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Friday, March 12, 2004

Mari Mengundi....

yes...it's that time again. when politians start to turn up at weddings and get-togethers. when everything u complain about is being heard and dealt with quickly. when everybody's favourite pastime is shaking hands and smiling. yes...it's pilihanraya time. in about one week, we malaysians will finally utilise our power as the rakyat to send a bunch of people to parlimen to sleep...errr....to represent us, i mean.
and what do i, as a 24 year old adult, has to say to this?? nothing, coz i didn't register to vote. pathetic, isn't it? being me, the stern believer in free speech, i am not doing my responsibility to choose people that will represent me. but in a way, it really doesn't matter, coz they don't give a damn about what i have to say anyway. oh well....
tapi sedih gak....dulu masa before 23....tak sabar2 nak vote. the power of being the voter, to choose whoever i wish to choose, to lead and guide our country, to sacrifice everything in the name of the rakyat. to....eh...apa aku merepek ni. there's no such thing as that. politicians are all the same...reality bites....hehe....
but apa2 pun, voting is important. it represents our constitutional rights, our democracy. i guess that's what matters. cuba bayangkan hidup zaman khmer rouge regime, where they kill every intellectual being. nasib baik aku tak intellectual sangat...so maybe they'll spare me.
so the banners are up, the names are sent in, the balai rayas are packed every single night. i just love election season. it makes the politicians look desperate. cepat je 5 years. the last election brought memories of anwar ibrahim and reformasi. not to mention, on a personal note....some of us were photographed in the newspaper while watching the results live at jamal section 14. ahhhhhh....bestnya jadi 1st year balik.....
so amri b. will not have a say on the next malaysian government. so if he bitches to much....too bad lah. sapa suruh tak vote? oh well....i guess nobody's perfect, rite? must have got it from the old man himself. my father just voted once in his life. yang tak tahan tu....bole hantar my mother to vote, while he waits in the car. men....we're all the same i guess.
so sape yang registered voters or registered phantom voters, silalah buat pilihan tepat. that's just a cheap advice from someone who'll watch from the sidelines...
and oh yeah..in case u're wondering....i'd vote for UMNO.

UMNO terus mara
Untuk rakyat malaysia

no choice maaaa....nasib baik takde parti komunis...

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o