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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Oscar review

ahhhh..so another oscar event goes by. review?? this is no review. review apa? aku tengok for about an hour je. mata dah tak tahan dah. sempat la tengok tim robbins angkat statue....donno if he really deserved it. ye laaa.... the only oscar movie i watched was the lord of the rings. nasib baik aku sempat tengok. kalo tak memang la aku takde life. shite.
anyways, this is the first time in many years, i didn't catch the oscar ceremony. if not, u could consider me unavailable on oscar day. i dunno why, tapi the academy awards for me, is the only award ceremony worth watching. ok laaaa...the MTV awards are kinda cool, tapi ceremony-wise, this is top dollar. u got the whole hollywood community assembled in one big room for 3 hours, each trying to outdo each other in their dressing. scary, isn't it?
this year's ceremony kinda lacked the suprises. ye laaa...after michael moore shouted like a lunatic, 'Shame on you, Mr. Bush!' last year....i guess that's kinda hard to top. winners pun banyak yang dah memang jangka menang. so acceptance speech pun dah well prepared. no suprises there....
it's good to see billy crystal back again. tapi he's lost the touch. skang rasa tak best sangat. dulu syok laaa....now his usual oscar intro are kinda lame when u're used to it. and where's the roberto benigni this year to squeel like a nut when receiving the oscar? oh yeah, i forgot, diorang dah expect nak menang. ciss...i hate optimists.....
i'm in no position to rank the winners. i didn't see the other movies. but my bet was on charlize theron and sean penn all the way, coz everyone dah expect them to win. go wit the flow la. mannn...how times fly...last year during the oscars, aku tengah lepak dengan bestnya kat brunei, menghabiskan beras mak aku. time tu gile boring....now...i'd do anything to do nothing. hehhehehe......
so i guess, all in all, lord of the rings deserved their sweep. even though none in the acting category. maybe sir ian mckellan should have gotten a nod. tapi nak menang sebagai gandalf the grey is asking too much....
as for the interview ari tu, i called them the other day. they said tak finalise lagi. they'll inform me when they do. the usual "Don't call us, we'll call u" cliche'. i couldn't help it. i really wanted it. macam takde chance je. i've already tuned my mind to accept the rejection. ahhh...u win some, u lose some, eh? life goes on.....obali oblada....

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