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Sunday, March 14, 2004

80's Icon of the Month - Indiana Jones

it's already the 14th of the month. man...how times fly. so with halfway already thru the month, i guess it's still not too late to name this month's icon. let's go to the movies, since we're still in the oscar mood (ye ke?). and when u think back about the 80's, steven spielberg movies always springs to mind. even though there were dozens to choose from, the series that really left an impression on me was the indiana jones trilogy.
indiana jones...sapa tak tengok even one of the movies aku rasa tipu laaa. he was the one who started the action adventure genre...creating the likes of alan quartermain, relic hunter and our favourite lara croft. masa2 kecik2 dulu, indiana jones was the hero everyone wanted to be. everyone wanted a whip like indy...mana main pistol2 ni. siap aku kecik dulu penah ada ambition nak jadi archaelogist sebabkan indiana jones punya pasal....hahhaha...padahal archaelogy MEMANG BEST. setiap hari lawan nazi ngan jumpa emas kat tempat paling corok kat bumi, siap bole elak booby traps lagi...yesss... all in a day's work for an archaelogist....RIGHT....
even the first movie i remember seeing at the cinema was indiana jones and the last crusade. but technically it wasn't the first movie i saw...just the first one i remembered lah. that much of an impression it made on me. but the first indiana jones movie was of course, the raiders of the lost ark. this is my favourite of all 3. biasalah...first usually the best except for the Godfather. i saw it on the now-defunct VCR. yep...the one u rented from the nearest video store around the corner where they recycle the tapes every time a new movie comes out. that's why the pictures are CRYSTAL CLEAR....hehhehe...
buruk2 gambar video tape pun...dapat la jugak tengok indy in action against the mighty nazis. looking for treasure has never been this fun...thanks to indiana jones. there's gonna be an indiana jones 4 in the works now. aku denga harrison ford still taking the role. hmmmm...an elderly indiana jones...ntahlah...ok kot cari emas kat loteng rumah sendiri.
whatever the case, the indiana jones trilogy will always be one of my all-time favourites. imagine the theme song playing now....yessss..u know it, don't you? oh yeah...my favorite sidekick of his is the chinese kid who talks a lot in the temple of doom. wonder what he's doing now....

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