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Saturday, March 20, 2004

Stone's Guide to the General Election

yess...they're talking about it everywhere. from the small coffee shops around the corner to the the high-rise buildings of modern-day Kuala Lumpur....everyone's talking about the Pilihanraya. so maybe u don't talk about who's gonna win...but maybe there's that small feeling inside you that Monday will be declared a public holiday if the BN wins. nice thought, eh? u wish....hehehhe...
so u don't give a damn about who wins. janji aku bole lepak kat Mid valley layan X-Men 5. well....here's yours truly to help u out with the coming general election, so u can tell between your hadi awangs and your pak lahs, lim kit siangs and your lim keng yeiks....
here's the hot seats that will get my attention:

Tambun Tulang
in football terms, it's match of the week. shahidan kassim vs. haron din, the spiritual guru of PAS. this will be interesting, the seasoned politician vs. the orang alim. my forecast: haron din...slight majority

if u wanna win them over, send them a lady. umno's lady is in the form of Dr. Mashitah Ibrahim, the media darling of religous matters...up against tai azamudden, an old pro of PAS. actually, the whole state of kedah will be closely watch..this one being the most highlighted. my forecast: dr. mashitah....orang tua kat baling cair tengok dia...hehehe

Pasir Mas
a 3-cornered fight between ibrahim ali, ismail noh and datuk abdul rahman of PAS. ibrahim ali tensen tak kena pick for this election, so he does what he can do....become an independent member. quite interesting, coz of the people involved here. my forecast: datuk abdul rahman.....kelantan is the heartbeat of PAS

state seat for mersing area. s. krishnasamy vs. sheikh abdullah. who?? u might ask....sebenarnya aku kenal pun sebab sheikh abdullah is my friend's father. silap la kalau tak sokong. UMNO, UMNO gak...but friends kena jaga. lagipun lawan MIC, so go bapak arab!!

Batu Tiga
another friend's father. ini lagi laaa....every hari raya aku belasah makan sate and daging kambing bakar kat open house dia kat shah alam. here's to another 5 years, datuk salamon selamat....and another 5 years of free sate....

a new seat. this one will be really interesting. the heartland of the nation...kalau jatuh kat opposition....that'll be something. tengku adnan vs. abdul rahman othman of keadilan. my forecast: tengku adnan...by a whisker...

there u go. a quick guide to the pilihanraya. happy voting and let's hope monday will be a holiday....i need a break...

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o