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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Just married

hmmm....dah lama senyap blog aku nih. must be something wrong...alasan biasa: busy konon. whatever....just the other day, another one of my cousin selamat dikawinkan. and so...another bachelor less in malaysia. that should be good news to me, coz the more married guys there are out there...the more chances i got, rite? yeah....RIGHT.
i guess now is the marrying stage of my generation. ye laaa...dulu school years, then university life, then lepas dah selamat keje, i guess now it's mating season. kinda feels funny when a close friend or cousin dah kawin. growing up with him when i was a kid, we would hang around often together even though he's a few years older than me. skang...dah kawin dah. i remembered him taking me to my first TGV experience kat OU when i was still in school. best siot...masa tu kinda jakun pegi KL tengok wayang. maklumlah...budak corok dari seremban going to the big city. what do u expect?
so now...he's safely married to his college sweetheart. kinda cute, isn't it? best thing is...agak jauh background diorang ni. dah jodoh budak pompuan tu...lucky gal. ye laaa...my cousin's kinda rich with his big house in taman tun. and she's coming all the way from the town of ijok. kinda world's apart...tapi kalo dah jodoh..letak kat bulan pun bole jumpa. she's great too...no problem whatsoever mixing in with my no-your-average-quiet-malay family. selalu aku fikir, kesian gak when a new member of the family mula2 join the clan. my makciks are all the usual streotype malay makcik with the mengumpat session and laser-mouthed. but they're really sweet...trust me...they don't bite.
so another new member of the Haji Tahir family. welcome kak iza to the family. we're noisy people, but we're really nice. hehhehe....and i wonder when i'll welcome a new member myself...hmmmmmm...

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