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Monday, March 29, 2004

Wake up and smell the kopi -o

another cousin of mine just went thru his wedding reception last sunday. sigh....so another bujang leaving the clubhouse. like i said before, it's almost like kawin season now. everyone around my age is getting married somewhere. and me? don't ask....i'll know when to worry, thank you.
anyways, it's not about the wedding reception really. it's just that weddings are a great time for the family to get together. there's pak long, who's been the pinnacle of respect in the family since Atuk passed away. he looks so old now. ye laaa...dah 70+...what would u expect? man...time really flies. hari tu dia tanya aku...what was i doing. i told him i was working in shah alam. he looked suprised at my answer. agaknya dia ingat aku study lagi kot. oh well...sebab dah biasa kasi jawapan belajar lagi...that's why. anyways...i told my mom about his astonishment. "Agaknya dia terperanjat yang korang semua dah besar2 dah". i guess that might be true. how times fly....dulu aku ingat main bola kat belakang rumah dia masa kecik2 dulu....aku rembat bola kena tingkap rumah dia. nasib baik tak pecah...tapi time tu cuaknya...Tuhan saja tau.
and another thing that kinda makes me proud dalam diam2 is the breaking off of financial aid from my parents now. i would say that i'm living on my own now. i would say i'm proud to say that. hehhe...the pride really makes me feel all fuzzy.....whew...
punya la diorang ingat aku banyak duit ke apa....my sister ari tu asked if she could borrow my money. alamak...that time it really hits me that no matter how we use to diagree in a lot of things and sometimes quarrel, i love my sister. rasa bersalah lak sebab i didn't have any cash on me then. i'm not trying to humiliate her or anything, i would understand her situation. she's going back and forth to kuala pilah daily from seremban. that really hits hard. and she's doing a noble job in teaching. God bless her. hey....she's the only sibling i got. without her...i'm nothing.
i don't know why i'm going personal today. i'm letting the whole world know of my personal life and feelings. but isn't that what blogs are all about? yeah...but not that personal. sometimes the little things u just wanna tell coz u know it'll fall on deaf ears if u're telling it sambil sembang2. ye laaaa...who wants to know about these things? u just feel good getting it off your chest. whatever the case....i'm just getting it off of mine.

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o