event goes by. review?? this is no review. review apa? aku tengok for about an hour je. mata dah tak tahan dah. sempat la tengok tim robbins angkat statue....donno if he really deserved it. ye laaa.... the only oscar movie i watched was the lord of the rings. nasib baik aku sempat tengok. kalo tak memang la aku takde life. shite.
anyways, this is the first time in many years, i didn't catch the oscar ceremony. if not, u could consider me unavailable on oscar day. i dunno why, tapi the academy awards for me, is the only award ceremony worth watching. ok laaaa...the MTV awards are kinda cool, tapi ceremony-wise, this is top dollar. u got the whole hollywood community assembled in one big room for 3 hours, each trying to outdo each other in their dressing. scary, isn't it?
this year's ceremony kinda lacked the suprises. ye laaa...after michael moore shouted like a lunatic, 'Shame on you, Mr. Bush!' last year....i guess that's kinda hard to top. winners pun banyak yang dah memang jangka menang. so acceptance speech pun dah well prepared. no suprises there....
it's good to see billy crystal back again. tapi he's lost the touch. skang rasa tak best sangat. dulu syok laaa....now his usual oscar intro are kinda lame when u're used to it. and where's the roberto benigni this year to squeel like a nut when receiving the oscar? oh yeah, i forgot, diorang dah expect nak menang. ciss...i hate optimists.....
i'm in no position to rank the winners. i didn't see the other movies. but my bet was on charlize theron and sean penn all the way, coz everyone dah expect them to win. go wit the flow la. mannn...how times fly...last year during the oscars, aku tengah lepak dengan bestnya kat brunei, menghabiskan beras mak aku. time tu gile boring....now...i'd do anything to do nothing. hehhehehe......
so i guess, all in all, lord of the rings deserved their sweep. even though none in the acting category. maybe sir ian mckellan should have gotten a nod. tapi nak menang sebagai gandalf the grey is asking too much....
as for the interview ari tu, i called them the other day. they said tak finalise lagi. they'll inform me when they do. the usual "Don't call us, we'll call u" cliche'. i couldn't help it. i really wanted it. macam takde chance je. i've already tuned my mind to accept the rejection. ahhh...u win some, u lose some, eh? life goes on.....obali oblada....

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o